29 Fantastic Donut Themed Party Ideas

Does your little one want a donut party? If so, check out these sweet donut party ideas!

We’re LOVING the donut party trend for many reasons. One being the totally AWESOME donut walls we’ve all been seeing for parties, showers and weddings! So, if you’re looking for a fun and fabulous party theme, then be sure to check out these 29 Fantastic Donut Themed Party Ideas!

Donut Party Supplies

29 Fantastic Donut Party Ideas featured on Pretty My Party

Pink Donut Wall Display | Donut Party
How fabulous is this Donut Wall Display?! This can easily be a fun party DIY that you can whip up in no time for any event!


Donut Party Straw Toppers | Donut Party Ideas

These Donut Party Straw Toppers are just too cute and the perfect added detail for a little girl’s birthday party!


Donut Party Favor Bags | Donut Themed Party Ideas

We just adore this sweet Donut Party Favor Bag.

Donut Bar Balloons | Donut Themed Party Ideas

Make your donut bar stand out with these gold Donut Bar Balloons!

Donut Party Invitation | Donut Party Ideas

Need the perfect invite for your donut themed birthday celebration?! This Donut Party Invitation is perfect!


Donut Cupcake Toppers | Donut Themed Party Ideas

Dress up your cupcakes with these pink and gold glittery Donut Cupcake Toppers!


Donut Party Dessert Table - Donut Birthday

This Donut Party Dessert Table has F.U.N. written all over it! We’re LOVING the sprinkle lanterns, donut cake topper and hanging donuts! PERFECT!


FREE Donut Party Printables | Donut Themed Party Ideas

Grab these Free Donut Party Printables for your birthday celebration! There’s nothing better than free printables!


Donut Birthday Cake | Donut Themed Party Ideas

How cute is this Donut Birthday Cake?! It’s even topped with pink donuts!


Donut Party Table | Donut Birthday Party Ideas

We love how this Donut Party Table features a banner that’s personalized with the birthday girl’s name! Too cute!


Free Printable Donut Garland | Donut Themed Party IdeasGrab this Free Printable Donut Garland and hang this at your gift or food table!


DIY Donut Balloons | Donut Party

We’re gushing over these DIY Donut Balloons! These are definitely a donut party must-have!


Free Donut Party Treat Tag Printable | Donut Themed Party Ideas

Grab this Free Donut Treat Tag Printable for your party bags!


DIY Donut Pinata | Donut Party

There’s nothing better than a giant DIY Donut Pinata like this one at your birthday party!


DIY Donut Tree | Donut Party

This DIY Mini Donut Tree would look perfect on your dessert table! Put one on each side of your cake!


Donut Dessert Table | Donut Themed Party Ideas

This pretty mint and peach Donut Dessert Table is perfect any girl, young or old!


DIY Donut Bouquet | Donut Themed Party Ideas

Get crafty and make this fun DIY Donut Bouquet Table Centerpiece!


Donut Worry Be Happy Free Printable Sign | Donut Themed Party Ideas

Here’s another free printable for you! Just grab this Free Donut Printable Sign and hang it at your party! Everyone will love it!


Donut Party Outfit | Donut Themed Party Ideas

This Donut Party Outfit is “tutu” cute! Don’t you think?!


Giant Donut Cake | Donut Party

This Giant Donut Cake will make a great centerpiece on your sweets table!


Donut Bar | Donut Themed Party Ideas

WOW! Now this is a Donut Bar! How fun would this be to have at your party?!


Donut Party Dessert Table | Donut Party Ideas

This gorgeous Donut Party Dessert Table is AMAZING! The details are sweet perfection!


Donut Krispie Treats | Donut Themed Party Ideas

Offer these Donut Krispie Treats to your guests or give them as party favors!


Donut Grow Up Cake Topper | Donut Party Ideas

We love this Donut Cake Topper – perfect for this theme!


Vintage Donut Party Table | Donut Themed Party Ideas

This Vintage Donut Dessert Table proves you can even do a vintage donut themed party in style!


Sprinkles Photo Booth Idea | Donut Party

This Sprinkles Photo Booth Idea is pure genius for this theme!


Donut Party Free Printables | Donut Themed Party Ideas

Grab these cute Donut Party Free Printables for your party!


DIY Donut Party Plate | Donut Themed Party Ideas

Learn how you can make this adorable DIY Donut Serving Platter for your party!


Free Donut Printable Sign | Donut Themed Party Ideas

Here’s another Free Donut Printable Sign that’s great to add to your birthday!


Which of these 29 Fantastic Donut Themed Party Ideas are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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