Fun Easter Basket Gift Ideas

The Easter Bunny will soon be hopping from house to house delivering Easter baskets full of goodies. If you’re looking for some unique Easter basket fillers this holiday, check out Shop Sweet Lulu. We’ve rounded up some Fun Easter Basket Gift Ideas for him, her and everyone!

Fun Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Her | Pretty My Party

  1. Ice Cream Scented Markers  2. Lollipops  3. Glitter Tumbler  4. Tattoos  5. Wooden Necklace  6. Carrot Lollipop  7. Lip Balm  8. Ice Cream Cone Bubbles

Fun Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Him | Pretty My Party

  1. Small Lollipop  2.Tattoos  3. Spaceship Bubbles  4. Army Men  5. Pop Rocks  6. Googly Eyes  7. Carrot Lollipop  8. Paddle Ball Game

Fun Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Everyone | Pretty My Party

  1. Bashful Bunny  2. Bunny Ears  3. Pinback Buttons  4. Bunny Bag  5.  Bunny Dress Up Kit  6. Carrot Lollipop  7. Chocolate Bunny

Which Easter basket gift ideas do you love?! Let us know in the comments below.

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