9 Small Ways to Save Big For Your Wedding

9 Small Ways to Save Big For Your Wedding


We could all use a few ideas on saving money. It just so happens that when you’re planning (and paying for) a wedding, the need for those ideas increases greatly. There’s no big secret to how you save up for your wedding. Unless you’re independently wealthy (no judgement if you are!), you need to find some way to cover your expenses. Bottom line: the only way to save money is to not spend it. Skipping the big spending is easy, but you can actually save an insane amount by focusing on the small stuff. Here are 9 ways to save big for your wedding day (or for any other reason, really).

  • Collect those coins. Seriously, every day you come home, empty your pockets of all those annoying coins right into a jar. Any container will do. Within a month or two, you’ll have a nice collection to take to the bank.
  • Spread out your purchases. Especially effective for the DIYer, keep your eyes out for sales and slowly start collecting your supplies as those sales happen. For my own wedding, I bought 350 Hershey bars three months before the big day because they went on sale for an insanely low price.
  • Buy in bulk. Bulk purchases are always less expensive. If you have friends getting married, think about going in together on a bulk purchase for favors. If you’re making your own bouquets, check out supplier sites rather than buying at the local AC Moore or Michael’s.
  • Pack your lunch. If you usually buy your lunch, even from the vending machine, start packing! Every day take the money you usually spend on lunch and snacks from the break room and stick it in a jar or move it to your savings account. You’ll never miss it!
  • Auto transfer money into savings weekly. Whatever you can afford, whether it’s $5 or $25, set up a recurring transfer straight to your savings account every Friday. You’ll never miss that small of an amount, and you’d be surprised how quickly it all adds up!
  • Gift each other wedding details. Okay, this one isn’t for everybody. But if you’re really strapped for money, instead of exchanging gifts with your partner, use the holidays to put money aside or actually buy things you need for the wedding that will be special for each other. Planning an epic honeymoon in Ireland? Give your partner tickets to tour Guinness and Jameson for their birthday!
  • Plan your meals. Skip the take out and last-minute grocery shopping. Plan your meals in advance and buy in bulk. Split up the food into portions when you get home, plan what you’ll eat for the next few days and freeze the rest. Not only does it help with healthy food choices, but it really does help you save money in the long run.
  • Save those gift cards. Whether you’ve been collecting gift cards for Dunkin Donuts or Sunoco, dig them out of the depths of your wallet and use them. Don’t pretend you don’t have a stack of cards you constantly forget you have. Then take the money you would’ve spent on that Starbucks coffee and put it in your piggy bank instead.
  • Never spend your coins. Forget exact change, and stick to paying with bills only. That way you’ll always have coins in your pocket at the end of the day to stick in your wedding fund jar.

Do you have tips on how to save for your big day? We would love to hear them! Leave us a comment below!

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