Colorful Peppa Pig Party

Is your kid a fan of Peppa Pig? If yes, then oh-wee! You and your kiddo will enjoy this amazing Colorful Peppa Pig Party!

Two-year-old Mia loves anything Peppa Pig and so our friends from Parties A Breeze created this awesome Colorful Peppa Pig Party that the adorable celebrant and guests were absolutely delighted with.

The first thing we noticed is how eye-catching the party colors were. The palette, of course, was inspired by the British hit show and these helped to make the party come alive! The party hats, table napkins, party tables, and balloon decorations all perfectly suit the Peppa Pig theme! Another favorite was the Peppa Pig cutout in front of the balloon apple tree. It was definitely a great backdrop for taking Instagrammable photos!

We also like the muddy puddle printables placed on the floor. The idea was genius! Coupled with yellow Peppa Pig boots, they were a real hit for the guests! Even Peppa herself will surely enjoy these puddles! Plus points because they are not as messy as the real ones!   

In keeping with the theme, the guests were also served Peppa Pig party food! We definitely liked the refreshing “muddy” milkshakes, which looked like the puddles where Peppa and her friends love to play! The guests definitely enjoyed the desserts. The pink cupcake stand looked adorable with Peppa, George, Mum, and Dad on top. The colorful fondant cupcakes and the donuts looked too good to eat!

The main table was absolutely perfect – the pink and creme Peppa Pig cake was a certified show-stopper.  The crown cake topper and the fairy Peppa Pig design were just right for the cake. It was definitely one of the highlights of this wonderful Peppa Pig birthday party!  

The Peppa Pig cake’s pink and cream color, the golden crown cake topper, and the fairy Peppa Pig design were simply fantastic. It was definitely one of the highlights of this wonderful Peppa Pig birthday party!  

Not to be outdone, the table for the guests was also designed to Peppa Pig perfection. From the colorful crepe paper table skirts to the red cone hats,  drinking milk bottles with striped straws – the whole look was well executed. And you can definitely tell that from the happy smiles from the guests and the beaming birthday girl!

This birthday party designed by Parties A Breeze brings to life the amazing world of Peppa Pig! From the table decor and birthday board to the party decorations, it definitely has all the right elements of a terrific Peppa Pig birthday theme!

Peppa Pig Birthday Party Ideas

  • Super adorable pink and cream Peppa Pig themed birthday cake
  • Muddy puddle design printables scattered across the venue floor 
  • Cute clear glass milk bottles with striped drinking straws
  • Colorful crepe paper skirts
  • Tree and sunshine balloon decorations
  • Large cutouts of Peppa Pig characters for photo sessions
  • Adorable Peppa Pig cupcakes with fondant toppers
  • Cupcake holder table centerpieces
  • Peppa Pig-inspired party food such as Muddy Milkshakes! 
  • Paper plates and napkins with Peppa Pig characters 


Peppa Pig Dessert TablePeppa Pig Party DecorationsPeppa Pig Milestone PosterPeppa Pig Muddy PuddlesPeppa Pig CupcakesPeppa Pig Muddy MilkshakePeppa Pig Party Table

What a memorable way to celebrate Mia’s second birthday! What are your favorite details in this Colorful Peppa Pig Party? Did you love the muddy milkshakes or the Peppa Pig cake? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to share your own party ideas too!

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