Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party

This Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party is from straight out of our dreams!

Everything was perfectly styled for this sweet Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party, thanks to Aline Bichara Party Decor. The birthday girl turned ONE with this gorgeous first birthday party done by the bay in San Diego. The cactus party theme, with the sweet pink and white color scheme, was so well done and put together. There are so many gorgeous details and it is a definite must see!
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Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party Dessert Table

This birthday fiesta theme is fun and colorful, with an amazing tablescape display for the dessert table. Nothing was missed and the bay in the background provides the perfect setting for such an important milestone birthday celebration! 



Cactus Party Decorations

With the bright and vivid ivory, pink and green color scheme, everything was perfectly curated for this Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party. We adore the giant LOVE sign that was front and center. What a great way to make sure everyone was in the right frame of mind to celebrate this sweet birthday girl!


Cactus Themed First Birthday Party Flowers
The floral decorations were absolutely breathtaking, and were perfectly arranged on the tables around the Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party. The pinks and whites, along with the greenery that was added to the vases was picture-perfect!
It's Time To Fiesta Party Sign
We just love all of the signage that was found around the cactus theme party. It was definitely cause for celebration and the fun fiesta signs and decor were a great added element. 
Fiesta Party Sign For Cactus Themed Party

Little one-year-olds like to take naps, but not during her fiesta theme birthday celebration! Everyone was wide awake and having fun!

Cactus Themed First Birthday Party Decor
The large, gold ONE letters that were placed by the dessert table were a great addition that contrasted perfectly with the pink and white color scheme. It looked great!
Fiesta Sign
You can’t have a fiesta theme without a fun fiesta sign! We love how the sign is propped up with an easel, along with the great light blue/green color that added a little pop to the Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party. It looks great, especially with the sparkly gold letters!
Cactus 1st Birthday Ideas
Even the gift table was amazing! What a lucky little girl to be so loved and showered with so many fun presents. And we love the color scheme with the tassels that were found against the white tablecloth. It looks perfect! 
Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party Ideas
The entire beach area was transformed into a birthday paradise for this fun Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party. From the highchair set up for the smash cake, to the awesome dessert bar and gift table, it was clear that this was going to be one fun celebration! 
Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party Backdrop and Decor
We just love the pink and white striped backdrop that was found on the dessert table. What an incredible tablescape, with amazing flower arrangements on each end. All of the desserts, along with the cake look absolutely delicious! 
Cactus Party Food and Desserts
What a unique birthday cake! Cactus party decor was found all over the tables along with with fun cactus cookies, cupcakes and decor.
Cactus First Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations
Colors are so complementary, with the light greens and blues that go perfectly with the pink and white cactus party decor. 
Cactus Themed First Birthday Decorations
What an amazing overview perspective of the dessert table! This is a great view of all of the food ideas and the cake that everyone was so eager to dig into. 
Cactus Party Desserts
We just love this unique birthday cake idea for the Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party. The unique icing patterns, along with the fun pink flower that is floating in the middle of the cake make it look absolutely scrumptious! And of course, the cactus cake topper takes the cake! 
Cactus Themed First Birthday Cookies
This birthday girl had some pretty amazing cookies that were created for her cactus theme party. With the cactus cookies, along with personalized cookies and the number one and Onesie cookies, there were many for all of the guests to enjoy!
Cactus Theme Cupcake
How amazing are these cactus cupcakes that have a fun succulent on the top of them?! What a creative way to bring more of the cactus theme to the dessert table. Succulents are such a great decor item and adding them to the different food options is brilliant!
Cactus Party Food
Who doesn’t love Rice Krispie treats?! There were plenty to be had by everyone at this fun Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party. Desserts were definitely not in short supply! 
Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party
More succulents were used on the cupcakes, with different flavors available for the party guests to choose from. We also love the cupcake holders that were used as part of the party supplies!
Cactus Themed First Birthday Party Beverage Table
This drink station is top notch for this cactus party theme! Cups, straws and different drink options were available for the guests to choose from, with a great cactus and garland backdrop being used. We love the wood pallet look to hold up the backdrop, as well!
First Year Photo Idea
We love when there is a personalized touch with the birthday baby at a first birthday celebration, such as this picture wall! Pictures from the past year of this little lady’s life were strung up and adorned with flowers and greenery for everyone to admire! What a great first year photo display idea!
First Birthday Chalkboard Sign
Info boards are all the rage and we love seeing the different spins that families take with them! Our favorites are when they resemble chalkboards, such as this one, and it is such a fun way for all of the guests to learn about the little birthday girl at her celebration. Babies grow so fast, so it is fun to see what their favorites are when they turn one-year-old!
Cactus 1st Birthday High Chair Decorations
The high-chair set-up was all ready for a cake smash celebration with the birthday girl! We love the cactus party ideas that are found around the high-chair too. The O-N-E garland that is hanging up in the front of her high-chair is also a great addition, with the sparkly gold pop of color! 
Pretty Cactus Themed First Birthday Party
It looks like it’s time to dig into that smash cake for this little lady! 
Cactus Decor
Cactus decor was found all around the celebration and it was definitely birthday girl approved! 
Cactus Themed First Birthday Party Hat and Outfit
The big first birthday is always a source of sugar and fun for the little birthday kids. Some are even experiencing their first bites of cake, cookies and sugar, so it’s always such a hoot to watch!
Cactus First Birthday Party Theme
It seems to us like she is loving all of the adoration and being in the spotlight! As it should be! 
Cactus First Birthday Party
This little lady had quite an epic Cactus Themed First Birthday Party. From the color scheme to all of the wonderful cactus decor that was used, everything was top notch. She is going to look back on these pictures for years to come and know that she sure was loved on this first big birthday celebration of hers! 
Vendors & Credits
Design and Decor: Aline Bichara Party Decor

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