Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas (The Ultimate Planning Guide)

If you’re searching for the best Spiderman party ideas, you’re in the right place! Check out this ultimate party planning guide, complete with food, drink, games, desserts, and costume ideas!

Spiderman captures the hearts of fans worldwide, not because he’s from another planet or has limitless wealth, but because he’s Peter Parker – a regular guy who, after a spider bite, gains incredible powers. 

Unlike other superheroes who are less relatable, Spiderman faces the same challenges we all do, like balancing school, work, and relationships, all while trying to make a positive impact on the world.

Spiderman represents the idea that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things, making his appeal universal and a popular party theme among children.

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Now, imagine bringing all that web-slinging excitement to your next party. If you’re planning a birthday party for a dedicated Spidey fan, there’s a web of possibilities to explore, and we’re here to guide you!

From cool invitations to themed decorations, from super-powered snacks to action-packed games, we’re here to spin a web of ideas to turn your party into the ultimate Spiderman celebration. So, let’s make your child’s Spiderman party one your little superhero will never forget!

Spiderman invitations

Choosing the right Spiderman invitation is key because it’s the first hint your guests get of what’s to come. It’s like the opening page of a Spiderman comic, setting the scene for the adventure ahead. 

A great invitation excites everyone, making them look forward to the party. It’s not just about telling them where and when but also about sparking their imagination and getting them pumped for the fun! 

So, picking the perfect invite is your first step in throwing a memorable Spiderman bash that feels like jumping into an action-packed story.

Here are some popular Spiderman birthday invitations:

Creative invitation wording

Are you looking for creative wording for your Spiderman party invites? Check out these fun ideas:

1. “Get ready to climb the walls of excitement! Swing by for a web-slinging adventure that you won’t forget.”

2. “Web alert: Your presence is requested at a Spider-tacular celebration! Join us for an unforgettable journey through the Spider-Verse.”

3. “Stick with us for a day and let the fun unfold in true Spiderman style. It’s time for action, adventure, and a bit of web-slinging!”

4. “This is your friendly neighborhood invitation to an epic gathering bound to scale skyscraper heights of fun!”

5. “Don your masks and suit up for a swinging good time. The city needs heroes, and the party needs you!”

6. “Leap into action and swing over to our web of festivities. A Spider-tacular time is guaranteed for all!”

7. “No need to hang upside down to join this party — just bring your spidey senses and get ready for a wall-crawling good time!”

8. “Let’s weave a web of memories with a celebration that sticks — Spiderman style! Swing by for an adventure that’s nothing short of spectacular.”

9. “Unleash your inner superhero and join us for a day where every moment is a page in your own Spider-Man comic. It’s time for action, thrills, and laughter!”

Spiderman party decorations

Entrance decor

Spiderman and web party decor for your party's entrance

Creating a Spiderman-inspired entrance is all about bringing your guests into the world of our favorite web-slinger from the moment they arrive. Here are some ideas to turn your party’s entrance into a scene straight out of Spiderman:

1. Webbed entrance

  • Use white or silver streamers or stretchy cobwebs to mimic spider webs across the entrance. You can drape them from the top of the doorframe and let them hang loosely for guests to walk through or attach them to the sides to frame the doorway.
  • Add small, lightweight items like Spiderman cutouts or spiders caught in the webs for a fun added touch.

2. City skyline silhouette

  • Create a backdrop of New York City’s skyline using large pieces of cardboard or black construction paper. Cut out the silhouettes of buildings, skyscrapers, and the Brooklyn Bridge to line the entrance pathway or door.
  • Enhance the silhouette with backlights or string lights to give it a dramatic nighttime effect.

3. Spiderman welcome sign

Custom Spiderman sign for your party entrance
  • Design a welcome sign that features Spiderman swinging into action with a personalized message like “Welcome to [Name]’s Spider-Verse!” or “Get ready to swing into fun!”
  • You can use a custom sign or a digital printout at the entrance for everyone to see as they arrive.

4. Floor pathway

  • Create a pathway to the main party area using red and blue sidewalk chalk or removable floor decals. Add spider web designs and small spiders along the path to keep the theme consistent.

5. Balloon arch

  • Make a balloon arch at the party’s entrance using red, blue, and black balloons to match Spiderman’s iconic suit. Use web patterns or spider decals on the balloons for added detail.
  • For an extra wow factor, include a few helium-filled Spiderman foil balloons on the arch or floating nearby.

6. 3D spider props

  • Place large 3D spider props or cutouts around the entrance area. These could be climbing up the walls or suspended from the ceiling to give the illusion of entering a spider’s lair.

By adding these elements, your guests will feel like they’ve stepped right into a Spiderman comic book or movie, setting the stage for an unforgettable superhero-themed celebration.

Spiderman party backdrops

Want to make your party pop? Throw in a cool Spiderman backdrop! It will brighten up the party space and is perfect for snapping photos. Plus, it ties your whole party theme together seamlessly. Add Spiderman cutouts, balloons, signs, etc. The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating your party!

Spiderman city and balloon garland backdrop decor with number 4 lighted marquee sign

Image credit: Popity Pop Events

This background includes a blue cityscape background with a blue, red, and gray balloon garland. It also features a lighted number 4 marquee sign and a Spiderman-themed pedestal.

Comic book pages Spiderman party backdrop for your entrance, dessert table or gift table.

Looking for a cool party backdrop for a gift or favor table? Grab this fun Spiderman comic backdrop to add to your party decor.

Red, blue, yellow and black Spiderman backdrop with balloons, comic book pages, Spidey cutouts and city buildings

Image credit: Boomin Balloonz

No matter if your party is inside or outside, go all out and create a stunning Spiderman backdrop decoration like this one, complete with red, blue, yellow, and black balloons and cutouts of Spidey, buildings and comic books.

Spiderman dessert table and spider backdrop

Image credit: Cris Campbell

Set up a dessert table backdrop with Spiderman-themed pedestals, flooring with stars, and a red and black spiderweb and spider backdrop. Add some balloons and of course, desserts, to complete the look!

Spiderman themed cake backdrop

Image credit: Table Matters Designs

This party setup surrounds an incredible Spiderman birthday cake. A life-size Spiderman cutout and cityscape background tie the whole theme together.

Spiderman-themed areas

Creating themed areas for your Spiderman party not only enhances the overall experience but also keeps guests engaged with a variety of activities. Here are some ideas to bring the Spider-Verse to life through themed areas:

1. Peter Parker’s Lab

  • Transform an area into Peter Parker’s high-tech lab, complete with DIY science kits, microscopes, and safe chemical experiments to mimic his genius-level intellect and love for science. You can include simple, fun experiments that allow guests to make their own slime (web fluid) or volcano eruptions (chemical reactions).
  • Decorate with periodic tables, fake gadgets, and Spiderman’s suit designs on the walls.

2. Web-Slinging Zone

  • Set up an area where guests can test their web-slinging skills with silly string. Targets with villains’ faces can be placed for aiming practice.
  • Make sure this activity is outdoors or in an easily cleanable area to avoid messes.

3. Daily Bugle Photo Booth

  • Create a photo booth styled like the Daily Bugle office, complete with headlines and articles featuring Spiderman. Guests can pose with props like reporter notebooks, cameras, and Spiderman masks. Include headlines like “Spiderman Saves the Day” for fun photo ops.
  • Offer instant printouts or a hashtag for social media sharing.

4. Aunt May’s Kitchen

  • Dedicate a section to Aunt May’s kitchen, offering comfort food and snacks reminiscent of home-cooked meals. You could serve mini pizzas, sandwiches, and homemade cookies. This area serves as a quieter zone for guests to relax and enjoy some treats.
  • Decorate with cozy, homey touches and pictures of Peter Parker and Aunt May.

5. Spider-Verse Gateway

  • Use a projector to display visuals from the different dimensions of the Spider-Verse on a wall. This area can feature bean bags and cushions for guests to sit and watch clips from Spiderman movies, cartoons, and comics.
  • Surround the area with posters and merchandise from various Spiderman universes to emphasize the multi-dimensional aspect.

6. Villains’ Hideout

  • Create a thrilling challenge area themed around a villains’ hideout. Here, guests can engage in games and puzzles to “defeat” villains. Use cutouts or posters of famous foes like Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Venom as part of the decor.
  • Activities could include a scavenger hunt for items to “stop” the villains or a Nerf gun obstacle course to navigate through the hideout.

7. Spider Training Course

  • Set up an obstacle course that mimics Spiderman’s training. Include climbing walls (or safer alternatives for younger guests), balance beams, and agility ladders to test guests’ spider-like abilities.
  • At the end, participants can receive a “Certified Spider-Trainer” certificate or badge.

By planning these themed areas, you create a dynamic and engaging environment that allows guests to explore different facets of the Spider-Man universe, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all ages.

Spiderman table settings

Creating a Spiderman-themed table setting is all about incorporating the iconic colors, symbols, and elements of the Spider-Verse into your decor. Here are some suggestions to help you design a table that would make Peter Parker feel right at home.

Image credit: Blissful Event Decor

Spiderman tablecloths

  • Webbed design: Add tablecloths that feature a spider web design, ideally in black on a white or red background. This instantly evokes the Spiderman theme without being overly busy, allowing your other table elements to stand out.
  • Cityscape silhouette: Another option is to use tablecloths that have a city skyline silhouette reminiscent of New York City, where Spiderman swings from building to building. This adds a dynamic backdrop to your table setting.

Spiderman cups

Numbered Spiderman party cups

Add these fun, personalized, disposable Spiderman party cups with numbers to your Spidey table.

Spiderman napkins

  • Themed napkins: Look for napkins featuring Spiderman or his mask or emblem. Red napkins with the spider logo in the center can add a pop of color and theme to your table without overwhelming the design.
  • DIY web napkins: For a more personalized touch, buy plain red napkins and use fabric markers to draw simple web patterns. This can be a fun pre-party activity or something special to prepare in advance.

Spiderman plates

  • Character plates: Spiderman-themed party plates are readily available and can feature various poses of Spiderman, the spider emblem, or even comic book panels. Mix and match designs for a playful table.
  • Solid color plates: If you want a more budget-friendly approach, use solid-colored plates in red and blue. You can layer them to mimic the colors of Spiderman’s suit for a subtle nod to the theme.

Spiderman centerpiece ideas

Image credit: Bellissma Party Gifts

  • Spiderman action figure display: Create a dynamic centerpiece with Spiderman action figures posed around a miniature cityscape. Add small LED lights to mimic the city at night for an extra wow factor.
  • Web and light centerpiece: Use a clear vase filled with blue and red lights (battery-operated LED string lights work well). Stretch cotton spider web material around the vase and place a small Spiderman figure or emblem at the center.
  • Comic book bouquet: For a unique and creative centerpiece, make a bouquet out of Spiderman comic book pages. Roll individual pages into cone shapes or flowers and arrange them in a vase. 
  • Balloon bouquet: Create a bouquet of red and blue balloons and a few Spiderman foil balloons. Anchor them in the center of the table for an eye-catching and festive centerpiece.

Spiderman costume ideas

DIY costume ideas

Spiderman capes for a Spiderman-themed party

Image credit: The Party Wall

Creating a DIY Spiderman costume can be both fun and simple, allowing guests to tap into their inner superheroes without needing to spend a lot of money or time on elaborate outfits. Here are some accessible and creative ideas for putting together a Spiderman costume that’s perfect for any party:

1. Basic Spiderman T-shirt transformation

  • What you need: A plain red T-shirt, blue long-sleeve shirt or leggings, black fabric marker or paint, and a template of Spider-Man’s spider logo.
  • How to do it: Use the black marker or paint to draw spider webs on the red t-shirt, mimicking Spiderman’s web design. Cut out the spider logo from paper to create a stencil, then use it to paint or draw the logo on the front of the shirt. Wear the T-shirt over the blue long-sleeve shirt or with blue pants for the complete look.

2. Masked Marvel

  • What you need: Red ski mask or balaclava, white mesh fabric (like from an old laundry bag), black fabric marker.
  • How to do it: Draw the web pattern on the red ski mask with the black marker. Cut out eye shapes from the white mesh fabric and glue or sew them onto the mask where Spiderman’s eyes should go.

3. Web-slinger accessories

  • What you need: Toilet paper tubes, black or blue gloves, elastic bands, silver or gray paint.
  • How to do it: Paint the toilet paper tubes silver or gray to mimic Spiderman’s web shooters. Once dry, attach them to the gloves using elastic bands so they sit on the wrists. Pair with your shirt and mask for a complete costume.

4. Spiderman-inspired outfit

  • What you need: Red and blue clothing items, fabric paint, or markers.
  • How to do it: For a more abstract or inspired look, choose any combination of red and blue clothing. Use fabric paint or markers to add Spiderman’s web design or spider logos to your outfit. This can be as simple as drawing a spider on a red hat or adding webbing designs to the edges of a blue skirt or pants.

5. Quick Spiderman cape

  • What you need: Red or blue fabric, fabric glue, Velcro strips, fabric paint.
  • How to do it: Cut the fabric into a cape shape. Use fabric paint to add web designs or a spider logo. Attach Velcro strips to the neck area of the cape for easy wearing. This can be a fun addition for younger guests or anyone who wants a touch of Spiderman flair without a full costume.

These DIY ideas are great for guests who want to participate in the theme without needing a full costume. They can mix and match these elements according to what they have available. But, if Mom wants to get in on the theme, check out this fun Spider Mom sweatshirt – perfect to wear to the party!

Creative Spiderman food and drink ideas

Whipping up some Spiderman-themed snacks is a fantastic way to add an extra layer of fun to your party. Here are some simple recipes that will have your guests feeling like they’re part of the Marvel Universe in no time.

“Spidey Sense” Tingling Spicy Dip


  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 packet taco seasoning mix
  • 1-2 teaspoons of hot sauce (adjust to taste)
  • Chopped cilantro for garnish (optional)


  1. In a bowl, mix together the sour cream, mayonnaise, and taco seasoning until well combined.
  2. Stir in the hot sauce, tasting and adjusting the spiciness to your preference.
  3. Garnish with chopped cilantro for an extra pop of color. Serve with tortilla chips or sliced veggies.

“Radioactive” Punch


  • 2 liters of lemon-lime soda
  • 1 packet of green punch mix (or substitute with green food coloring and additional flavoring)
  • 1 pint of lime sherbet
  • Optional: Gummy spiders for garnish


  1. In a large punch bowl, mix the lemon-lime soda with the green punch mix until the color is uniformly “radioactive” green. If using food coloring, add it slowly until you achieve the desired color, then flavor to taste.
  2. Right before serving, add the lime sherbet to the punch bowl. It will start to melt and create a foamy, bubbly effect on top of the punch.
  3. Optionally, add gummy spiders to float on top of the punch or decorate the rim of the glasses for that extra Spider-Man touch.

Set up a “Superhero Punch” Spiderman-themed beverage station at your party. Dress up plain cups and a large beverage dispenser with spiders to stay with the theme.

Spiderman beverage station at a birthday party
Mini Spiderman pizzas

What about mini Spiderman pizzas for your party? The kids will love this. They can even make them during the party for a cool activity.

This Spiderman-themed food and drinks will surely be a hit at your party, offering eye-catching appeal and delicious flavors. Whether your guests have a sweet tooth or prefer something with a bit of a kick, these recipes will help make your Spiderman celebration unforgettable.

Spiderman birthday cake ideas

A birthday cake is the star of the show and a prominent centerpiece of the dessert table, so it has to be incredible! Take some inspiration from the creative cake designs below.

Spiderman birthday cake

Image credit: Tiana Costa

If you’re looking for a smaller Spiderman cake design, this one is for you!

3D Spiderman cake idea

Image credit: Penelope’s Perfections

This 3D Spiderman birthday cake design will be a hit with your child and his friends.

Number 4 Spiderman cake

This cool Spiderman number cake is unique and perfect for your child’s Spiderman-themed party.

Spiderman cupcake cake

Don’t want to serve an entire cake? No worries! Make or order a fun Spiderman cupcake cake like this one. These cupcake cakes are perfect for smaller children and toddler parties.

Spiderman Party Desserts

Personalized photo face Spiderman cupcake toppers

If you’re strapped for time and can’t bake cupcakes, just head to the store and buy plain cupcakes. Then dress them up with these fun Spiderman photo cupcake toppers!

Spiderman-themed cookie bars

These red, white, and blue cookie bars are super simple to make and go perfectly with a Spiderman party theme! They will look great on your Spiderman dessert table next to your cake!

Spiderman fruit platter idea

Do you want to offer your party guests a healthier option? This Spiderman watermelon fruit display will undoubtedly turn heads at your event. The kids will love this!

Spiderman fruit tray

How fun is this Spiderman fruit platter? Get some blueberries, strawberries, grapes, and marshmallows, and make Spiderman’s face. The kids will love this idea!

Spiderman cookies

Image credit: Andre Cookies

How cute are these Spidey cookies?

Image credit: Sweet Connect

Spiderman cakesicles are a must-have dessert for your dessert table! How cool are these? The kids will love these!

Image credit: Sweets By M

Another great idea you can add to your dessert table is cool Spiderman Rice Krispie treats. You can even try your hand at these yourself!

Spiderman games and activities

DIY Spiderman web game

Add this fun Spiderman party web game to your party and see who can get through the web without touching it.

Spider web silly string activity for a Superman birthday party

Image credit: Simone Made It

Remember sleepovers as a kid, and you wake up covered in Silly String? Grab some for your Spiderman party, label it Spider Web Spray, and let the kids go wild!

Pin the spider on the web game for a Spiderman party

Put a spin on the classic party game and play Pin the Spider on the Web!

How awesome is this Spiderman piñata? You can DIY something like this for your party. Every party has to have a pinata filled with candy and other treats!

Adding Spiderman-themed games and activities to your party is a fantastic way to entertain guests. Here are some exciting ideas that capture the spirit of the Spider-Verse and cater to kids of all ages:

1. Web-Slinging Target Practice

  • Setup: Create targets with images of Spider-Man villains and set them up at varying distances.
  • Activity: Provide guests with silly string cans (as makeshift web shooters) and see who can hit the most targets. For a safer indoor alternative, use balls of yarn or Velcro balls and targets.

2. Spider-Man Trivia Challenge

  • Setup: Prepare a list of trivia questions about Spider-Man’s universe, including comics, movies, and TV shows.
  • Activity: Divide guests into teams and host a quiz. Use a bell or buzzer for teams to answer, and award points for correct responses. The team with the most points wins Spiderman-themed prizes.

3. Create Your Own Spider-Mask

  • Setup: Set up a craft station with red masks or mask templates, colored markers, glitter glue, and stick-on jewels.
  • Activity: Let guests design their own Spiderman mask. This is a great activity for younger guests and also serves as a creative party favor.

4. Spider-Man Obstacle Course

  • Setup: Design an obstacle course that simulates training to be Spiderman. Include sections for crawling under or over obstacles, balancing beams, and a “web-swinging” section with rope swings.
  • Activity: Time each guest as they go through the course, or just let them enjoy the challenge at their own pace.

5. Pin the Spider on Spider-Man

  • Setup: Have a large poster or cutout of Spiderman with a blank chest area.
  • Activity: Use a paper spider or the Spiderman emblem as the piece to pin. Blindfold guests, spin them around and see who can pin the spider closest to its correct position on Spiderman’s costume.

6. Spider-Verse Scavenger Hunt

  • Setup: Hide Spiderman-themed items around the party area. These could include toy spiders, pictures of villains, mini comic books, and Spiderman masks.
  • Activity: Give guests clues or a map to find the items. Whoever collects the most items wins a prize.

7. “Free the Heroes” Web Escape Game

  • Setup: Use yarn or streamers to create a “web” in a hallway or between trees in a backyard. Place pictures of various Spider-Verse characters or small Spiderman toys trapped within the web.
  • Activity: Guests must navigate through the web without touching the strings to free the trapped heroes.

8. Spiderman Photo Booth

  • Setup: Create a Spiderman photo booth area with props, like masks, capes, and web-shooter gloves. Include a backdrop of New York City or a comic book scene.
  • Activity: Guests can dress up and take action-packed photos as their favorite characters.

Spiderman party favor ideas

Sending your guests home with a Spiderman-themed party favor is a great way to end your superhero bash on a high note.

Image credit: SparklingToysWorld2

Here are some creative and memorable favor ideas that guests of all ages will love:

1. DIY Web Shooters

  • Assemble DIY web shooter kits using inexpensive materials like plastic tubing, elastic bands, and Velcro. Include instructions for guests to make their own web shooters at home.

2. Spiderman Masks and Capes

  • Give out Spiderman masks and capes so guests can continue their superhero adventures long after the party is over. You can find affordable options online or make simple capes from fabric.

3. Spiderman Slime or Play-doh

  • Hand out small containers of red and blue slime labeled “Spider Goo.” You can even add small spider confetti inside for an extra touch. Slime is always a hit with kids and ties perfectly into the web-slinging theme. Or check out these fun Spiderman-themed Play-Doh party favors.

4. Spiderman Pez Dispensers

  • Pez dispensers featuring Spiderman, his friends, and foes make for a sweet and nostalgic party favor. They’re both a treat and a collectible item. You can even add these fun Spiderman lollipop holders to your treat bags too!

5. Customized Spider Cookies

  • Bake or order cookies shaped like spiders or Spiderman’s mask. Decorate them with icing to match Spider-Man’s colors and pack them in cellophane bags tied with red and blue ribbons.

6. Spiderman Play Packs

7. Spiderman Temporary Tattoos

  • Kids love temporary tattoos, and Spiderman ones will surely be a hit. Include a variety of designs so guests can wear their favorite characters or symbols.

8. Spiderman Bouncy Balls

When choosing party favors, mix and match items to create a goodie bag filled with Spiderman treasures. Select favors that reflect the spirit of Spiderman and his world, ensuring your party is memorable from start to finish.

Spiderman party planning tips

Planning an unforgettable Spiderman party without overspending requires creativity, organization, and a bit of superhero ingenuity. Here are some budgeting tips, scheduling advice, and safety measures to ensure your Spiderman-themed birthday party is a spectacular success.

Budgeting: Maximizing the fun without overspending

  • Prioritize key elements: Decide what aspects of the party are most important to you and the guest of honor, whether it’s decorations, food, or activities, and allocate your budget accordingly.
  • DIY decorations and games: Utilize homemade decorations and games to save money. Use printable Spider-Man images for decor, and create games that require minimal expense, like “Pin the Spider on Spider-Man” or a homemade web-slinging course.
  • Bulk and wholesale purchases: For party favors, snacks, and disposable tableware, buying in bulk can often save money. Look for sales and deals at wholesale stores or online.
  • Digital invitations: Save on printing and postage by sending digital invitations. Many free or low-cost options offer Spiderman designs.

Scheduling: Keeping the party flowing

  • Structured timeline: Create a timeline for the party, including the start time, mealtime, scheduled activities, and free play. Having a structure helps maintain flow and ensures you cover all planned activities.
  • Flexibility: While it’s good to have a schedule, remain flexible. If guests are particularly enjoying a certain activity, it’s okay to adjust on the fly.
  • Activity duration: Plan for each activity to last about 15-30 minutes. Younger children especially have shorter attention spans, so it’s good to move on to something new before interest wanes.
  • Quiet time: Consider including a downtime activity, such as watching a short Spider-Man cartoon or reading a Spiderman story, to allow guests to relax between more energetic activities.

Safety measures: Plan a safe and enjoyable experience

  • Activity supervision: Always have an adult supervising each activity, especially those involving physical movement, like obstacle courses or games that might include running around.
  • Safe costume use: If guests are wearing Spider-Man costumes or masks, ensure they have proper visibility and mobility. Masks should be removed during physical activities to prevent accidents.
  • Allergy-friendly food options: Be aware of guests’ allergies and clearly label food items, offering alternatives where necessary to ensure everyone can enjoy the party safely.
  • First aid kit: Have a basic first aid kit on hand for any minor scrapes or injuries, and know the location of the nearest medical facility for more serious issues.

By following these planning tips, you can create a memorable Spiderman party that’s safe and enjoyable for all your guests, all while keeping your budget in check.

The key to a successful party is not how much you spend but how well you capture the spirit of the Spiderman theme, making everyone feel like a superhero for a day.

The magic in this party theme lies in the creativity and personal touches you bring to it. Whether through homemade decorations, creative games, or unique and delicious treats, each unique element adds to the experience, making your party unforgettable. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and put your own spin on the Spiderman theme.

We’d love to hear from you as well. If you’ve thrown a Spiderman party or have ideas and experiences you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section or on social media. Your insights could inspire others and help create even more memorable Spiderman celebrations.

So, swing into action, let your creativity soar, and make your Spiderman party an event that will be remembered for years to come.

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