Mint To Be Bridal Shower

What a sweet Mint To Be Bridal Shower that any bridal couple would love to be a part of!

Who doesn’t love a good bridal shower? This Mint To Be Bridal Shower took everyone’s breath away from the moment guests walked in. And with it being held at a local restaurant in their barrel room, it was even more fun to be celebrating this happy couple. We also just love the color scheme of this Mint To Be Bridal Shower Theme. It’s no surprise that the bride’s favorite color is green!
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Mint To Be Bridal Shower Supplies and Decorations

Mint To Be Bridal Shower Decor
This bride-to-be has always been close with her aunt and uncle, so imagine her delight when they volunteered to give her the bridal shower of her dreams?!
It was quickly decided that the shower would be held in The Barrel Room at Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

The details and decorations were so fun, with mint and silver being the identifying colors of the Mint To Be Bridal Shower Theme.

The room entrance was decked out with a balloon arch, in all different shades of mint, which we find absolutely stunning!

And look at those amazing flowers, which were provided by Barrington Flower Shop. All of the decorations were very elegant and perfectly placed. 


Mint To Be Bridal Shower Photo Idea
The unique backdrop of barrels within the venue’s room made things extra special and exciting.
We love how the couple added different pictures with balloons to showcase.
What a fun way to bring everyone together and display fun memories of their time together. 
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Sign
The upcoming wedding ceremony will take place in northern Michigan in front of the gazebo at the Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island.
Mackinac Island is a unique historic site and Michigan summer tradition.
What a great idea to have the days counting down on the chalkboard sign when everyone walked in that were remaining until the big wedding day! 
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Ideas
The bride’s aunt wanted to pay homage to Mackinac Island in Michigan, where the couple is going to be married.
Therefore, a friend designed a beautiful accordion photo display where each panel held a black and white photo of Kelly and Bobby and a unique Mackinac Island related cutout at the top.
Cutouts included a dancing couple, a horse and carriage, a gazebo, and the Mackinac Bridge, which was displayed on the cake table. 
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Words of Wisdom Table
We just love the Mint To Be Bridal Shower Ideas that were found around the venue, including this timeless “Words of Wisdom” table.
What a great way to have mementos from the wedding shower that will be able to stay with the couple for years to come from all of their guests! 
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Table
The bride-to-be loved the ambiance and the food at the venue. The venue did a wonderful job creating a memorable day for the couple.
Everyone was also able to play a fun bridal shower game of “Bridal Bingo,” where their knowledge was put to the test of the couple about to the the knot. 
Mint To Be Bridal Shower glittery champagne favors
Each guest was also treated to a mini bottle of champagne covered in glitter for party favors. 
Mint To Be Bridal Shower table centerpiece
The centerpiece on each table was a single white calla lily in a mint colored milk jar, along with confetti and mini picture frames with photos of the couple.
These also served as favors, which different guests were able to take home with them.
Burlap Mint To Be Banner
We just love this burlap banner that showcases the Mint To Be Bridal Shower theme that served as a great backdrop! 
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Menu
What a delicious wedding shower menu that everyone enjoyed when the meal was served. Everyone had a great time mingling and chatting with the happy family. 
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Decorations
Eye- catching florals in giant wine and martini glasses adorned the entrance way, along with additional flowers found on the cake table and sangria bar.
The florals that were provided, along with all of the pictures of the couple were the highlight for decorations around the Mint To Be Themed Bridal Shower!
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Drinks
Who doesn’t love some delicious sangria?! It was used as a signature drink at the wedding shower and everyone enjoyed the light and tasty cocktail. 
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Signature Drink
Glasses were prepared before the event so all that needed to be done was to have sangria poured in when someone needed a drink.
What a great idea to save time on prep during the event, when it’s simply time to have fun!
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Bridal Bingo Game
Place settings were absolutely gorgeous, with the elegant centerpieces and glittery bottles and frames that were on the table, as well.
Everyone was excited to sit and chat, along with playing games and enjoying a wonderful meal. 
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Photo Frame Decor
How pretty are the different confetti decor that was used on the different tables around the event?! What a fun way to add in a unique idea to the Mint To Be Bridal Shower. 
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Words of Wisdom
The signs that were found throughout the Mint To Be Bridal Shower were gorgeous. Chalkboards were used, along with rustic wood and fun printables that were created for the different areas of the event. 
Date Jar Idea
We love this unique and romantic idea of having all of the guests share a great date idea that the couple will be able to utilize for years to come.
What’s better than having a ton of date ideas ready at your disposal when you have a chance to get out?!
There was also an area where people could write their favorite recipes that the couple would be able to try out in the years to come, as well.
What fun, handmade ways to create interaction at a wedding shower!
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Cake
The ombre mint green cake from Mariano’s was covered in sugar star confetti and displayed alongside photos of the couple’s fur baby and “dog of honor,” Ivory.
What a simple, yet elegant display that included pictures from the couple’s everyday life. So romantic!
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Cake Topper
A large “K” was used as the cake topper, to pay tribute to the couple’s soon-to-be last name, which they will share. We love all of the star confetti that was used to help decorate the cake on the dessert table! 
Star Confetti
How gorgeous are these wedding shower cake details at this Mint To Be Bridal Shower?! 
Flower Decorations
Those gorgeous flowers! So elegant!
Kitchen Dish Towel Cake For a Bridal Shower
We all know that everyone always talks about diaper cakes at baby showers, but this unique kitchen cake may just beat them all!
What a great way to provide the couple with items they need in their kitchen. From dish towels to different kitchen tools needed, this couple is all set now!
And they were even provided in the bride’s favorite mint green color!
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Dress
That is one happy and excited bride-to-be walking into her fun Mint To Be Bridal Shower! 
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Gift Table
The couple opened gifts together, but there were a few gifts at the end that were special for the bride.
Her mother had taken her own wedding dress (she had just celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary!) and had a seamstress turn it into a rehearsal top.
Her veil was incorporated into the top, as well. Kelly’s Dad took the diamonds out of two of his rings and had a special bar necklace made for her to wear, too. What special gifts!
Mint To Be Bridal Shower
Everyone had a lovely time at a great venue. We love the elegant vibe!
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Favors and Gifts
Additional awesome shower favors were in a mint bag on each guest chair. The bags were full of souvenirs from the Pink Pony, which is the bride’s favorite bar on Mackinac Island.
Each guest got a hat or visor, along with a wine glass or tumbler from the famous island landmark. It was a hit and of course all of the bridesmaids had matching hats!
Mint To Be Bridal Shower Gifts
There was so much love in the room for this beautiful Mint To Be Bridal Shower. Family had come in from different states and everyone was elated to celebrate with the couple. What a special way to get excited for the couple’s destination wedding! 
Vendors & Credits
Floral Designer: Barrington Flower Shop
Cake Designer: Mariano’s
Photographer: Degrees North Images
What’s your favorite detail in this Mint To Be Bridal Shower? Let us know in the comments below!  
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  1. Thank you for showcasing our mint to be shower. We had so much fun and it was so beautiful. My aunt and mom did an amazing job!

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