Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party

Any little girl would be on Cloud 9 celebrating this special Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party!

This Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party is extra special thanks to the extra special little girl it was being held for! Dee Lee Designs went out of their way to create the best unicorn party that was a magical memory for this entire family. 
Harlow the Brave was diagnosed with a rare ovarian cancer at the tender age of 6 months old, which was very aggressive. Amazingly, she is the second youngest in the United States to have it in 20 years of records. It is often found in women over 24 years of age. This little one surely deserved a special celebration and we think this unicorn party was a wonderful way to honor this special little girl’s milestone birthday!
Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas on Pretty My Party
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Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party Dessert Table on Pretty My Party
After facing 6 rounds of intense chemotherapy and surviving a stem cell transplant, this sweetheart made it to celebrate her 2nd birthday. She loved unicorns, so a unicorn birthday party to celebrate all that she had to endure was created!
This whimsical Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party had gorgeous pastel colors all around the event. From yellow to pink, along with lilac, sky, teal and mint, the gold color tied all of the unicorn party supplies and decorations together with the spectacular backdrop.
What an amazing dessert table that was created for this little warrior! 

Unicorn Birthday Decoration

How sweet is this amazing unicorn decoration?! This great piece could be used as centerpieces for the tables, or even be hung from different areas in the Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party for a fun decor piece. 
Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party on Pretty My Party
Many different vendors came together to create the design and decor for the unicorn party.
Linens By Celina, Gigi’s Decorations & Rentals and Angels Touch Events were part of the design team and all created amazing elements that made this Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party one of a kind. 
Unicorn Party Backdrop Decoration
How sweet is this unicorn party decoration that was used as the main unicorn party backdrop on the dessert table?!
There was no doubt this was going to be a fun party when you walk in and see this fun unicorn looking back at you.
Paired with the amazing sparkly gold fabric used in the backdrop, as well, it looked beautiful together!
Unicorn Party Centerpiece
Unicorn party decoration ideas were so much fun to piece together.
Sweet unicorn stuffed animals were used as centerpieces, along with gorgeous flowers with a fun birthday message printable added in the middle.
We love the easy unicorn party ideas that were incorporated into this birthday girl’s special day. 
Unicorn Birthday Cake and Desserts
Lizbekka Cakes created the most amazing unicorn themed party cake. Just look at the amazing details that were incorporated into this birthday cake!!!
We love the glittery gold first layer, along with the fun gold unicorn horn that tied the color scheme together perfectly.
What an incredible creation for this Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party
Sparkling Unicorn Party Ideas
The unicorn birthday cake was the perfect centerpiece for the dessert table. Treats and snacks were seen everywhere on this unicorn party dessert table and they were absolutely perfect.
The beautiful details of the desserts were great unicorn party decorations, along with all of the fun printables and signage that was found throughout the event. 
Unicorn Cake
Three amazing bakeries in the area donated their time and effort to provide the most magical princess treats that anyone could imagine!
My Sweetie Pops, Bits of Sweetness n Love and Vee’s Sweets really hit it out of the park with all of their amazing unicorn themed party food. Just look at this dessert table!!!
Unicorn Rice Krispie Pops
White chocolate covered Rice Krispie treats were a big hit, especially with the gorgeous gold straws that were used to serve the treats.
Gorgeous pink cake stands were used as serving trays, too, with crystals adorning the trays that were perfect for a princess!
Unicorn decorations
Every unicorn themed birthday party needs to have a unicorn adorning the dessert table! This majestic unicorn was sitting front and center for all of guests who were ready to dig into the dessert table.
Unicorn Cupcakes
What’s a party without cupcakes, right?! These awesome purple cupcakes were a hit at the Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party.
How could they not be? The unicorn theme was in full effect with the magical unicorn horns adorning the top of each and every treat. 
Purple Unicorn Birthday Cupcakes
These special unicorn cupcakes look delicious! The purple frosting also had a hint of glitter sparkles that were used, which made them extra special party food additions. They look amazing!
Unicorn Birthday Party Food
More treats were found on the dessert table that were some of the coolest unicorn party ideas we’ve seen.
We love the unique vibe of each of the desserts that were created for this unicorn themed birthday party. 
Palmier Pastry
More unique dessert ideas were found at the unicorn party with the fun French palmier cookies that were on hand.
Half of each cookie was dipped in white chocolate, with fun sprinkles used to complete the look.
What great snacks that you know will always be a hit with the kids!
Unicorn Madelines Cookies
Not only were the unicorn cookies that were found at the celebration super yummy, but they were also mini works of art!
Just look at the details that were incorporated into each and every cookie. They almost look too beautiful to eat!
Unicorn themed chocolate covered apples
Who doesn’t love a good chocolate-covered apple? By using white chocolate, it fit into the unicorn party theme’s color scheme, while being a delicious addition to the dessert table. We just love how sweet these treats look!
Unicorn Party Dessert Ideas
All of the dessert place cards that were used at the Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party were little works of art, as well.
These are fun DIY ideas that could be created for any type of birthday party theme as well.
We love seeing place cards on the dessert table to show everyone what they get to enjoy for the day!
Unicorn Cake Pops
Birthday parties are no fun without cake pops! These fun unicorn cake pops did not disappoint. And how adorable is the sweet mini pink stand that is used to display the treat?!
Unicorn Birthday Party Gift Table
Harlow even had the most gorgeous gift table possible! We just love the teal tulle that is used as the wrap around the gift table. It screams princess unicorn fun! 
Princess Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas
Dazzling D’s Princess was on hand to spoil this little birthday princess at her unicorn themed birthday party.
She was rocking some fun pastel hair with her own unicorn horn crown! We bet the birthday girl was just loving it!
Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party
Unicorn party games were enjoyed by all of the kids, but none more than the birthday girl! She got a little unicorn tattoo that the fairy princess put on herself. How special! 
Unicorn Birthday Party Activity
Everyone loved putting the birthday girl front and center with all of the party fun. The little ones played with a large parachute that they had a great time running under and around.
What a fun way to keep the littles active, while involving them in an activity at a birthday party! 
Pastel Unicorn Party Dress
Nothing was better than the birthday girl’s look of the day. How amazing is this pastel dress that she was sporting, with the sweetest gold shoes possible?
She was definitely the perfect unicorn princess for her big day!
Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party Sweets Table
The whole family got to enjoy time together at this amazing Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party!
Unicorn Themed Family Photos
Billye Donya Photography also donated their photography services to give the family some amazing family pictures that we are sure they will treasure forever.
What a great time to have family pictures done, than before a birthday party when everyone is looking their best! 
Unicorn Party Theme
All the vendors donated their time and services to throw this beautiful little girl a celebration of life party and it was well worth it.
They all incorporated the coolest unicorn party ideas to give this little beauty a very special day with the ones she loves most.
A unicorn party is always a magical experience and this was no different! 
Vendors & Credits 
Event Planner: Dee Lee Designs
Party Princess: Dazzling D’s Princess
What’s your favorite detail in this Sparkling Unicorn Birthday Party? Let us know in the comments below!
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