16+ Fantastic Bridal Shower Games (The Ultimate List)

Want to know the secret ingredient to turning a good party into an unforgettable one? Fun and hilarious games, of course! Yep, that’s right! If you’re looking for the perfect icebreaker for your bridal shower, you definitely have to save this ultimate list of fun and hilarious bridal shower games!

16+ Bridal Shower Games (The Ultimate List) with instructions, prize ideas, free printable game, and more on www.prettymyparty.com.

If you’re the mastermind behind the bridal shower planning, do yourself a favor and plan at least one (but hey, why stop there?) of these wedding shower games. You guarantee a fun time for everyone there by throwing in a game or two!

No matter what vibe you’re going for—whether it’s free-spirited fun, unique, or laugh-out-loud hilarious—these bridal shower games are your ticket to hosting an unforgettable pre-wedding bash. Trust me, your guests will thank you for the good times and great laughs!

Why games are a great addition to a bridal shower

Bridal shower games aren’t just a good idea—they’re a great idea! What’s a party without a little fun, right? Games break the ice, especially when not all guests know each other, making everyone feel included and part of the celebration. They’re like the secret sauce that spices up the event, creating a fun and memorable time for everyone.

Plus, they’re a perfect way to honor the bride-to-be with personalized games that feature her unique story and journey. Adding games to a bridal shower is absolutely a win-win for a day filled with joy, laughter, and maybe a little friendly competition! Let’s get into the ultimate list of bridal shower games!

Hilarious bridal shower games

Get ready to kick the fun up a notch at your bridal shower with a lineup of hilarious games that promise non-stop laughter and unforgettable moments!

Bra Pong

Are you ready to bring some serious fun to your next bridal shower with a game guaranteed to have everyone in stitches? Let’s talk about Bra Pong–a hilariously cheeky twist on the classic game of beer pong that’s perfect for bridal showers or bachelorette parties. Here’s how to set up this hilarious bridal shower game.

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What you need:

  • A large board
  • Bras in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles
  • Nails to secure the bras to the board
  • Ping pong balls

How to set it up:

1. Attach the bras to the board. You can organize them in rows or arrange them randomly to make the game more challenging. Space the bras out enough so each cup is a separate target.

2. Set your board up at a comfortable height, either by hanging it on a wall or leaning it up against something. Make sure the board is stable – we wouldn’t want your masterpiece to tumble mid-game!

How to play:

1. Split your guests into teams. If you’re feeling extra, give the teams fun names like “Bridal Bustiers” vs. “Wedding Wonders.”

2. Players take turns tossing the ping pong balls into the bra cups from a designated distance. Each bra cup can be assigned different points based on difficulty.

3. Decide on a target score to determine the winning team or play within a set time limit and see who racks up the most points.

4. The team with the highest score wins. You can have special prizes for the winners.

Get ready to grab those bras, round up the ping pong balls, and let the games begin!

Oven Mitts and Pantyhose Game

Get ready for a game that will have everyone LTAO! This hilariously challenging game is a fantastic addition to any bridal shower, bringing a mix of competition and pure comedy. It’s all about speed, dexterity, and the comical struggle of doing something seemingly simple under ridiculous conditions. 

Oven Mitts and Pantyhose Bridal Shower Game

What you need:

  • Pantyhose: Not just one pair – you’ll need several, depending on how many guests you have
  • Oven mitts: Each player or team will need a pair
  • Timer: To keep track of time and add pressure to the game

Setting up:

There’s minimal setup involved, which is great for a game this entertaining. Just make sure you have enough space for your guests to move around a bit, as things might get a little wild!

How to play:

  1. Decide if you want to play this game in teams or have each person compete individually. Teams can make it more collaborative and add strategy to the mix.
  2. The objective is simple–players must put on a pair of pantyhose while wearing oven mitts on their hands. But as you can guess, what sounds simple becomes hilariously difficult, with oven mitts sabotaging every attempt.
  3. On “Go,” each player or team attempts to pull on the pantyhose using only their mitt-covered hands. The catch? They have to get both legs in and pull the pantyhose up to at least knee-high.
  4. Use the timer to track how long it takes each player or team to complete the task. The fastest time wins, or you can make it even more challenging by setting a time limit and seeing who can get the furthest in that time frame.

Are you ready to grab those oven mitts, stretch out those pantyhose, and let the games begin? It will be an unforgettable part of your bridal shower, filled with friendly competition and tons of laughs!

Pin the Mustache on the Groom Game

Pin the Mustache on the Groom is a hilarious bridal version of the famous game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It’s a lighthearted, laughter-filled activity that involves blindfolded guests attempting to pin a mustache on a large photo of the groom.

Not only does this game bring humor and playfulness to the bridal shower, but it’s also a fantastic photo op for the bride-to-be. Let’s dive into setting up this game for maximum fun and laughs.

Pin the Mustache on the Groom Game for bridal showers or bachelorette parties.

What you need:

Setting up:

  • Hang the groom’s photo on a wall at an easily reachable height for all guests. Ensure there’s enough space around for guests to take turns without bumping into furniture.
  • Lay the paper mustaches near the photo, ensuring the adhesive side is protected until it’s time to play the game.

How to play:

1. One at a time, blindfold a player, give them a paper mustache, and gently spin them around several times to slightly disorient them.

2. Point the blindfolded player toward the photo and let them attempt to pin the mustache on the groom. No peeking allowed!

3. Once they’ve placed their mustache, mark the spot with their name using a sticky note or a small piece of tape.

4. Continue the process until all guests have had a turn.

5. The guest whose mustache is closest to the correct spot wins the game!

Get ready to blindfold, spin, and pin! This game promises loads of laughs and sweet memories.

Toilet Paper Lingerie Game

Get ready for a game that’s bound to be the talk of the event–the Toilet Paper Lingerie Game! This cheeky and creative activity adds a good dose of laughter and a touch of risqué fun to any bridal shower.

It’s all about imagination, teamwork, and, of course, the versatile fashion staple of any party–toilet paper! Here’s how you can roll out this game and make sure everyone’s in stitches by the end.

Toilet Paper Lingerie Game - What you need and how to play. Best bridal shower game!

Photo credit: The Vintage Modern Wife

What you need:

  • Toilet paper – And lots of it! Make sure you have enough rolls for each team to get creative.
  • Optional accessories: Include fabric scraps, ribbon, tape, or faux flowers to let teams add flair to their creations.

Setting up:

No elaborate setup is required here–just clear some space for your design teams to work their magic. Lay out the toilet paper, tape, and any optional accessories on a table where teams can easily access them.

How to play:

1. Divide guests into small groups–three to five people per team works great. You could have more teams depending on the size of your party.

2. Set a timer (15-20 minutes should do the trick) for teams to design and create a piece of “lingerie” out of toilet paper. This can include bras, panties, nighties–anything that sparks their creativity.

3. Once time is up, have each team select a model to wear their creation. Then, it’s time for a fashion show! Cue up some sassy music and let each model strut their stuff.

4. You can have the bride-to-be act as the judge or let all the guests vote for their favorite design (excluding their own team’s creation, of course). Consider categories like “Most Creative,” “Best Execution,” and “Funniest.”

Stock up on those toilet paper rolls, get those cameras ready, and let the fashion designing begin! This game is guaranteed to be a memorable part of the bridal shower that guests will be talking about long after the event is over!

Interactive Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Bling Ring Toss Game

Add glitz and glam to an old party favorite with this Bridal Bling Ring Toss Game! Glam up some wine bottles with glitter and jewels, and add them to a wooden box for a fun and friendly competition.

Are you looking for a fun, interactive bridal shower game? Play Bling Ring Toss. Get the scoop on how to play and what you need here on www.prettymyparty.com.

What you need:

  • Collect a variety of wine bottles, empty or full, depending on your preference. You can use them as is or decorate them to match the bridal shower theme.
  • Plastic rings or create your own from rope or floral vines for an added touch of elegance.
  • Arrange the wine bottles in a wooden crate on a sturdy table or a designated area on the ground.

Setting up:

  • If you’re going for a theme, decorate the wine bottles with paint, glitter, or tie ribbons around them. Group the bottles together in the wooden crate and place it on the ground or on a table.
  • Set a clear line from where players will toss the rings. Adjust the distance based on the challenge level and the space available.

How to play:

1. Guests take turns tossing the rings onto the wine bottles. Each player can have a set number of tries per round to keep the game moving.

2. Assign different points to bottles based on their position or difficulty level. The further or more challenging the bottle, the higher the points.

3. Whenever a ring successfully lands around a bottle, cheers and claps are a must! Keep track of each player’s score throughout the game.

Ready to pop the cork on fun with this stylish take on the classic ring toss game?! It’s a guaranteed way to create those fun moments that make a bridal shower truly unforgettable.

The Stylish Bride Game

Get ready for barrels of laughter with The Stylish Bride Game–a hilariously fun challenge that’s sure to be a hit at any bridal shower! Imagine the bride wearing thick oven mitts and a blindfold as she dives into a mystery box of bizarre and unexpected items.

The goal of the game is for the bride to guess what the quirky items are solely by touch and then attempt to wear them correctly. Here’s how to make this game a standout moment at your bridal shower.

The Stylish Bride Game - Hilarious Bridal Shower Games

What you need:

  • Thick oven mitts
  • A blindfold to keep the bride’s guesses based purely on touch and imagination.
  • A variety of quirkly items: oversized sunglasses, a feather boa, a funky hat, costume jewelry, or even items that aren’t typically worn, like kitchen utensils or decorative items.

Setting up:

Gather your items before the shower and keep them hidden away to surprise both the bride and guests. When it’s game time, have the bride sit in a place of honor where everyone can see her play this silly game.

How to play:

1. Start by blindfolding the bride and helping her into the mittens. The anticipation will have everyone on the edge of their seats!

2. One by one, present the items to the bride. With each item, she’ll have to feel it with her mittens and guess what it is.

3. After making her guess, the bride then tries to put the item on.

4. After each attempt, remove the blindfold so she can see how she did, sharing in the laughter and joy with everyone.

This game shines a spotlight on the bride in the most amusing way possible, ensuring that the bridal shower is filled with unforgettable moments. So, let the stylish guessing begin!

Musical Bouquet

Get ready to turn up the fun at your next bridal shower with the Musical Bouquet game – it’s like musical chairs but with a floral twist, perfect for the occasion!

This game is a blast, keeps everyone on their toes, and is easy to set up. Here’s how you can get the party moving and grooving with the musical bouquet game.

What you need:

  • A bouquet
  • Music

Setting up:

Honestly, there’s not much to set up – which is perfect for those who’d rather spend time partying than preparing!

How to play:

  1. Have your guests form a circle. One person (probably not the bride, since she should be in on the fun) is in charge of the music.
  2. The music starts as participants pass the bouquet to each other around the circle.
  3. Randomly, the person in charge of the music stops it. Whoever is holding the bouquet when the music stops is out and steps out of the circle.
  4. Keep the music going, stopping it at unexpected moments until there’s only one person left standing.
  5. The last person in the circle, who successfully avoids being caught with the bouquet when the music stops, wins the game. 

Get ready to crank up those tunes, pass that bouquet, and let the good times roll at your bridal shower. It’s a surefire way to add an extra dose of fun to your celebration!

Bridal Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is an interactive way to liven up the celebration, turning your guests into eager participants in a race to find items, complete challenges, or uncover clues.

Whether you’re hosting a cozy gathering at home or a lavish affair, a scavenger hunt can be tailored to fit any setting and theme. Here’s how you can organize a memorable bridal shower scavenger hunt that will have everyone participating.

What you need:

  • Create or print game cards with a list of items to find, challenges to complete, or clues to solve. These items can range from wedding-themed objects to tasks that involve taking a selfie with the bride.
  • Depending on the number of guests, divide them into teams. Smaller groups ensure everyone gets to participate.
  • Decide on a time limit for the scavenger hunt. A good timeframe is 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity and location of the hunt.

Setting up:

  • If you’re including clues, make sure they lead guests around the venue or designated area. For item hunts, ensure the items are placed in safe, yet challenging locations.
  • Explain the rules, distribute the scavenger hunt lists, and set a meeting point for the end of the game.

How to play:

1. Start the scavenger hunt with a countdown, and send the teams off on their adventures.

2. Teams race to find all the items or complete the challenges. Creativity and teamwork are key!

3. For tasks or challenges, require photographic proof. This not only ensures tasks are completed but also creates wonderful memories.

4. Once the time is up, all teams gather at the predetermined meeting point to tally scores and share their experiences.

Ready, set, hunt! Prepare for laughter, bonding, and a bit of friendly competition as your bridal shower becomes an unforgettable treasure hunt.

Bridal Pictionary

Bridal Pictionary is a lively and entertaining twist on the classic drawing and guessing game. This game challenges guests to sketch wedding-related phrases, items, or concepts while others try to guess what they are. It’s a great way to get everyone involved, laughing, and enjoying the celebration.

What you need:

  • Create a list of wedding-themed phrases and words. These can range from specific items like “wedding cake” and “bouquet” to more abstract concepts like “honeymoon” or “first dance.”
  • A whiteboard, chalkboard, or an easel with paper, markers or chalk, and an eraser.

How to play:

1. Divide guests into two or more teams, depending on the size of your bridal shower. Aim for an even distribution of guests per team for a fair game.

2. Each team takes turns having one member draw a word from the list while their teammates try to guess what it is within a set time limit (usually 1-2 minutes). The artist cannot use verbal clues, letters, or numbers in their drawing.

3. Each correct guess earns the team a point. Decide in advance how many rounds you’ll play or set a time limit for the game.

4. Make sure everyone gets a turn to draw. This keeps the game inclusive and adds to the fun, as drawing abilities will vary widely!

5. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Bridal Shower Charades

Bridal Shower Charades is a fantaqstic game that brings a touch of drama and a lot of laughter to any bridal shower. It’s a classic party game with a wedding-themed twist, where guests act out wedding-related phrases, movies, or actions without speaking, and their teammates try to guess what they are. Let’s dive into how to set up and play Bridal Shower Charades.

What you need:

  • Write down wedding-themed phrases, actions, movies, or songs on pieces of paper. These can include anything from “cutting the wedding cake” and “first dance” to “proposal” or titles like “Father of the Bride.” 
  • Slips of paper with your charades ideas
  • A bowl
  • A timer

How to play:

1. Split your guests into two or more teams, depending on the size of your bridal shower.

2. Remind everyone that the actor cannot use any words or sounds and can only rely on gestures and actions. Set a time limit for each turn, usually one or two minutes.

3. The first team selects a player to go first. This player picks a slip of paper from the bowl and acts out the phrase or title while their team tries to guess what it is within the time limit.

4. After each turn, the next team selects a player to act out a new charade. Continue alternating turns between the teams.

5. Award a point for each correct guess. Keep track of the points on a piece of paper or a whiteboard.

6. The team with the most points wins. 

Bridal Shower Charades is a timeless game that’s sure to add energy, laughter, and a dose of competitive spirit to your bridal shower.

Easy Bridal Shower Games

The Ring Game

Get ready for the Ring Game, a bridal shower activity that promises to add a sparkle of fun to the festivities. This game is all about sneakiness and observation, making it perfect for all ages.

What you need:

  • Plastic rings: Enough for each guest at the party. 
  • A catchphrase: This can be anything related to weddings or the couple, like “I do,” “wedding,” or “bride.”

Setting up:

Hand out a ring to each guest as they arrive, explaining the game’s rules. It’s a simple setup but sets the stage for an entire even.

How to play:

1. The game’s objective is to collect as many rings as possible. The catch? You can only collect a ring from someone if you catch them saying the catchphrase. This means everyone needs to listen carefully to each other throughout the event.

2. Once everyone has their ring and understands the rules, the game begins. It continues until the end of the shower, so it’s a great way to keep everyone engaged from start to finish.

3. If someone says the catchphrase, you can claim their ring. But be careful – if you’re caught saying the catchphrase, you’ll have to hand over your ring to the person who catches you.

4. Encourage guests to engage in conversations, cleverly trying to get others to say the catchphrase without saying it themselves. It adds a layer of fun and strategy to the game.

5. At the end of the bridal shower, the person with the most rings wins. Announce the winner and award a prize.

Get ready to slip on those rings, pick your catchphrase, and let the games begin!

Who Has The Groom?

Who Has The Groom Game is a brilliantly simple game that adds a touch of mystery and excitement to any bridal shower. 

Who Has the Groom Scratch-off Bridal Shower Game

What you need:

Scratch-off cards: Create or purchase scratch-off cards that feature pictures of various male celebrities, characters, or even cartoons, with only one card of the groom’s photo.

Setting up:

Hand out the cards randomly to your guests as they arrive or during game time. Make sure to mix them well so the groom’s card is a surprise!

How to play:

1. At a designated time during the bridal shower, have everyone scratch off their card to see the image beneath.

2. Guests will be eagerly scratching to see if they have the groom’s picture on their card. The anticipation and reactions as different characters are revealed add to the fun!

3. The guest who reveals the groom on their scratch-off card wins the game.

This game offers a unique blend of suspense, surprise, and interaction among guests. So, get those scratch-off cards ready and let the hunt for the groom begin!

What’s In Your Purse?

The What’s in Your Purse Game is a simple activity that’s perfect for entertaining guests. This game is not just about uncovering the mysterious items one might find in a guest’s purse; it’s also a funny icebreaker that gets everyone laughing and sharing stories. It’s easy to set up, interactive, and can reveal some surprising, hilarious, or even impressive finds!

Looking for a fun bridal shower game? Grab this What's In Your Purse Game!

What you need:

  • Game sheets that list common and uncommon items one might carry in their purse. These can range from the every day, like lip balm or keys, to the more unusual, like a sewing kit or screwdriver. Assign point values to each item, with rarer items scoring higher.
  • Pens

Setting up:

Print out the “What’s in Your Purse?” game sheets before the bridal shower. Make sure you have enough pens for everyone.

How to play:

1. Hand out the game sheets and pens to your guests.

2. Guests go through their purses, checking off items on the list as they find them. The atmosphere will quickly fill with laughter and surprises as guests discover what they have (or don’t have) in their purses.

3. After a set time limit, or once everyone has had a chance to go through their purses, it’s time to add up the points. The items on the list will surely spark conversations as guests reveal the odd, useful, or sentimental things they carry.

4. The guest with the highest score is the winner.

This game offers a peek into the personalities and daily lives of the attendees, making it a fun way to learn more about each other in a playful way. So, get those game sheets ready, and let the purse exploration begin! 

For Bridal Word Search, participants are tasked with finding and circling words such as “wedding,” “groom,” “bride,” and “love,” among others, usually within a set time limit.

It’s a fantastic way for guests to engage in a bit of friendly competition while celebrating the upcoming nuptials, making it a perfect activity for bridal showers.

What you need:

How to play:

1. Distribute the word search game along with pencils. You can set a timer for added excitement, challenging guests to find all the words within a certain timeframe.

2. The person who finds the most words within the time limit is the winner.

Bridal Shower Word Scramble

The Bridal Shower Word Scramble game is a great addition to a bridal shower because it’s a fun and low-pressure activity that can be played casually as guests mingle or as a structured game with everyone focused on their game sheets. 

What you need:

How to play:

1. Give each guest a game sheet and pen, setting a time limit for unscrambling the words.

2. The person who correctly unscrambles the most words in the allotted time wins.

Bridal Trivia

Bridal Shower Trivia is a fabulous game that dives into how well guests know the bride-to-be, her relationship, and maybe even some fun facts about weddings in general.

It’s a great way to add laughter, share stories, and celebrate the bride’s journey to the altar. Here’s how to set up and play a memorable Bridal Shower Trivia game that will keep everyone on their toes!

What you need:

How to play:

1. Have guests fill in their game cards with a time limit of 1-2 minutes.

2. The person with the most correct answers is the winner.

Classic bridal shower games

Bridal Shower Bingo

This Find the Guest Bridal Shower Bingo is a fun game that adds a delightful twist to the traditional Bingo, making it perfect for any bridal shower.

Want a fun game for your bridal shower that will have guests breaking the ice and mingling? Grab this Find the Guest Bingo Game Printable!

It’s a great way to break the ice and get your guests mingling!

What you need:

How to play:

1. Hand out the Bingo cards and markers.

2. Briefly go over how to play. Guests have to find other guests who fit the descriptions on the game cards.

3. The first guest to mark five squares in a row—horizontally, vertically, or diagonally—shouts “Bingo!” and wins the game.

The Newlywed Game

The Newlywed Game is a hilarious and often revealing game that’s perfect for bridal showers. It tests how well the couple knows each other through a series of questions ranging from the mundane to the intimate and sometimes embarrassing. This is a great game if the groom makes a guest appearance.

What you need:

  • Compile a list of questions to ask the couple. These can vary widely, from favorites (like color, food, or movie) to habits (who’s messier, who cooks better), preferences, memories (first date details, first kiss), and more personal or funny questions (who’s the better kisser, most embarrassing moment together).
  • Pick someone to host the game. This could be a close friend, a family member, or even a professional MC. The host will read the questions and reveal the answers.
  • The couple can answer questions about each other in various ways. They can write down their answers on notepads or boards, or for a more interactive version, use props like colored paddles.

How to play:

1. Have the couple sit back-to-back so they can’t see each other’s answers. This adds suspense and ensures genuine reactions.

2. The host asks the questions, giving the couple time to write down their answers or choose their props.

3. After each question, the couple reveals their answers simultaneously. The fun lies in seeing how often they match (or don’t!).

4. You can keep track of how many answers match for fun, but the real joy of the game is in the stories and explanations that come with each question and answer.

The Newlywed Game is a celebration of the couple’s journey and a way to share their love story with their guests in a fun, interactive format.

Bridal Shower Jeopardy

Bridal Shower Jeopardy is a game that brings the excitement and challenge of the classic TV game show to your bridal shower. It’s a fun way to test guests’ knowledge about the bride-to-be, the couple’s relationship, wedding traditions, and possibly even romantic movies or love songs. 

Bridal Jeopardy Game for bridal showers

What you need:

  • Decide on 4-5 categories relevant to the bridal shower or the couple. Categories could include “The Bride,” “The Couple,” “Famous Romances,” “Wedding Traditions,” “Destination Honeymoons,” and “Love Songs.”
  • For each category, come up with 4-5 questions of increasing difficulty, each assigned a point value (e.g., 100 to 500 points). You should have a total of 25-30 questions prepared.
  • You can create a game board using a poster board and arrange the categories and point values similar to the Jeopardy board layout.
  • Besides the game board, you’ll need something to keep score with, like a notepad or a whiteboard, and buzzers or bells for participants to signal their answers.
  • Choose someone familiar with the game rules to host. This person will read the questions, judge answers, and keep the game moving.

How to play:

1. Split your guests into teams. 

2. Just like in Jeopardy, a team selects a category and a point value, and the host reads the corresponding question. The first team to ring the bell gets to answer. If they’re correct, they earn the points; if not, other teams have a chance to answer.

3. You can designate one question as the “Daily Double,” where the team can wager their points before hearing the question.

4. Track each team’s points as they answer questions correctly.

5. At the end of regular play, have a Final Jeopardy round where teams can wager any amount of their points on a final, challenging question.

6. The team with the most points at the end of Final Jeopardy wins.

Bridal Shower Jeopardy is a lively celebration of the bride-to-be and her upcoming marriage, promising a shower filled with fun and laughter.

Guess the Bride’s Age Game

Add a sprinkle of nostalgia and a dash of guessing fun to the bridal shower with Guess the Bride’s Age game! This game is a heartwarming trip down memory lane, perfect for getting guests giggling and awing over how the bride has grown and changed over the years. 

Guess the Brdie's Age Bridal Shower Game

Photo credit: Michael + Laura Photography

What you need:

  • Photos of the bride: Gather a variety of photos of the bride at different ages, from baby pictures to recent snapshots. About 10-15 photos should keep the game lively without dragging on.
  • Display method: Think about how you’ll show the photos. You can pin them on a board, hang them on a string as a photo garland, or lay them on a table. Make sure the photos are numbered for easy reference.
  • Guess sheets and pens: Give each guest a piece of paper (or a cute, themed notecard) and a pen to write down their guesses for each photo.
  • A prize: Have a fun prize ready for the guest with the most accurate guesses. This could be anything from a themed goodie bag to a hilarious keepsake.

Setting up:

Arrange the photos on the display board, mixing them up so they’re not in chronological order. This will make the game more challenging and fun. Set up a little station with the guess sheets and pens nearby so guests can easily grab what they need to play.

How to play:

1. Invite each guest to look at the photos and write down their guess for the bride’s age in each one. Remind them to match their guesses with the corresponding photo numbers.

2. Once everyone has had a chance to make their guesses, collect the guess sheets to tally up the results.

3. Go through the photos one by one, revealing the bride’s actual age in each. This is a great opportunity for the bride to share little stories or memories associated with each photo, adding a personal touch to the game.

4. The guest with the most correct (or closest) guesses wins the game. 

Get those photos ready, sharpen your guessing skills, and prepare for a delightful stroll down memory lane. It’s going to be a game to remember, full of love, laughter, and a little bit of guessing magic!

Unique bridal shower games

The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game

Roll out the red carpet for one of the most beloved and laugh-out-loud bridal shower games out there – The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game!

This game is all about creativity, teamwork, and, of course, a whole lot of toilet paper. It’s the perfect way to break the ice, unleash everyone’s inner fashion designer, and have a blast doing it. Here’s how you can make this hilarious challenge the highlight of the bridal shower.

What you need:

  • Toilet paper rolls: Stock up on plenty. The more, the merrier, as you’ll need a lot for crafting those haute couture masterpieces.
  • Timer: To keep the competition fair and exciting with a set time limit.
  • Optional accessories: Consider including tape, scissors, and maybe some glitter or fabric flowers for those extra touches. However, for a true challenge, stick to just toilet paper!

Setting up:

No complex setup required here. Just make sure you have enough space for teams to work without bumping into each other, and have all your materials ready to go.

How to play:

1. Divide your guests into small groups – teams of 3 to 5 work great. Each team selects their “bride” who will model the toilet paper wedding dress.

2. Decide on a time limit for the challenge. 10 to 15 minutes is a good balance between fun and frantic fashion designing.

3. Once the timer starts, teams rush to create their wedding dress masterpiece using only the materials provided. Encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking!

4. When the timer goes off, the designing stops. Each toilet paper bride then takes a turn to strut their stuff in an impromptu runway show.

5. You can have the actual bride judge the dresses, appoint a panel of judges, or have everyone vote for their favorite (excluding their own team’s creation, of course).

6. Announce the winning team and present them with a prize. 

Grab those rolls, get your cameras ready, and let the fashion frenzy begin. It’s going to be a wildly fun and unforgettable part of the bridal shower, guaranteed to have everyone in LOLing!

Ring Hunt Game

Get ready for the Ring Hunt Game, a thrilling treasure hunt that’s bound to get everyone up and moving at the bridal shower. This game turns guests into detectives on a quest for hidden rings, making it a fun addition to your party lineup.

Ring Hunt - Unique Bridal Shower Game

It’s perfect for adding a little adventure to the game mix. Let’s get into how to set this up and turn your bridal shower into an unforgettable ring-finding mission!

What you need:

  • Plastic or faux rings: Hide plenty of these around your party venue. The more, the merrier (and the more challenging)!
  • Clues (Optional): For an added twist, create clues to lead guests to the rings. This can turn the hunt into a more engaging puzzle-solving adventure.

Setting up:

Scatter the rings around your event space before guests arrive. If you’re using clues, strategically place them so they lead guests from one ring to the next.

Be creative with your hiding spots – under cushions, behind decorations, or tucked into flower arrangements.

How to play:

1. Let your guests know that rings are hidden throughout the venue. If you use clues, explain how they’ll lead to the rings.

2. Once everyone understands the rules, guests start their hunt. Set a time limit, or let the game run until all rings have been found.

3. At the end of the hunt, the guest with the most rings wins. In the case of a tie, you might have a quick tie-breaker round.

Ready, set, hunt! Let the Ring Hunt Game begin!

Printable Bridal Shower Games

Check out these fun printable games for your bridal shower.

Who Knows the Bride Best Free Printable Game Card on www.prettymyparty.com

Bridal Shower Games FAQs

Are you buzzing with questions about adding games to your bridal shower lineup? Let’s dive into some of the most common bridal shower game FAQs! 

1. How many games should we play at a bridal shower?

Typically, 2-4 games are a good amount, keeping the energy high without overtaking the shower..

2. What kind of games are best for a bridal shower?

Mix it up with a variety of games, including icebreakers, quizzes about the couple, and creative challenges to suit all guests.

3. Do we need prizes for the games?

Yes, prizes add an extra layer of excitement! Opt for small, thoughtful items like beauty products, gourmet treats, or cute stationery.

4. How long should each game last?

Aim for 10-15 minutes per game. It’s enough time to engage and entertain without losing momentum.

5. Can we play games that involve the groom?

Absolutely! Video questions from the groom or “How well do you know the couple?” quizzes are a hit for involving the groom from afar.

6. What if some guests don’t want to play?

No worries! Make sure there’s a comfortable space for those who prefer to watch or chat away from the game action.

7. Are there any must-play games?

While there are no strict musts, classics like Bridal Bingo or “Who Knows the Bride Best are fun options.

8. How do we handle large groups?

For bigger crowds, consider team games or activities that can be played simultaneously at different tables to keep everyone engaged.

9. What’s the best way to organize game materials?

A little prep goes a long way! Have all materials ready and instructions clear and ready to ensure smooth sailing when game time rolls around.

10. Can we customize games to fit the bride’s personality?

Definitely! Tailoring games to match the bride’s interests or the couple’s story makes the shower even more personal and memorable.

The goal is to create a fun event, making the bridal shower a joyous celebration for everyone, especially the bride-to-be!

Bridal shower game prize ideas

Planning the perfect bridal shower means perfecting the details, right down to the prizes for your winning game champions! To make the game prizes more exciting, add this cool prize wheel where guests can spin the wheel to reveal their prize!

Here are some awesome prize ideas for your guests:

Bridal shower games are the life of the party! They’re not just about filling time; they’re about making everyone laugh, getting to know each other better, and celebrating the bride-to-be in a fun way. 

From drawing games like Bridal Pictionary to guessing games like the Newlywed Game, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re acting out words in Charades, uncovering fun facts in Two Truths and a Lie, or testing your knowledge with Bridal Shower Jeopardy, each game brings its own flavor of fun. And let’s not forget classics like Bridal Shower Bingo, which keeps everyone on their toes. 

These games are key to making the bridal shower memorable, turning a regular get-together into an epic party full of laughter, bonding, and unforgettable moments. 

So, when it’s time to plan a bridal shower, plan a fun mix of games to leave the bride and her guests with awesome memories to look back on.

Which one of these games are you playing at your bridal shower? Let us know in the comments below!

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