Party Like A Dinosaur Theme

If you have a dinosaur lover with a birthday soon, this Party Like A Dinosaur Theme is everything! 

Take a look at this Party Like A Dinosaur Theme from Fresch & Fancy of Dallas, Texas!

If you have a little guy who is obsessed with all things dinosaurs, this Dinosaur Themed Party will give you plenty of Dino inspiration to choose from!

Everything looks like a rawr-ing good time with tons of Good Dinosaur Party Ideas ready for you to use. We just love this fun party theme!

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Ideas

  • Coolest Dinosaur Birthday Cake
  • Dinosaur Themed Rice Krispie Pops
  • Awesome Dinosaur Themed Cookies
  • Dinosaur Cupcakes
  • Green Balloon Arch
  • Wooden Dessert Platters
  • Rawr Backdrop
  • Roar Plates
  • Cute Dinosaur Decorations
  • “Ice Aged Water”
  • Dinosaur Cake Pops
  • Dinosaur Favor Boxes

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Dinosaur Party Supplies and Decorations

More Dinosaur Party Ideas


Dinosaur Dessert Table

It looks like everyone had a DINOmite time celebrating this little guy’s second birthday. Fresch & Fancy went above and beyond with styling. 

Just look at this amazing dessert table, which was complete with cake pops, cupcakes, and Rice Krispies.

Everything was all decked out with dinosaur bones, fossils, eggs, and claws and it looked spectacular! What amazing Dinosaur Party Decorations!


Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

From a balloon garland provided by Balloon Therapy, complete with Jurassic touches, to a life-sized Velociraptor who stomped into the party to the guests’ surprise, this party was rawr-some in every way.

We just love the color scheme that was used for the Dinosaur Birthday Party and everything was tied together effortlessly. 



Kids Dinosaur Party Table

Centerpieces included plenty of Jurassic-like greenery, which made everyone think that they were in the jungle and a dinosaur might make an entrance at any moment (Which may have happened eek!)

The picnic table place settings were a great idea, as well, when it comes to a children’s party. It makes everything feel so much more festive, light and comfortable!



Dinosaur Party Plates

Those ROAR Dinosaur Party Plates were a hit with the whole crowd, young and old!

And with fun little dinosaur party accessories roaming around the table, everyone was bound to stomp over for a good time!



Dinosaur Costume

What kind of dinosaur party accessories could possibly show up for this amazing Dinosaur Party if it wasn’t going to be a real, live animal? The next best thing, something just as large to a little child’s eyes! We just love the huge life-like Dinosaur Costume!



Dinosaur Party Sign

So many amazing Dinosaur Party Decorations were used from one end of the event to the other and all of them were picture-perfect. So simple, yet completely had all of the kids begging to get their own to take home! 



Cool Dinosaur Birthday Cake

This birthday party cake is EVERYTHING! The details are amazing from the top to the bottom, but we have to say, we really love those claws coming out of the bottom of the cake!

What a fun and unique idea to add to the Party Like A Dinosaur Theme! It’s AMAZING!



Kids Dinosaur Cake

The London Baker created this masterpiece, which took everyone’s breath away! We also love how all of the stands are wood chargers. It’s so classic and it keeps the theme outdoorsy like the jungle or woods, where we all know the dinosaurs love to hide!



Dinosaur Cake Topper

How amazing is this dinosaur egg cake topper?! We just love how this guy is trying so hard to break out of his shell. It fits in perfectly with the Party Like A Dinosaur Theme! 



Dinosaur Cupcakes

Cake Pops, Rice Krispies, Cookies, and Cupcakes were created by Divine Cake Candy and all of these Dinosaur Birthday Party Food Ideas were right on point!

How amazing are these dinosaur cupcakes, all which have a variety of different toppings. What a great variety for this dinosaur theme!



Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

These Rice Krispie treats look like something you would build at a campfire. We love the wooden stand that they are displayed on, as well. What delicious Dinosaur Party Food! 



Cool Dinosaur Cookies

Check out these incredible dinosaur cookies! They are so cute and we’re sure everyone couldn’t wait to get their hands on one of them! 



Fun Dinosaur Cake Pops

These fun dinosaur cake pops are everything! No matter which one the guests chose, we’re sure they were delicious. Just look at how fun they are! 



Ice Aged Water for Dinosaur Party

What a fun idea for refreshments for the little ones. This ‘Ice Aged Water’ probably wasn’t actually from prehistoric times, but we’re betting the kids loved the decorations that surrounded it.

We just can’t get over all of these Good Dinosaur Party Ideas!



Giant Dinosaur Balloon

This Giant Dinosaur Balloon was ready to welcome anyone who was looking a little parched.

He had all kinds of goodies that were ready to be passed out, but you had to come face-to-face with him first! We think he looks kind of cute!



Dinosaur With Party Hat

Simple dinosaur party accessories, like this plastic dinosaur, were found throughout the event. Between these types of decorations, along with all of the greenery, it really felt like you were in a jungle as you moved around!



Don't Feed the Dinosaurs Party Sign Decoration

This cute sign made sure that everyone knew they had to keep their plates of food and desserts to themselves! No sharing with the dinosaurs around this birthday party!



Don't Feed the Dinosaurs Party Sign Decoration

Even the bowls that were used had excellent dinosaur tracks on them to fit in with the theme. Nothing was forgotten and every detail was amazing!



Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

The adult carnivores enjoyed an expansive charcuterie platter. We love ourselves some good charcuterie platters that are loaded with all kind of different goodies!



Dinosaur Birthday Party Food

The herbivores, on the other hand, chose from a wide variety of greenery. It all looks so delicious! 



Dinosaur Party Ideas

There was even a dino dance off with dinosaur entertainment provided by Maxon Production and Events. We bet all of the little ones couldn’t wait to get their groove on with this cool guy!



Dino Party Ideas

Everyone was able to get up close and personal, no matter their age. See, it doesn’t look so scary to us!



Cute Dinosaur Party Dress

You can’t have a birthday celebration without a little face painting! Lydia O. Face Paint entertained the birthday guests with lots of fun dinosaur-themed face painting ideas.

The kids just loved it! Look at how much they loved showing off their pretty, fresh faces!



Dinosaur Party Face Painting

One guest got this purple dinosaur painted on her face. Beautiful design work!


Dinosaur Face Painting Ideas

These fun Dinosaur Party Games and activities kept everyone excited to see what would be next. What an amazing Dinosaur Themed Party! 



Dinosaur Party Favor Boxes

These Dinosaur Party Bags were ready to take home when all of the Dinosaur Birthday Party guests were ready to leave.

How cute are they, with amazing tags and printables that matched many different aspects of the party?!



Dinosaur Birthday Party Favors

Overall, we’d say it was a ROARING success! If you’re looking for Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Ideas, this is going to get you exactly what you need from start to finish!

We’re betting that a lot of little boys would go bananas walking into this birthday celebration for them. This theme is so easy to turn into a girly birthday as well!

Vendors & Credits

Event Design/Catering: Fresch & Fancy
Balloon Garland: Balloon Therapy
Giant Balloons: Big Ass Balloons
Dinosaur Entertainment: Maxon Production and Events
Face Painter: Lydia O. Face Paint
Cake Pops, Rice Krispies, Cookies, and Cupcakes: Divine Cake Candy
Photography: Lash Photography
What’s your favorite detail in this Party Like A Dinosaur Birthday? Let us know in the comments below!
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