Moroccan Inspired Bridal Shower

A Moroccan Inspired Bridal Shower brings the glamour and dazzle to a special celebration!

This Moroccan Inspired Bridal Shower is absolutely stunning! Thanks to Scarlett Expressions, everyone walked into this Moroccan themed shower absolutely wowed. Just look at the burst of color and gorgeous display of floral arrangements! We love the color palette that was used for this event, which included purple, gold, red, pink, green, yellow and teal. Everything felt like an Arabian Night and was the perfect set-up for a memorable occasion for this bride-to-be.

The Moroccan Inspired Bridal Shower was held at the restaurant Upstairs, which was a great location to highlight the amazing florals, cake, desserts and guest tables. Everyone was in awe when they walked in and Maria Azcona Photography captured every detail perfectly. Just look at that brilliant cake and the amazing centerpieces that set the stage for awe-inspiring table decor!

Bridal shower decorations that were found on the guest tables were a great mix of personal style, along with the heightened dramatic effects of the Moroccan theme. One of the most endearing parts of the decorations that were found on the tables were the personalized pictures of the bride-to-be with her handsome man, along with baby pictures that were all in frames and found on the guest tables. What a sweet addition to the gorgeous details that were a part of this Moroccan Inspired Bridal Shower.



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Moroccan Inspired Bridal Shower Ideas

  • Multi-tiered purple cake with a Moroccan Bridal Shower Theme including a genie bottle cake topper
  • Exquisite dessert area backdrop with different fabric layers, colors and textures to create an inviting area
  • Fun dessert table creations, including cupcakes, cookies and exotic food creations to fit the Moroccan Theme Bridal Shower
  • Gorgeous Moroccan Bridal Shower Invitations with a boho chic vibe and colorful prints
  • Guest tables included incredible versatile table decorations with dreamy colors and gold accent decor pieces
  • Incredible floral centerpieces were found on the guest tables, which were a commanding presence in gold vases, along with long, white tapered candles
  • Sweet pictures of the couple were found on the guest tables, framed in gold and match the bridal shower theme perfectly
  • Individual place settings included colorful napkins with personalized guest names found on each plate
  • Gold plates were the highlight of the place settings
  • A Moroccan inspired food and drink menu were created for the bridal shower, with a signature cocktail tying the theme together
  • Gorgeous printables and signs were found throughout the shower, including the color scheme and floral additions to the printables
  • Individual wine bottles were placed at each guest place setting as a party favor, with a printable tag attached with a thank you note
  • Bridal shower games and activities were printed on paper which matched the other printables at the event


Moroccan Inspired Bridal Shower

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Stepping foot inside of this gorgeous bridal shower must have felt like guests were being transported to another time and place. Everything was absolutely stunning and the colors invoked a true sense of fun and celebration. Our favorite detail from this amazing bridal shower is the set-up of the cake in front of the gorgeous backdrop of different layers of fabrics, along with beautiful flowers that adorned the cake stand. What an incredible display! We also really loved the individual bottles of wine that were set at each guest’s place setting, that everyone was able to take home and enjoy. The Thank You tags that were attached to the bottles were a beautiful addition that matched the decor perfectly. 

Everything about this gorgeous bridal shower is mind-blowing and the invasion of color pop and Moroccan inspired decor is absolutely incredible. This bride-to-be had the perfect day planned for her to celebrate this special milestone, with a fun theme that everyone loved being included in. What a fun and gorgeous day!

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Party Vendors

Event Designer: Scarlett Expressions
Venue: Upstairs


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