Cool Aviator Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

This Cool Aviator Mickey Mouse Birthday Party will have you flying right out of your seats!

Sky’s the limit when it comes to Laila Plant of One Inspired Party from Miami, Florida and this Cool Aviator Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

Birthday boy Bryan loves all things Disney, especially Mickey and Airplanes, so it was only fitting to throw him the best Aviator Mickey Mouse Party ever!!! So take a spot in the pilot’s seat because the Aviator Mickey Mouse Party Ideas you’re about to see will have your party guests soaring! Everything from the Aviator Mickey Mouse party decorations to the birthday cakes, desserts and food were spectacular.

Plus, there were some special friends that made an appearance just for the birthday boy! How sweet! Mickey’s pals Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and Daisy Duck were there to see the lucky birthday boy and take some awesome photos.

Aviator Mickey Mouse Party Ideas

  • Amazing Balloon Decorations Above the Dessert Table and Party Space Made To Look Like The Sky and Clouds
  • Personalized Aviator Mickey Floor Decor
  • Incredible Aviator Mickey Mouse Birthday Cakes
  • Aviator Mickey Mouse Cake Pops
  • Personalized Aviator Mickey Mouse Cookies
  • Aviator Mickey Mouse Ears For Each Guest
  • Personalized Name Balloon Decorations
  • Fun Mickey Mouse Donut Wall
  • Aviator Mickey Mouse Favor Bags
  • Aviator Glasses and Suitcase Place Settings For Each Guest
  • Personalized Themed Chocolate Covered Oreos, Suitcases and Cupcakes And MORE …


Cool Aviator Mickey Mouse Birthday Party on Pretty My Party

Aviator Mickey Mouse Party Supplies and Decorations:


Cool Aviator Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

WOW! Imagine walking into this party space and seeing this incredible Aviator Mickey Mouse Party Dessert Table. We especially love how the ceiling is covered with white and blue balloons made to look like the sky and clouds!


Aviator Mickey Mouse Party Balloon Decorations

Guests were greeted outside with this awesome Mickey Mouse in an Airplane surrounded by balloons. How cool is that?!


Aviator Mickey Mouse Party Table

Party tables included aviator Mickey Mouse ears for each child. Table centerpieces were a large globe surrounded by pretty flowers.


Aviator Mickey Mouse Ears

Aviator Mickey Mouse ears were placed on each chair as a surprise gift for the kids.


Mickey Mouse Aviator Party Place Settings

Place settings included aviator sunglasses for each little pilot and either a vintage suitcase or vintage mailer package.


Aviator Mickey Mouse Party place Settings

How adorable is the cloud plates and party cups?! They go with the theme perfectly.


Aviator Mickey Mouse Favor Bags

Kids took home these adorable Aviator Mickey Mouse Favor Bags with goodies!



Mickey Mouse Airplane Party Decoration

How cool is the Mickey Mouse Airplane Party Decoration flying high above the party?!


Aviator Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake and Desserts

Check out that incredible Aviator Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake!!!! Five layers of amazing design work from Divine Delicacies Cakes.


Mickey Mouse Aviator Cake Topper

The cute Mickey Mouse Aviator Cake Topper on a globe is the perfect way to complete the incredible birthday cake. We also love the sign on the top layer of the cake that reads “To Many More Adventures!”


Aviator Mickey Mouse Decor

WOW! Aviator Mickey is all smiles surrounded by the amazing dessert spread.


Mickey Mouse Hot Air Balloon Cake

Another awesome cake from Divine Delicacies Cakes was this fabulous Mickey Mouse Hot Air Balloon Cake.



Mickey Mouse Aviator Cake

This Aviator Mickey Mouse Cake was another great addition to the cakes and desserts.


Aviator Mickey Mouse Suitcase Cake

How cool is this Vintage Aviator Mickey Mouse Suitcase Cake?!


Personalized Aviator Mickey Mouse Party Desserts

Personalized Aviator Mickey Mouse Desserts included the birthday boy’s passport. How creative and clever!


Aviator Mickey Mouse Cake Pops

These awesome Aviator Mickey Mouse Cake Pops were definitely a favorite.


Mickey Mouse Airplane 2nd Birthday Cake Pops

Guests also enjoyed these Mickey Mouse Airplane 2nd birthday apples.


Mickey Mouse Airplane Party Chocolate Covered Oreos and Suitcases

Mickey Mouse and Airplane Chocolate Covered Oreos and Suitcases fit in with the aviator theme perfectly. All of the desserts were incredible!


Aviator Mickey Mouse Cookie With Birthday Boys Name

We love this personalized Aviator Mickey Mouse Cookie with the birthday boy’s name. How awesome is that?! The cookies were true works of art.


Mickey Airplane 2nd Birthday Cookie

Mickey Airplane Cookies were also among the many desserts at the party for this lucky 2-year-old!


Mickey Mouse Aviator Themed Cookies

These Mickey Mouse Aviator Cookies were placed individually on their own stands and were definitely not overlooked!


Mickey Mouse and Airplane Party Desserts

The Mickey Mouse Aviator Party Desserts were all jaw-dropping works of art that looked too perfect to eat!


Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Pops

Yum, the lucky guests even got to enjoy Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Pops.


Cool Aviator Mickey Mouse Party Donut Wall

We love the idea of this Aviator Mickey Mouse donut wall! How fun!


Personalized Balloon Decorations

These fun personalized name balloon decorations were eye-catchers. We’re sure everyone loved all of the party supplies and decorations at this fun birthday bash!


Aviator Mickey Mouse Party Decor

Step right up to Bryan’s Airlines for your plane tickets!!! This Personalized Aviator Mickey Mouse Party Decor is one-of-a-kind and the perfect addition to the party!


Aviator Mickey Mouse Party Kids Coloring Activity

The kids had fun with a Mickey coloring activity.


Mickey Mouse Aviator Themed Decorations

No detail was left out of this incredible Mickey themed party complete with fun airplane decor.


Mickey Mouse Aviator Party Supplies and Decor

Everyone must have been in awe when they walked into this event space. All of the decorations make you feel like you’re in your own little world of Aviator Mickey and Friends!


Aviator Mickey Mouse Party Time Flies Food Station

The food table was even all decked out with festive balloons, a Time Flies banner and airplane and travel decorations.


Time Flies Banner

Time sure does fly. I bet these parents can’t believe their little boy is already 2 years old! 


Mickey Mouse Aviator Party Food

The party food spread was just as incredible as the desserts!


Mickey Mouse Party Hot Diggity Dogs

Of course you have to offer Hot Diggity Dogs at your Mickey Aviator Party, right?!


Aviator Mickey Mouse Party Food

Mickey gives all of the party food a big thumbs up!


Everyone had a blast at the photo booth with some props and some special friends!


Mickey and Friends Photo Booth

Donald and Daisy Duck were ready for their close ups in the photo booth!


Mickey and Friends Photo Booth

Everyone had their ears on for some photo booth fun!


Mickey and Friends Photo Booth Looks like Mickey and Friends were having an incredible time and we’re sure the kids were just as excited!


Mickey and Friends Photo Booth

At the end of the day, the birthday boy was all smiles and that’s exactly what we like to see. What an incredibly Cool Aviator Mickey Mouse Birthday Party! We’re so excited to see what theme his family will come up with for his third birthday party!

What’s your favorite details in this Cool Aviator Mickey Mouse Birthday Party? Let us know in the comments below!

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Party Vendors

Event Planning and Styling: One Inspired Party
Decor: Bambini Soiree
Photography: Christy and Co Photo
Balloons: Balloons by Luz Paz
Entrance sign: Elf’s Prop Shop
Cakes: Divine Delicacies Cakes
Sweets: Baked with Love_
Packaging: Galletitas Packaging & Elimelin

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