Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower

Celebrate the bride-to-be with a gorgeous tea party bridal shower! This bridal shower tea party is fabulous, feminine, and incorporates family keepsakes.

Traditional brides will love the idea of a vintage tea party bridal shower with fancy hats, pretty dresses and vintage tea cups and dishes. It’s a time where the bride-to-be can spend time with friends and family sipping tea, nibbling on tea sandwiches, indulging in the delectable desserts and cake, and playing fun games.

Bridal shower tea parties are a great way to celebrate the bride-to-be and her anticipated wedding day. Tea party bridal showers are perfect for a more intimate affair with close friends and family. A bridal tea usually has lighter fare with a smaller menu than most other bridal showers. The decorations and color scheme are simple and feminine. Tea party bridal shower favors may include a tea cup filled with treats or the bride-to-be’s favorite tea. So if you’re looking for tea party bridal shower ideas, this event is a great place to get some inspiration.

For this lucky bride-to-be, the day was thoughtfully planned out by her sister who surprised her with a fabulous tea party themed bridal shower. A tea party bridal shower was the perfect theme for this girly girl who grew up playing dress up and carrying around purses everywhere she went. The tea party theme was inspired by the bride-to-be’s rich heritage and the decoration ideas were a nod to her younger years. Guests reminisced about the bride-to-be and her dress wearing, purse carrying days.

The bridal shower decor included vintage furniture and props, and tea cups and dishes that were collected from various trips around the world by the bride’s late great-grandmother. The occasion was the perfect time to incorporate those special family keepsakes. What a great way to remember the bride-to-be’s great-grandmother. Old photos of the bride with friends and family were hung around the room and each guest was greeted and given a hat and gloves to wear for the special occasion.


Tea Party Bridal Shower Decorations

Tea Party Bridal Shower Venue

Wildwood Metropark Manor House Solarium was the perfect venue for this very special tea party bridal shower. The Manor House, a Georgian Colonial home, is a one-of-a-kind property with its magnificent estate grounds located in Toledo, Ohio. This beautiful venue certainly set the tone for the bridal shower tea party.


Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitation

The tea party bridal shower invitation set the tone for the occasion and featured a jar with a flower, lace and a pink ribbon. The invitation was the perfect symbol of femininity and represented the bridal shower theme perfectly.


Tea Party Bridal Shower Dresses and Hats

If you’re asking yourself what to wear to a tea party bridal shower, take a note from these ladies who certainly know how to put the right outfit together with a matching hat for the occasion. Guests looked lovely in their best dress and tea party hats. It truly felt like a royal occasion.


Tea Party Bridal Shower Dessert Table

Tea Party Bridal Shower Ideas We Love

  • The vintage dessert table with shutter backdrop adorned with lace and photos of the bride-to-be throughout the years.
  • The mason jars filled with fresh flowers and decorated with lace and ribbon.
  • The vintage tea cups and plates that were collected by the bride-to-be’s great-grandmother.
  • The white ruffled two-tiered bridal shower cake topped with a light pink peony flower.


Tea Party Bridal Shower Dessert TableTea Party Bridal Shower Dessert Table BackdropTea Party Bridal Shower Dessert Table Backdrop

The dessert table backdrop consisted of shutters with doilies that featured photos of the bride throughout the years with family and friends. What a great way to personalize the bridal shower and reminisce about all of the wonderful memories with the bride-to-be.


Tea Party Bridal Shower Ideas

The event space was the perfect area to host an outdoor tea party bridal shower, complete with a brick fireplace, vintage furniture, and small round tables.


Tea Party Bridal Shower Decorations

The suitcases and furniture gave the tea party bridal shower that vintage feel.


Tea Party Bridal Shower Decorations

The brick fireplace was another great spot to decorate for the bridal shower tea party where you can see white gloves, purses, hats, photos, and flowers in mason jars.


Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas

Photos of the bride-to-be strung across the fireplace mantel. The photos really gave the event that personalized touch.


Tea Party Bridal Shower TablesTables were decorated simply with tea cups, napkins and mason jars filled with flowers.


Tea Party Bridal Shower Tea Cups

The family’s assortment of tea cups and plates looked lovely on the tables.


Tea Party Bridal Shower Mason Jars Filled with Flowers - Table Centerpieces

Pretty pink and white flower centerpieces were placed in blue mason jars and wrapped with delicate white lace and soft pink ribbons. We love how the decor was kept simple and feminine for the tea party.


Tea Party Bridal Shower Cake with Pink Peony

The bridal shower cake was a white ruffled cake with a pink peony on top. The cake was beautiful and perfect for this special occasion.


Tea Party Bridal Shower Cake with Pink Peony

The cake was the centerpiece of the dessert table and represented the tea party theme perfectly with it feminine and delicate design.


Tea Party Bridal Shower DessertsTea Party Bridal Shower FoodTea Party Bridal Shower Cupcakes

An array of delicious desserts were available for guests to try.


Tea Party Bridal Shower Beverage Station with Pink LemonadePink Lemonade for a Tea Party Bridal Shower

Pink Lemonade for a Tea Party Bridal Shower

A beverage station with pink lemonade and tea was set up for guests.


Tea Party Bridal Shower OutfitTea Party Bridal Shower OutfitTea Party Bridal Shower Outfits

This Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower is refined, romantic and the perfect way to shower the bride-to-be. Everyone was dressed to impress with their gorgeous dresses and hats while sipping on tea and enjoying the day with the bride-to-be.

What’s your favorite detail in this Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower? Let us know in the comments below.

Credits & Resources

Photography: Brittany and Devin Photo Co. // Venue: Wildwood Metropark Manor House Solarium // Flowers: Kristen Brown // Cake: Kelly B. Bakes // Cupcakes: Karen’s Cupcakery // Hats: Nostalgia Antiques


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