Easy Minute To Win It Games For Kids

You’re going to love these Easy Minute To Win It Games For Kids – perfect for parties or kids at school!

Are you thinking about planning a fun Minute To Win It Party for your child and need some Easy Minute To Win It Games For Kids? Then we’ve got you covered mama!

There are so many fun and simple Minute To Win It Games and we’ve got 11 of our favorites right here that are not only easy for kids but friendly on your wallet!

The kids will have a blast playing these Minute To Win It Games. And if you don’t know how to throw a Minute To Win It Party, no worries! Keep reading and we will give you ideas for invitations, decorations, games, prizes, and more!

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What are Minute To Win It Games

If you’ve ever watched NBC’s popular show Minute To Win It you know contestants perform timed challenges using household items. Kids and adults love the show and even host Minute To Win It parties at home.

Minute To Win It games are perfect when family and friends come together for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, graduations and summer parties. Minute To Win It Parties are also perfect for bachelorette parties, girl’s nights, and adult parties.

Easy Easy Minute To Win It Games For Kids plus Minute To Win It Party Ideas on Pretty My Party


How to Host a Minute To Win It Party

Minute To Win It Party Invitation For Kids

  1. Minute To Win It Birthday Party Invitations: To stay on budget for your party invitations, you can make your own using PicMonkey or buy a birthday invitation one like this on Etsy. If you want to design your own invitation, you can come up with a fun play on words like … The Clock Is Ticking You’ve Only Got a Minute To Win It or You’ve Been Selected As A Contestant or Let The Games Begin!
  2. Minute To Win It Decorations and Party Supplies: Now you don’t have to go crazy with the decorations. The key is to keep your party simple and fun. You can stick with the show’s colors of red, blue and white or you can pick your child’s favorite colors, it’s up to you! If you’re sticking with the show’s colors, all you need to do it visit your local Dollar Store and pick up some red and blue plates, cups, napkins, table covers, and streamers. Or you can Amazon Prime it like I usually do!
  3. DIY Minute To Win It Party Ideas: If you love a good DIY project like I do you can make your own scoreboard. This DIY Minute To Win It Scoreboard is easy to make using a white poster board and some markers. You can even have your child decorate it using stickers, glitter, etc.
  4. Minute To Win It Challenges: You can choose which games you will play at your party based on your child’s age. The level of difficulty will increase as your child gets older. You can also choose your games based on what supplies you have at your house.
  5. How to Play Minute To Win It Games: Split the children up into teams. You can put names in a hat to make it fair. All challenges are done in 2 person teams. The kids can also come up with team names to make it even more FUN! Depending on the number of kids at the party you can have 2 teams, 4 teams or 6 teams, etc. Just make sure you have enough adults there to keep time and scores. Each team will have 1 minute or less to complete the challenge. If they complete the challenge within 60 seconds their team will receive 1 point. Each team member will start the challenge at the same time. Get a stop watch, timer or buzzer to let each team know that the time is up.
  6. Minute To Win It Prizes/Party Favors: Purchase medals, trophies or prizes. The team with the most points gets to pick their prizes first. Or you can have the winning team win medals or trophies and the other teams can pick from a variety of smaller prizes.
  7. Minute To Win It Party Food and Drinks: Sticking with the theme, offer the kids stopwatch or gold medal cookies. You can also make a simple Minute To Win It themed birthday cake.

Minute To Win It Birthday Cake For Kids


Minute To Win It Party Must-Haves:

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Minute To Win It Party Games For Kids

Ok, so now the fun part … the games! Here are 11 of our favorite Minute To Win It Party Games For Kids! The kids will have a blast with these easy, fun and hilarious party games! Ready and Go!


Minute To Win It Game 1: Ping Pong Tilt A Cup

How to play Ping Pong Tilt A Cup: This “Minute to Win It” ping-pong game is so much fun and the kids will love it!

  1. First, players must catch a ping pong ball in an 8 cup stack.
  2. Next, players move the bottom cup to the top. Repeat until all 8 balls have landed in their containers.
  3. Ping pong balls must bounce only once before landing in the cup.
  4. Players must only hold the stack of cups in one hand. You can use the other hand to move the cups to the top of the stack.
  5. The game is over if the stack of cups falls.
  6. The player that can balance the stack of 8 cups with balls in under 60 seconds without dropping any cups wins the challenge.
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Ping Pong Tilt A Cup Game Tip:

  • Concentrate on bouncing the balls just high enough to land in the cups, and try not to make any sudden movements as your tower grows or your tower will fall.



Minute To Win It Game 2: Junk In The Trunk

How to play Junk In The Trunk: If you’re looking for a hilarious and all out goofy Minute to Win It Game For Kids, the Junk In The Trunk Game is perfect for your party!

  1. The game begins with 8 ping pong balls in a tissue box strapped around the player’s waist.
  2. When the timer or music begins, players must jump, shake, dance, etc. until all 8 balls come out of the tissue box.
  3. Players have 60 seconds to get all 8 balls out of the tissue box. (You can also substitute ping pong balls for jingle bells for a Christmas party!)

Supplies Needed for Junk In The Trunk:

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Junk In The Trunk Game Tips:

  • It’s best to purchase a larger box of tissues (rectangular instead of square) if you’re playing with ping pong balls. But if you opt to play with jingle bells, go with the smaller tissue box.
  • It’s best if you have an adjustable belt so every player can quickly be strapped in and the tissue box will be secure.
  • Cut 2 slits in the tissue box to insert the belt.
  • Jumping up and down in combination with hip movements is your best chance to get all of the ping pong balls out of the tissue box in 60 seconds.



Minute To Win It Game 3: Face the Cookie aka Cookie Face

How to play Cookie Face: This game is popular for parties and we can see why. It’s so much fun and all you need are some sandwich cookies to play!

  1. Place a sandwich cookie on the child’s forehead.
  2. Each player uses their facial muscles to move the cookie down their face and into their mouth without using their hands.
  3. If the cookie drops, the player may get a new cookie and start over, but this challenge has to be completed within 1 minute.
  4. The first one to get the cookie in their mouth in 60 seconds wins this challenge and a point for their team. 

Supplies needed for Face The Cookie:

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Minute To Win It Game 4: Sticky Situation

How to play Sticky Situation: This exciting Minute To Win It Game is super popular among kids and perfect for a birthday party!

  1. Players bounce ping pong balls with a goal of getting it to land on a piece of bread covered in peanut butter. Players who land 1 ping pong ball on the sandwich within 60 seconds wins a point for their team!

Supplies Needed For Sticky Situation:

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Sticky Situation Tips:

  • Make sure you have enough peanut butter on the bread for the ping pong ball to stick.
  • The ideal distance from the player to the table is approximately 5 to 6 feet.



Minute To Win It Game 5: Nose Dive

How to play Nose Dive: Kids will have a blast playing the Nose Dive Minute To Win It game!

  1. Place the bowls a few feet apart.
  2. Players must put Petroleum Jelly on the tip of their nose in order to transfer the cotton balls.
  3. Players must transfer 5 cotton balls 1 at a time from one bowl to another using only their nose. 
  4. The first one to transfer all 5 cotton balls to the other bowl successfully within 60 seconds wins the challenge and a point for their team!

Supplies needed for Nose Dive:

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Minute To Win It Game 6: Matchmaker

How to play Matchmaker:

  1. Players begin with 18 candy coated chocolates – 6 each of red, green and yellow hidden beneath 18 separate cups.
  2. Near the playing area, 3 cups are set up to collect the candy. Make sure to write on each cup red, green and yellow or buy those colored cups.
  3. When the time starts, the player will turn over the first cup and take the candy and place it in the proper storage cup nearby.
  4. The player continues to do this until all of the candies have been sorted in their proper storage cups.
  5. Players to complete this challenge within 60 seconds wins a point for their team!

Supplies Needed for Matchmaker:

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Minute To Win It Game 7: Stick The Landing

How to play Stick The Landing: This fun challenge only requires 2 things: a water bottle and a table.

  1. Players will toss a half-filled water bottle with the goal of landing it upright on a table. Players should stand at least 5 feet away from the table.
  2. Whichever team achieves this in 60 seconds wins the challenge and a point for their team.

Supplies Needed For Stick The Landing:

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Stick The Landing Game Tips:

  1. Toss the bottle with a backward pull, so the bottle flips end over end through the air. Doing this will give you a better chance of having the bottle land right side up on the table.
  2. Make sure the bottle is only half-filled with water – no more, no less.



Minute To Win It Game 8: Movin’ On Up

How to play Movin’ On Up: Here’s another fun Minute To Win It Game that requires minimal supplies.

  1. Players have 39 blue cups and 1 red cup. The cups are stacked together with the red cup at the bottom. The player holds the stack of cups in their hand.
  2. The goal of this challenge is to move one cup at a time from the top of a stack to the bottom continuously until they move every cup and reach the top of their stack again.
  3. When the timer starts, the player moves the top blue cup to the bottom of the stack using alternating hands and then continues doing this until they reach the red cup and move it to the bottom where it originally started.
  4. Players who complete this task within 60 seconds win a point for their team.

Supplies needed for Movin’ On Up:

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Movin’ on Up Game Tips:

  1. Make sure there is no moisture on the cups that would cause them to stick together.
  2. Put a little lotion on your hands before you begin the game to make it easier to grip the cups.
  3. DO NOT drop the stack! Players who drop the stack will lose time and may not complete the challenge within the 60 second time limit.



Minute To Win It Game 9: On the Hook

How to play On The Hook: With On the Hook, players must collect a total of four keys by “fishing” them from the edge of a table using a hook created from a chopstick, string and paper clip. 

  1. A “fishing pole” is created by attaching a piece of string to a chopstick on one and and a paper clip on the other. The paper clip is bent out on one side to create an upward-facing hook. The four keys are placed on the edge of a table, with their handles hanging over the edge.
  2. The player places the chopstick in his or her mouth.
  3. When the clock starts, the player moves with his or her head and attempts to catch the four keys on the paperclip “hook.” In order to win the challenge, players must collect all 4 keys in 60 seconds.

Supplies Needed For On The Hook:

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Minute To Win It Game 10: Stack Attack

How to play Stack Attack: 

  1. Each player starts with a single stack of 36 plastic cups.
  2. When the timer begins, players must construct a triangular tower using all 36 plastic cups. (For example, line up 8 cups face down for the bottom row, 7 for the second row, 6 for the third row, etc. to make your tower.)
  3. Once players have constructed their tower, they must take the cups down one by one in a diagonal fashion and put them in a single stack.
  4. If the tower falls at any time, players must start over again.
  5. The cups must be removed in diagonal fashion to count.
  6. Players who finish the challenge within 60 seconds get a point for their team.

Supplies needed for Stack Attack:

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Minute To Win It Game 11: Suck It Up

How to Play Suck It Up:

  1. Players place a straw in their mouth and use suction to transfer 4 M&Ms candies from one table and place them on the top of 4 upright straws on another table without the candy or straw falling over.
  2. Players cannot use their hands in this challenge.
  3. If the candy falls off the straw, the player must return to the candy bowl and start again.
  4. If the straw and/or candy falls over on the other table, players must return to the candy bowl and start again.
  5. Players who can complete this challenge in 60 seconds, wins a point for their team.

Supplies Needed For Suck It Up:

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Suck It Up Game Tips:

  • Buy plain M&Ms not the peanut ones. The peanut M&Ms are heavier and will be harder to play with.
  • To make the game a little easier for the kids, find something to hold the straws in so they are more sturdy. (Tip: Place the straws in putty) The original games calls for the straws to be sitting upright on the table, which makes the challenge very difficult.
  • Work on your suction and steadiness. Practice makes perfect!

There you have it! 11 Easy Minute To Win It Games For Kids! No only are these Minute To Win It Game totally fun and perfect for kids, they only require minimal supplies that can be found around your house.

If you don’t have these supplies at home, they are all affordable so you can throw the best Minute To Win It Party for your child and their friends! Everyone will have a total blast and will remember this party for years to come!

Which of these simple Minute To Win It Games For Kids will you play at your Minute To Win It Party? Let us know in the comments below!

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