29 Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Minnie Mouse is a popular choice for a first birthday celebration. With its pink color scheme, polka dot and bows, it’s one of the most sought-after first birthday ideas and one of the cutest themes for little girls. Plus, there are tons of Minnie Mouse party ideas and adorable details that you can easily incorporate into your party.

Why a Minnie Mouse Party?

Why not? After all, everybody’s favorite mouse (aside from Mickey, that is) never gets old and is always a hit with kids and adults alike. It’s also perfect if your little girl is wanting to have Disney themed party.

Unique Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Did you know that Minnie’s full name is Minerva? And did you know that if you’re looking for ways to cut costs, there are lots of ways for you to have a Minnie Mouse party on a budget? From cakes to homemade decorations, these girl party ideas are sure to win your little girl’s heart and make you a hit with your guests.

Here are 29 Minnie Mouse Party Ideas that any Disney fan will LOVE!

Minnie Mouse party ideas for little girls.

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DIY watermelon fruit bowl for a Minnie Mouse party.

Idea #1: Don’t you just love this Minnie Mouse Watermelon idea? How creative! Your guests will absolutely go crazy over this detail, especially if you put this on the dessert table. Win-win if you’re on the lookout for healthy Minnie Mouse party food ideas. Moms are sure to appreciate these healthy snacks for their kids. 


DIY Minnie Mouse photo booth frame.

Idea #2: Everyone will have a blast taking photos with this fun DIY Minnie Mouse Photo Booth. If you prefer other color themes, you can always go with pink and gold or red and black. Just don’t forget the bow!


Minnie Mouse cake ideas for first birthday parties.

Idea #3: Looking for a Minnie Mouse cake inspiration? You don’t want to miss these 10 Cutest Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Ideas! It’s so hard to choose just one design because they are all amazing. 


Minnie Mouse Oreo party cookies.

Idea #4: These adorable Minnie Mouse Oreos are super easy to make and would be the perfect addition to your dessert table. Check out the adorable mini Oreo bows!


Minnie Mouse pink cupcakes with polka dots.

Idea #5: These Minnie Mouse Cupcakes are a must-have at your Minnie Mouse party! Wouldn’t it look absolutely amazing on your dessert table?


DIY Minnie Mouse table centerpieces.

Idea #6: A little crafty (Disney) magic is all you need to make these cute Minnie Mouse DIY Centerpieces. Fill the pots with treats and they can also serve as unique Minnie Mouse party favors. Easy-peasy. 


Minnie Mouse fruit bows.

Idea #7: Don’t forget about these Minnie Mouse Fruit Bows! They’re a must for Minnie’s BOW-tique!


DIY Minnie Mouse party entrance.

Idea #8: This Minnie Mouse Party Entrance is a simple and yet awesome way to welcome your guests. The birthday girl and her party guests are sure to love it!

Minnie Mouse pin the wheel party game idea.

Idea #9: This fun Minnie Mouse Party Game, Pin the Bow on Minnie will keep the girls entertained at the party! It’s going to be fun, fun, fun!


DIY cookie station for Minnie Mouse cookies.

Idea #10: The girls will LOVE this Decorate Minnie Mouse Cookie Station at the party!

Headband ears for unique Minnie Mouse party favors.

Idea #11: Now you can’t leave a Minnie Mouse party without ears, right? These Minnie Mouse Headband Ears make the perfect party favor!

Minnie Mouse party sign.

Idea #12: Direct your party guests to the clubhouse with this easy-to-do DIY Minnie Mouse Party Sign. 


Marshmallow pops as Minnie Mouse party snacks.

Idea #13: These Minnie Mouse Marshmallow Pops are super easy to make for your Minnie party. The kids (and kids at heart) will surely love them!

Minnie Mouse jello dessert.

Idea #14: Are you looking for more desserts to add to your sweets table? Check out these cute Minnie Mouse Jello Cups! They’re easy to make and delicious too.

A pink and white Minnie Mouse cake.

Idea #15: This pink and white rosette Minnie Mouse Cake is perfect for any little one’s birthday! We love how they incorporate “TWO-dles” on there for a second birthday. Very clever!

Minnie Mouse pink and black birthday cake.

Idea #16: This Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake is as sweet as can be! Perfect if you’re on the lookout for red Minnie Mouse party ideas. 

DIY Minnie Mouse table centerpiece.

Idea #17: How adorable is this centerpiece? Check out how you can make this DIY Minnie Centerpiece for your party.

Minnie Mouse printable ears.

Idea #18: Grab these delightful Free Printable Minnie Ears and dress up your party plates. Seriously. How cute are these?

DIY Minnie Mouse car.

Idea #19: Wow! Isn’t this DIY Minnie Mouse Car adorable?What birthday girl wouldn’t love this? She’ll go places with this one. 

Polka dot party cups.

Idea #20: It’s all about the details. Why not add some sweet polka dots to your Minnie Mouse Party Cups? Easy and fun! 

DIY Minnie Mouse lollipop head.

Idea #21: Sweets for your sweet. This creative Minnie Mouse Lollipop Head makes a great party decoration! Your little girl can share the sweets with her guests after. 

A unique photo prop idea for your party.

Idea #22: How adorable is this DIY Minnie Mouse Photo Prop? We bet they’re quite easy to make too. 

Gold and pink polka dot balloons.

Idea #23: These gold and pink polka dot tulle Minnie Mouse Balloons are a great way to dress up ordinary balloons. Aren’t they cute?

Table centerpieces with a Minnie Mouse theme.

Idea #24: Here’s another fabulous ideas for Minnie Mouse Centerpieces.

Printable Minnie Mouse bingo game.

Idea #25: Grab this Free Minnie Mouse Bingo for a party activity for the kids. They’re going to have a blast with this one. 


Lovely DIY Flower Minnie Mouse backdrop.

Idea #26: We are totally in love with this DIY Minnie Mouse Flower Backdrop! Just look at the delicate pink and gold color combination – all the exquisite details. Isn’t it stunning?

DIY tissue paper Minnie backdrop.

Idea #27: Here’s another clever DIY Tissue Paper Minnie Mouse Backdrop! This is absolutely perfect if you’re looking for a rustic themed Minnie Mouse party. 

Minnie Mouse dessert table in red and black color combination.

Idea #28: A red and white polka dot tablecloth and Minnie ears backdrop make this Minnie Mouse Dessert Table outstanding. A perfect color combination, don’t you think?

Party favor cookies.

Idea #29: Send your guests home happy with sweet Minnie Mouse Cookies like these!

These unique ideas should be able to make your little girl’s first birthday a success. Now which of these 29 Minnie Mouse Party Ideas will you incorporate into your party? Let us know in the comments below!

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Unique Minnie Mouse birthday party ideas.