16 Fun Party Games For Adults

Looking to liven up your party? Check out these 16 Fun Party Games For Adults!

Parties are always more fun when your playing games with friends right?! There are so many fun party games for adults that you can play for birthday parties, family reunions, game night, holiday parties, office parties, etc. All you need to do is get a little creative!

The great thing about adding games to your party is they are the perfect icebreaker. Maybe you have a group of friends and family over and not everyone knows each other. Playing group games is the perfect way for guests to mingle, laugh and have a great time!

What are some fun board games for adults?

If you’re looking for fun games for adults, here are some of our favorites.

16 Fun Party Games For Adults - Pretty My Party

Fun Games For Adults

#1: Sticker Stalker: This is the perfect game for adults! It really gets your guests mingling! To play this game, give each guest a sheet of 10 stickers. Each person must get rid of all of their stickers by sticking them on others without anyone noticing. If someone catches you in the act, that person gets to stick one of their stickers on you. The first person to get rid of all of their stickers first wins a cool prize! 

#2: Likes and Dislikes: This is a great game to play at parties, during the holidays or at family reunions. How well do you know everyone at the party? To play this game, give each person a pen and a sheet of paper. Tell them to write down their name and five likes and five dislikes. After everyone is done, collect the sheets of paper and read aloud the likes and dislikes. Guests will have to guess the person they think for each like and dislike. When your likes and dislikes are read aloud, make sure you participate in answering, so no one calls you out!

#3: Family History Charades: Divide everyone into two teams. Then come up with a list of unforgettable family moments – like the time you scared the living daylights out of your sister with a toy snake! Then take turns acting out the scenarios while the other team guesses.

#4: Sing Song Ping Pong: How well do you know the songs? To play this game, you will need an iPod or iPhone. Then divide your guests into teams – two or more, depending on how many people you have playing. Have the first team pick a song at random and start singing. The other teams can jump in at any time using a word from the first team’s song and start singing a new song based on that word. The game continues until one person can’t finish their song. If the song continues without anyone jumping in with a new song, award the team that was just singing with a point. Whichever team has the most points wins!

#5: The Cherry Pie Game: Put five cherries on a plate in front of each player. Then cover the cherries with whipped cream. The first person to eat all five cherries wins. But each player has to eat the cherries with their hands behind their backs. They can only use their mouths to eat the cherries. Talk about some fun party photos and videos!

#6: Junk in the Trunk: This is one of our favorite games for adults! For this game you will need an empty tissue box, ribbon and about 10-15 ping pong balls for each player. Before the party, attach the ribbon to the empty tissue box so players can wear it around their waist. Fill each tissue box with ping pong balls and have each player tie the tissue box to their waist. Make sure the tissue boxes are in the back of each player. Start the music and have the players shake their “Junk in the Trunk.” The first player to shake all of their ping pong balls out of their tissue box first wins! What a fun game that will have everyone laughing. Can you imagine grandma doing this during your annual Christmas party?!

#7: Human Hungry Hippos: For this fun game, you will need a large space, scooter boards, plastic balls, long bungee cords and small baskets. Helmets optional! Place the plastic toy balls in the center of the room. Then attach the long bungee cords to the scooter boards and have each player get on the board. Each person on the board must have a basket in their hands. Then their teammate will push them to the center of the room and the player on the scooter board has to try to get the most balls in their basket before being pulled back by their teammate. The balls have to be in the basket and pulled back to that team’s corner to receive the points. Please note: The scooter can never be stopped and must be immediately pulled back once the scooter gets to the center of the room. The balls will end up going everywhere, so go where the balls go until they’re all gone. The game ends when all of the balls are gone or when time runs out. Whoever has the most balls in their corner wins the game! What a fun game for adults! Everyone at the party will have a blast playing this game!

#8: Bottoms Up: For this one, you will need four to eight empty soda cans on the table. Then you need to attach a holiday ornament to a string and tie that string to a belt. In 60 seconds the player must knock all the soda cans off the table using only the ornament. This one makes a great Christmas party game!

#9: Loaded Questions: For this game, you have to come up with some fun questions and write them on pieces of paper. Then put the questions in a bowl and passed them around the table during dinner. This makes a great newlywed or couple’s game to see how much the husbands and wives know each other. Each couple chose one question to answer about their spouse. For example, once a question is drawn, the husband would answer it and then the wife would answer to see if their answers matched.

#10: Celebrity Name Game: This is a fun drinking game for adults. The game starts with someone saying the first and last name of celebrity. The next person must use the first letter of the last name to name another celebrity, etc. If someone names a celebrity with the same letter at the beginning of their first and last names (Example: Janet Jackson), the direction of play reverses. If a player can’t immediately think of a name, he or she must drink their favorite adult beverage until they think of a name.

#11: Pudding Pictionary: For this version of Pictionary, you will need some chocolate pudding, cookie sheets, and parchment paper. One person in each group will be drawing a picture for the other team to guess what they’re drawing. But for this game, each team will be using their fingers to draw in chocolate pudding! This one could get messy!

#12: Noodling Around: This is a fun minute-to-win-it type game for adults. For this game, you will need beads and long spaghetti. Each player tries to pick up as many beads as possible using just a spaghetti noodle during the allotted time.

#13: Face the Cookie: Start with an Oreo on your forehead. Without using your hands, maneuver the cookie into your mouth. 

#14: Wrecking Ball: Place a tennis ball at the end of a pair of stockings. Tie the two legs together. Place the stockings on a player’s head. Line up 5-10 bottles of water. The player must knock down as many as they can in a minute. This game is perfect for adults because everyone looks silly with the stockings on their heads.

#15: Chocolate Unicorn Game: Players have to stack Ding Dongs on their foreheads. They must stay there for 3 seconds.

#16: Tear It Up: For this game, players shoot rubber bands at toilet paper attached to an empty soda can. The first person to break the toilet paper wins.

Don’t see your favorite game for adults on this list? What are your favorite games for adults? Let us know in the comments below!


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