Gone Fishing Birthday Party

A joint Gone Fishing Birthday Party is the perfect way for brothers to celebrate their big day!

What a fun Gone Fishing Birthday Party from Trendy Events. And it is even more fun when you get to celebrate the big day with your brother, who you always go fishing with. That sounds like a perfect day to us! 

The dessert table was impeccably designed and put together. We love the black backdrop with bright colored wording to celebrate the Gone Fishing theme, along with the fish banner that adorned the front of the dessert table. And look at the amazing balloon installations that align the backdrop! How cute are the little clear bubbles, which did a great job in replicating little bubbles in the water. It really felt like a dream fishing birthday event!

Not only was the dessert table amazing, but the desserts themselves were out of this world! The three-layer birthday cake was incredible, with an underwater theme and lots of little fishies and underwater creatures showing off on the cake. And how cute is the cake topper, with both of the boys fishing for the next big catch. In addition, gorgeous cupcakes, along with specialty individual cakes, cookies, cake pops, and donuts were available for all of the party guests to enjoy. Everything looks like a work of art, it’s almost too beautiful to cut into and eat! This Gone Fishing Birthday Party definitely didn’t disappoint in the sweets department!

We really love the unique party favor boxes that all of the guests were able to take home too. Who doesn’t love doing a good tie-dye project? Tie dye party kits were available for everyone to create their own special design. What a fun favor for the Gone Fishing Birthday Party. It was a great way to end the perfect birthday celebration for two special little guys!


Gone Fishing Birthday Party on Pretty My Party

Gone Fishing Birthday Party Ideas

  • This Gone Fishing Birthday theme is the perfect way to celebrate two ages of brothers in one terrific party
  • The fish themed birthday cake looks like an underwater dream, with the boys fishing on top of the cake with a perfect cake topper creation
  • A Gone Fishing backdrop on the dessert table showed how the words really popped on the black background
  • In addition to the great backdrop, a fish themed banner covered the front of the fishing themed birthday party table
  • The color scheme for the event was orange, green and blue, which were great colors for the little boys and looked bright and fun on black backgrounds
  • Fishing birthday party desserts were incredible, with cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, individual cakes, donuts, and much more
  • All of the gone fishing birthday party decorations fell in line with the fun birthday colors that were used
  • Each birthday boy had his own dessert table set up on the sides of the main dessert table with their names and ages 
  • Gorgeous fishing themed balloon installations were set up on each side of the backdrop, with small clear balloon looking like bubbles coming up through the water
  • Adorable party themed favor boxes were available for all of the guests to take home, which included fun tie-dye kits for the kids to enjoy
  • Signs and printables were found throughout the event with the black background and bright lettering being the main theme
  • A fun kid-friendly menu was available with delicious food and drinks available that everyone enjoyed
  • Fun guest tables were created with Gone Fishing party supplies used to make fish themed centerpieces
  • This gone fishing themed birthday party also had fun games and activities that kids in both age groups really enjoyed

Gone Fishing Birthday Party

Gone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday PartyGone Fishing Birthday Party

There isn’t much in this birthday celebration not to love! How fun to celebrate a birthday with your brother, especially when it’s a theme as fun as this one that they both love to do. They look pretty excited to celebrate their big day with a fishing birthday theme!

Everything is absolutely gorgeous and the colors are perfect for a boys’ themed event. Our favorite detail from the birthday party, however, is definitely the entire set-up from the dessert table. Not only do all of the desserts look incredible, but the design of the table and backdrop is just gorgeous! The color scheme is fun and bright, while matching the fish banner that hangs on the front of the dessert table. But the cake … WOW! A three-layered underwater fishing theme was just beautiful! We bet these two birthday boys couldn’t wait to dig into all of the yummy treats that were waiting for them at their special birthday party. How fun!

What’s your favorite details in this Gone Fishing Birthday Party? Let us know in the comments below!

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Party Styling: Trendy Events

Photography: Nicole Pierce Photography


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