Ariel Under the Sea Birthday Party

What little girl wouldn’t absolutely love an Ariel Under the Sea Birthday Party for their big day?! 

This special Ariel Under the Sea Birthday Party was EVERYTHING and more! Sugar Pink Designs did an incredible job on many of the DIY and handmade goods that were designed throughout the event. It definitely did not disappoint the birthday girl and all of her excited friends. Especially when none other than Ariel, from A Storybook Party showed up to have fun with the girls! We can just hear their sweet little squeals of delight now! 

Hope & Stay Photography did a wonderful job capturing all of the special moments of this fun day. And we just love birthday parties that are set up at home. There is nothing more cozy and special than little people being surrounded by all of the things they know and love. That’s what makes for incredible DIY projects, which this celebration was in no short supply of! 
Having a Princess Ariel Themed Party would be special enough for many little girls, but this one was even more special with Ariel, herself, showing up! Everyone loves the Disney Princess Ariel! The color palette of Under the Sea’s white, lilac and teal was perfect for the glamorous fantasy that was created for this special celebration.
Ariel Under the Sea Birthday Party on Pretty My Party

Upon entering the birthday home, all of the guests were greeted with an enormous fishnet installation on the ceiling, which was full of over 250 balloons and had lights sparkling throughout it. It gave the perfect illusion of being under water, which was right on-point with this Ariel Under the Sea Birthday Party! All of the guests’ faces were full of pure joy and amazement when they walked into the party and looked up. It made the entire celebration come alive with energy!

All of the little guests changed into their princess attire right away and enjoyed some snacks. But soon, the big fun began! Manicures and face painting were on the docket and all of the little ladies got aqua-colored nails to match their newly painted mermaid scales. Everyone looked adorable! 

After the spa treatments, guests played games and danced before Ariel arrived. They were in absolute awe when she walked in to join in the birthday fun! Ariel read a story to the girls, sang and danced with everyone. Finally, each little lady got her portrait taken with Ariel. So fun! 

Rainbow mermaid cupcakes, gifts and the adorable under the sea party favors concluded the special celebration for this lucky birthday girl! 


Ariel Under the Sea Happy Birthday Banner

Ariel Under the Sea Birthday Party Ideas

  • DIY fishnet overhead balloon installation for a true Under The Sea feel
  • The real Disney Princess Ariel making a stop to spend time with the birthday guests
  • Rainbow mermaid cupcakes with tail toppers
  • Gorgeous Happy Birthday banner welcoming everyone to the celebration
  • Easy food ideas, including gold fish crackers for snacks
  • Fun party favors, including The Little Mermaid Golden Book and other Little Mermaid party supplies
  • Cute “Let’s Shell-abrate” napkins and plates
  • Invitations inviting all guests to bring their best Disney dress to change into for the Little Mermaid party
  • Party games, including all guests working out their “Mermaid Name”
  • Fun spa treatment activities for all of the girls, including manicures and “mermaid scale” paint applications
  • Amazing DIY Ariel Birthday Decorations throughout the event with a fun color palette


Ariel Under the Sea Birthday Party

Ariel Under the Sea Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations:

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Disney's The Little Mermaid Book


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Our favorite detail from this incredible Ariel Under the Sea Birthday Party? It has to be the fishnet on the ceiling holding all of the balloons. Especially with the lights in it! It just gives the perfect under water illusion and is absolutely breathtaking. What a fun idea! 

And of course… ARIEL! In the flesh! These girls were all prepped with the spa fun they had and looked their best for the Disney Princess. We’re sure this party will be a special memory for all of the little girl’s in attendance, especially the birthday girl!

How about you? What are your favorite details? Let us know in the comments below!

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Party Vendors

DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Sugar Pink Designs 
Paper Props: Target 
Ariel Model: A Storybook Party 


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