Mermaid Under the Sea 1st Birthday Party

How sweet would this adorable party be for your little one? What could be better than a Mermaid Under the Sea 1st Birthday Party?!

One of the biggest accomplishments of having a mermaid birthday party is to make it appear like the entire celebration is under water. And did this party do that perfectly! They nailed it! We can’t think of a sweeter way to celebrate a first birthday!

Mermaid Under the Sea Party Supplies

Mermaid Under The Sea Birthday Party - Pretty My Party“Welcome to Meadow’s Mermaid Cove” is the theme of this sweet Mermaid birthday. Is there a better way to introduce a Mermaid Under the Sea 1st Birthday Party? There are so many amazing details included in this Mermaid party that you are going to have plenty of inspiration for your own!

Mermaid Under The Sea Birthday Party Dessert Table IdeaMermaid Under The Sea Birthday Party Dessert Table Idea

Sylvia’s Heavenly Events did such an incredible job styling this amazing Mermaid birthday theme! The look on all of the guests’ faces when they walked in was absolutely priceless when they got a good look at their surroundings! Just look at that amazing cake by SusieCakes Bakery



Mermaid Party Sign and Decorations

Dee Crafty went all out creating the signage around the Mermaid birthday party! Balloons are found everywhere on the dessert table, and around the mermaid party, as well. Balloons By Nayleen did a great job!



Mermaid Birthday Party Sign

We just love these decorations found all over the Mermaid Under the Sea 1st Birthday Party. Everything is a paradise under the sea and it looks exquisite in every single corner of this fun event! 



Mermaid Birthday Party Decorations

Everything has the perfect underwater theme, from the balloons, to the turtles, signs and all of the fun jewelry  “floating” around on the signs and tables. It truly feels like everyone is walking under the ocean and glimpsing a real mermaid’s life!



Mermaid Birthday Party First Year Photo Display

It’s always a fun addition to add pictures from baby’s first year for everyone to view. And at this Mermaid Under the Sea 1st Birthday Party, the gift table was the perfect place! Add in some fancy shells and a gorgeous cutout of the birthday girl’s name, and baby’s first year is styled to perfection for all to see!



Mermaid Birthday Party High Chair Decoration

How adorable is this little throne, fit for a little princess on her Mermaid 1st birthday? We just love the tulle around the highchair, which makes it look like a sweet tutu for baby girl. Love! 



Mermaid Party Decor

There is no mistake that this is a mermaid birthday party! Guests are greeting to a gold mermaid fin at the party’s entrance. No detail is left out and the party is full of amazing decoration ideas for inspiration! 



Mermaid Birthday Party Donut Wall

What a great way to display doughnuts at your future birthday party event. Every Mermaid 1st birthday should have doughnuts at it and this was no exception. With great seashell and starfish decor, it is a doughnut paradise!



Mermaid Under the Sea Birthday Party Ideas

The planner wanted to create an area where guest felt the magical presence of being under water as they walked toward the dessert table. With blue drapes, cascading balloon bubbles, trinkets, fish, treasures, and a real fishing net above them I feel she truly nailed it!


Mermaid Birthday Cookies

Adricel’s Sweet Creations made all of the desserts for the Mermaid party. Everything is absolutely stunning and not one cookie or treat is left in the wrong spot. All of the dessert trays and holders are the perfect complement for the mermaid theme!



Mermaid Under The Sea Birthday Party Desserts

Just look at these amazing desserts! We love the “seashells” that are on all of the desserts and it looks like this mermaid is going to find her treats at the bottom of the ocean floor! 



Mermaid Under The Sea Birthday Party Desserts

All of the cookies were created by Lanette’s Sweet Creations and Cookieteria By Lovely. We just love each and every iced cookie. This little birthday mermaid even had some personalized little girl mermaids styled on some of her cookies. Perfect! 



Mermaid Under The Sea Birthday Party Food

Look at all of these delicious-looking desserts! We absolutely just want to dig in and test everything out. But they are almost too beautiful to ruin! It’s a good thing that kids don’t see all of the beauty right away – they just want the sweets! 



Mermaid Under The Sea Birthday Party Food

All of the desserts are absolutely stunning and placement is perfect! The entire dessert table is such a magic set-up, it may be one of the most gorgeous we have ever seen. Every single item is perfectly placed! And we of course love the entire backdrop of the dessert table, too. 


Mermaid Under The Sea Birthday Party Table

The guests tables are so fun, as well! It is light and airy and everyone is able to enjoy lighthearted conversation and fun. It is so easy to picture yourself in an under the sea paradise with everything being so breathtaking!


Mermaid Under The Sea Birthday Party Table and Centerpieces

Sylvia’s Heavenly Events handled all of the trinkets, props and styling of the birthday tables and everyone loved being around a true “Under the Sea” adventure. Any mermaid would have loved this display!



Mermaid Under The Sea Birthday Party Centerpiece

We absolutely love these great centerpieces that are on the guest tables. Jewelry, trinkets and shells are the highlight of the centerpieces. Just like what you might find at the bottom of the ocean! 



Mermaid Under The Sea Birthday Party Centerpiece

We love the little “seaweed” trees that are holding treasures all over the party. What a great way to decorate and display items at a Mermaid birthday party!



Mermaid Under The Sea 1st Birthday Party

Doesn’t this little birthday girl look absolutely thrilled to be celebrating at her Mermaid birthday party?! We sure wish we were lucky enough to score an invite to this event. 



Mermaid Under The Sea 1st Birthday Party Ideas

We hope you enjoy this party as much as we did! Everything is just like a fairytale for this little birthday baby! She is going to look back on pictures and videos of this event for years to come and always remember how much she was loved when she turned one. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite detail in this Mermaid Under the Sea 1st Birthday Party? Let us know in the comments below.

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Vendors & Credits

Dessert Tents, Cupcake Toppers, Table Signage, Name Cut Out on Shell, and Jar Tags – Dee Crafty
Cake Stands – Amalfi Decor
Seeweed Cutouts and Acrylic Donut Holder – Claudia’s Creations
Balloon Art – Balloons By Nayleen
Trinkets, Props, Styling and Planning – Sylvia’s Heavenly Events 


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