Awesome Boy Baby Shower Themes (with fun games included!)

Hosting a baby shower is no small feat, especially when it comes to choosing a theme. Looking for the best baby shower themes for boys? You’re in luck! We have the ultimate list of baby boy shower themes and ideas to kickstart your planning!

Best baby boy shower themes and ideas with games included on Pretty My Party

Today, we’re exploring some of the most popular, creative, and unique boy baby shower ideas that will not only impress your guests but also create unforgettable memories. So, grab your planning notebook so you can host the perfect baby shower!

How do you choose the perfect baby boy shower theme?

Choosing the perfect baby boy shower theme doesn’t have to be stressful. There are many fun and creative themes, and we’re here to guide you! Here are some tips and tricks to help you select a theme that not only resonates with you but also promises a fun time for your guests.

1. Reflect on personal interests and styles

Start by considering your personal tastes and interests (if you’re the mama) or the expectant parents if you’re planning a baby shower for someone else. Are they adventurous, sports enthusiasts, or movie lovers? The theme should reflect elements of their personality or their journey to parenthood. This personal touch will make the event more meaningful and tailored to the guest of honor.

2. Consider the season

The time of year can significantly influence your baby shower theme choice. For a summer baby shower, a beach or nautical theme might be perfect, while a fall celebration could lean toward a cozy woodland or little pumpkin theme. Seasonal themes offer a natural palette of colors and decorations, making planning easier and more cohesive.

3. Think about the future nursery

If the baby’s nursery has a specific theme or color scheme, consider incorporating that in your baby shower. This not only provides you with a ready set of ideas but also creates a beautiful continuity between the shower and the baby’s room.

When I was expecting my first son, my family planned the baby shower theme around the nursery theme, a modern jungle-safari theme. I then had the opportunity to take some of the shower decor and add it to my son’s nursery!

4. Keep it flexible and fun

While it’s great to have a theme, the main goal is to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the baby in a way that feels joyful and stress-free. Choose a theme that you’re excited about and that you think will be enjoyable to plan and experience. Flexibility is key; not everything has to match perfectly as long as the overall vibe is cohesive and fun.

5. Involve the parents-to-be (if it’s not a surprise)

If the baby shower isn’t a surprise, involve the parents-to-be in the decision-making process. Their input can ensure the theme feels right to them and can help narrow down choices. Plus, it’s another way to make them feel special and personalize the celebration to honor them.

6. Consider the guests

Think about who will be attending the shower. You want a theme that is accessible and enjoyable for all guests. If the crowd is diverse, consider a theme that’s universally appealing and easy to engage with, ensuring everyone feels included and has a great time. For example, if you’re hosting a co-ed baby shower, a Baby-Q (barbecue) could be a fun option.

7. Simplicity is key

The best themes are often the simplest. Don’t feel pressured to choose something overly complex or expensive to impress. A theme that offers straightforward decorations, food, and activities will reduce stress and allow everyone, especially the expectant parents, to relax and enjoy the day.

Choosing the perfect baby boy shower theme comes down to a mix of personalization, creativity, and practicality. It’s about celebrating a new baby boy in a way that feels special and meaningful.

With a thoughtful approach and a focus on the joy of the occasion, you’re sure to create a memorable event that warmly welcomes the precious little boy into the world.

What is a good baby shower theme for a boy?

When it comes to planning a baby shower for a little boy, selecting the right theme can add a special touch to the celebration. The best themes not only create a memorable event but also reflect the personalities of the parents-to-be.

Here are some creative, unique, and classic baby boy shower themes that are sure to delight guests and honor the parents-to-be:

Classic and cute baby shower themes

Image credit: EllaGraceDecor

Modern and trendy themes

Here Comes The Son Baby Shower Theme

Image credit: GoGoGlamCo

  • Here Comes the Son
  • We’re Over the Moon
  • Let the Adventure Begin
  • Up, Up and Away Hot Air Balloon
  • We Can Bearly Wait (Bear theme)
  • I Love You to the Moon and Back
  • Ahoy, it’s a boy! Nautical theme

Unique and creative themes

Baby-Q Baby Shower Idea

Image credit: Baby Q, Unforgettable Events ATL

  • Baby Q (barbecue)
  • Poppin’ Bottles
  • Pancakes & Pacifiers Baby Brunch
  • S’more to Love
  • Here’s the Scoop (Ice cream theme)
  • Bun in the Oven
  • A Boy Story
  • A Baby Is Brewing
  • Something Sweet Is Brewing (Coffee & pastries theme)
  • A Little Cutie is on the Way (Orange theme)
  • Around the World or Precious Cargo (travel theme)
  • A Star Is Born (Space theme)
  • Baby In Bloom
  • Ready to Pop
  • Baby on Board (Surfer theme)
  • Born to Be Wild

Preppy themes

Preppy blue bow baby boy shower theme

Image credit: ForeverPrintDesign

  • Blue bow
  • Blue Gingham
  • Monogram crest

Seasonal baby boy shower themes

Image credit: Colorfull Balloons

Other fun baby boy shower theme ideas

  • Little Adventurer
  • Adventure Awaits
  • Woodland Animals
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Camping
  • Lumberjack
  • Under The Sea
  • Little Sailor
  • Baby Shark
  • Panda
  • Baby whale theme
  • Sweet Little Bird
  • Vintage car
  • Vintage toys
  • Vintage airplanes
  • Baby boy clothesline
  • Pizza
  • Robot
  • Baby Under Construction 
  • Boho
  • Cowboy
  • Jungle Safari Theme
  • Puppy
  • Teddy Bear
  • Elephant
  • Little Lamb
  • Penguin
  • Dino
  • Safari
  • Circus
  • Barnyard animals
  • Star Wars
  • Toy Story
  • Harry Potter
  • Little Slugger: Baseball Theme
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Soccer

Baby shower decoration ideas for boys

Decorating for a baby boy shower is an exciting way to set the mood and celebrate the upcoming arrival. Whether you’re going for a specific theme or prefer a more general celebration, there are plenty of decoration ideas to create a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

Here’s a mix of timeless and creative decoration ideas for a boy baby shower theme:

Balloons and bubble baby boy shower

Image credit: Balloons and bubbly: Cristin Cooper

1. Color scheme

Start with a color palette that sets the tone. Traditional colors include shades of blue, green, and yellow, but don’t be afraid to mix in modern hues like navy, mint, grey, or even metallics like gold or silver for a touch of sophistication.

We Can Bearly Wait Baby Boy Shower Balloon Arch Decor

Image credit: MegaRetailer

2. Balloon arches and garlands

Balloons are a festive and affordable way to add color and dimension to your party space. Consider balloon garlands, arches, or bouquets in your chosen color palette. You can also find balloons shaped like baby bottles, storks, or letters to spell out “Baby Boy” or the baby’s name.

Whale boat baby boy blue and white flower arrangement for a baby shower

Image credit: Hello Honey

3. Floral decor

Soft, pastel flowers can add a fresh and elegant touch to your baby boy shower. Consider arrangements with baby’s breath, blue hydrangeas, or white roses. You can also add greenery for a more natural look.

Blue Jean Baby - Baby Boy Shower Theme Tablescape

Image credit: Blue Jean Baby theme, Brandon Kidd Photography

4. Themed tableware

Select tableware that complements your theme or color palette. This can include plates, cups, napkins, and tablecloths featuring baby motifs like onesies, baby footprints, or themed elements.

Baby Boy Diaper Cake for a baby shower gift or table centerpiece decor

Image credit: SweetBabyCakesandCo

5. Centerpieces

Create eye-catching centerpieces for your tables. Centerpiece ideas include diaper cakes, floral arrangements, baby bottles, baby blocks, or themed items like a small sailboat for a nautical theme or stuffed animals for a jungle safari theme.

6. Banner and signs

Hang banners or signs that celebrate the baby boy. Custom banners can feature messages like “Welcome Baby,” “Oh Boy,” or the baby’s name. You can also create signs for different stations at the shower, like the gift table, food table, dessert table, or game area.

7. Lighting

Soft lighting can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. String lights or lanterns can add a magical touch, especially for evening or outdoor showers.

8. Themed decorations

If you have a specific theme, add decorations that match the theme. For a “Little Prince” theme, use crowns and royal blue accents. For a “Woodland Adventure” theme, add things like pine cones, forest animals, branches, and greenery.

9. Personal touches

Add personal touches that reflect the parents-to-be or the family’s interests. This could be a display of baby photos of the parents, a customized chalkboard with details about the pregnancy (like due date, mom’s cravings, or the baby’s nickname), or a handcrafted item that will be in the baby’s nursery.

The best baby shower decorations make the space feel celebratory and welcoming while reflecting the joy and personality of the parents-to-be. Whether you add DIY decorations or store-bought items, the thoughtfulness and creativity put into the decor will make the event memorable.

How can I make my baby shower more fun?

Making a baby boy shower fun for guests involves a mix of creativity, interactive activities, and thoughtful planning. The goal is to make sure everyone feels involved and enjoys the celebration. 

Here are some tips and ideas to make your baby boy shower a hit:

1. Interactive games

Choose baby shower games that are easy, fun, and inclusive.

Here are a few baby shower game ideas:

  • Baby Bottle Bowling: Use baby bottles as pins!
  • Guess the Baby Food: Blindfolded guests taste test and guess baby food flavors.
  • Baby Photo Guessing Game: Guests bring their baby photos, and everyone tries to match the photo with the guest.
  • Diaper Derby: Teams compete to be the fastest at changing a diaper on a baby doll.

2. DIY activity stations

Set up stations where guests can participate in creative activities. This could be anything from designing onesies with fabric paints and markers to writing heartfelt messages on diapers for late-night changes. Not only are these activities fun, but they also give the parents-to-be personalized keepsakes.

3. Memorable keepsakes

Create a keepsake that the parents-to-be can cherish forever. A guestbook where guests can write messages of love and wisdom or a wish tree where guests hang their wishes for the baby are beautiful ways to remember the day.

4. Photo booth fun

Set up a photo booth with a cool backdrop and props that match your shower theme. This gives guests a fun activity to participate in and captures the fun moments and memories for guests and the parents-to-be. Include props like funny hats, glasses, and decor that match your shower theme.

5. Inclusive activities

Include activities that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age or gender. Consider having some quieter spaces for guests wanting to step away from the hustle and bustle.

6. Open gifts or find an alternative

While opening gifts is traditional, it can sometimes take a long time. You might want to do a “display shower” where gifts are unwrapped and displayed with the gift-giver’s name, allowing more time for mingling and games.

Each of these themes offers a unique way to celebrate the arrival of your baby boy. So, pick the one that speaks to you the most.

Happy planning, and here’s to celebrating the little boys in our lives with style and a whole lot of love!

What are your favorite boy baby shower themes and ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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