Gone Fishing Birthday Party

Many little boys love the big, open sea and the many creatures that live in it! Fishing is a top priority in their eyes and we all know many little boys are also in love with fishies of all different kinds! So what better opportunity for inspiration for this little birthday boy’s passion than with a Gone Fishing Birthday Party?!?!

Gone-Fishing-Birthday-PartyThis fun outdoor party included a blue, orange, and mint color scheme. It made the overall feel to the party so bright and fun! This little birthday boy was all smiles when he decided on his party theme and participated in many of the party decorations! Table decorations were provided by CLOUD – Rental for parties and Momma was able to make things work so well together for the event! What a great job!

Gone-Fishing-LoveGone-Fishing-Cake-PopsThis Momma was very lucky and had a large and gifted family behind this party to help! Food, party favors, decorations, and even the cake was done by friends and family. The cake top that was used was supplied by kirei arts biscuit and paper decorations and cupcake toppers were provided by Tudinho de Biquinho. How wonderful! Everything turned out just perfect and the birthday boy was delighted in all of the DIY projects going on for his party!  

Gone-Fishing-DIY-Boat Gone-Fishing-DIY-SharkThe boat and the shark were super fun DIY projects made of cardboard and were painted by the birthday boy’s mom and other family members. 

Gone-Fishing-Party-Favor Gone-Fishing-Treats Gone-Fishing-Gift-BagsOther awesome elements from this spectacular fishin’ party included:

Gone-Fishing-SandwichesThe cute sandwiches cut into little fish shapes. How awesome are these?!

Gone-Fishing-CrabsThe cute cake was perfect with the little fisherman in a boat fishing for the little fishies. There were also worms in little tin buckets (gummy worms, that is!).  

Gone-Fishing-FunAnd look at these sweet DIY anchor boxes! So original! 

Gone-Fishing-Gift-CakeWhat a wonderful day! This party could have easily fit under a Nautical or Under the Sea party theme, too, and had so many great universal features! Photography for the event was provided by Alicia Mujo (aka, MOM!).  The birthday boy couldn’t have been happier with the final result and it looks like it was a wonderful day to have a birthday party! Yay!

Credits & Resources

Cake Top: kirei arts biscuit  //  Paper Decorations and Cupcake Toppers: Tudinho de Biquinho  //  Table decorations: CLOUD – Rental for parties  //  Photography: Alicia Mujo

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