20 Appetizers for Easter Dinner


Are you stumped over what to serve at your Easter Dinner this year?  Maybe you are in charge of bringing a couple of appetizers to your host’s house and aren’t quite sure what to bring. Check out these 20 Appetizers for Easter Dinner that will knock everyone’s socks off!  Talk about cute, creative, and Oh So Easter!  Everyone will be super impressed and will think you are the Appetizer Dominator!

1.  Carrot-Shaped Cheese Ball

2.  Babybel Bunnies

3.  Chicks-On-The-Ranch Deviled Eggs

4.  Egg Salad Stuffed Crescent Carrots

5.  Baby Chick Cheese Balls

6.  Easter Bunny Bread Bowl Veggie Dip

7.  Easter Egg Fruit Pizza

8.  Colored Deviled Easter Eggs

9.  Minted Watermelon Easter Basket

10.  Easter Bunny Veggie Platter

11.  Carrot Shaped Veggie Pizza

12.  Easter Bunny Bread Roles

13.  Bunny Munch

14.  Carrots and Hummus Flower Pot

15.  Tomato “Tulips”

16.  Easter Cucumber Sandwiches

17.  Veggie Carrots

18.  Cheese Carrots

19.  Easter Egg Tomato Mozzarella Bites

20.  Ladybug Cracker Appetizers

You’re sure to impress everyone with these Easter-themed appetizers. I just love how cute they are and anything that can incorporate the holiday, I’m all about serving or making for my host. Enjoy!

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