Desert Bloom Baby Shower

How sweet is this Pretty Desert Bloom Baby Shower?! What a wonderful way to celebrate a gender neutral baby shower celebration. 

This sweet mama-to-be was expecting her first baby! The gender would remain a surprise until baby’s birthday, so she wanted a theme that was gender neutral and reflected the summer season. Playing off the theme of a desert bloom, she incorporated cactus details, a beautiful mint, rose gold and white palette, a dessert bar and the most amazing peacock chair with gorgeous florals. It was the perfect Desert Bloom Baby Shower celebration!

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Desert Bloom Baby Shower Dessert Table

What a gorgeous dessert table, with a gorgeous color palette of mints, with a sparkly rose gold table cloth. It made the entire table pop and the cactus infused backdrop was a beautiful addition, as well. And of course, there had to be a picture of the little peanut on the main table, which was the reason everyone was celebrating! 



Desert Bloom Baby Shower Photo Backdrop

The color scheme for this gorgeous Desert Bloom Baby Shower included White, Coral and Mint. It looked absolutely stunning together with succulents taking center stage! In addition, the bohemian vibe that was created through the decor and signage made everything feel casual, yet elegant. 


Desert Bloom Baby Shower Venue

The venue was the perfect location for everyone to get together and celebrate a special milestone. Decorations were a prominent part of the displays and having a Desert Themed Baby Shower seems only fitting in a Mexican Restaurant! 



Desert Bloom Baby Shower Pin

We just love the little tags that all of the important people of the hour were able to wear around the Desert Bloom Baby Shower. Tags indicating who were the parents-to-be, or the grandparents-to-be is such a fun and special way to include different individuals in the big celebration! 



Mama to be sign

Special signs were created for where the Mama-To-Be would get to sit while enjoying her fun Desert Bloom Cactus Themed Baby Shower! Of course there would be a special spot for this special lady to enjoy the food, fun and desserts that were about to come her way for the day. 



Desert Bloom Baby Shower Welcome Sign

Beautiful signs were also created to welcome everyone into the Desert Bloom Baby Shower. It was clear that the cactus and succulents were going to take main stage for the decorations around the event. What a great way to keep things gender neutral when the couple decides they want to keep this secret until the day the baby is born! 



Guess their ages baby shower game

What a cute display and decoration that would be a hit at any baby shower! We love how the wood and copper ring fit in seamlessly with the decor. And who doesn’t want to see sweet baby pictures of the mother and father-to-be?! What a wonderful trip down memory lane for some of the older guests who may just remember those little kids from decades ago!



Cactus Baby Shower Supplies

Cactus napkins and other decorations were available on the dessert table, along with cactus shaped plates for everyone to use to grab their desserts! What a great way to incorporate the theme into all of the different party supplies at the event. 



Desert Bloom Baby Shower Cake

The naked funfetti cake was the ultimate in Bohemian style, while keeping the color scheme on-point with the “Oh Baby” mint sign as the backdrop!  



Desert Bloom Baby Shower Cake and Cake Topper

What a great cake topper, as well! The mint-colored heart, with the fun coral flower bloom, was created to look like a cactus, which was a great way to incorporate the Desert Bloom Baby Shower into the beautiful cake. So cute! 



Desert Bloom Baby Shower Ideas

Who wouldn’t want to dig into this delicious looking dessert table?! The Desert Bloom Cactus Themed Baby Shower had so many fun and enticing treats for all of the guests to enjoy and everything was beautifully prepared and designed. The rose gold glittery table cloth set off the entire display.



Mini Tiramisu Desserts

The mini-tiramisu treats were adorable mini-desserts that everyone couldn’t wait to dive into. How cute and we just love the mini theme when it comes to creating food for a baby shower. Having the greenery of succulents and the cactus on the table also tied in the theme perfectly, as well. 



Key LIme Tarts

Mini key lime pie bites were also available on the dessert table! Everything looked absolutely stunning when it came to presentation for this Desert Themed Baby Shower. 




One of our favorite parts of the Desert Bloom Baby Shower is how little succulents were available on all of the dessert trays to hold up the note cards that were used to share what all of the dessert items were. And on the cards, the mint color scheme was tied in with gorgeous font that matched the backdrop. So beautiful! 



Cactus Drink Stirrers

Paper props were created by PaperRamma, who did a fantastic job for the different decorations and party supplies that were used around the event. We love these little drink stirrer items that were used with the gender neutral theme. There are so many cute and fun ways to throw a baby shower when the gender is still unknown and these are some great ideas to get you started.  



Baby Shower Sonogram Photo

No sweet baby shower is complete without the little munchkin making an appearance, even if it’s through a sonogram picture. Adorable! 



Desert Bloom Baby Shower Flower Decor

Penelope Pots did an amazing job with all of the floral design elements that were found throughout the Desert Bloom Baby Shower. We love this amazing creation for the main chair for the mom-to-be to open her gifts up at. It is so beautiful and brings in the color scheme perfectly, with a fun boho vibe. 



Desert Bloom Baby Shower Favors and Favor Tags

Fun party favors were created, which all of the guests were able to take home. Everyone was able to take a mini terra cotta pot with them, where seeds were included to grow their own little piece of heaven back home. So fun and a great way to incorporate the theme into the party favors! 



Desert Bloom Baby Shower Centerpieces

What gorgeous centerpieces on all of the guest tables, which highlighted different succulents, along with a picture of the mom-to-be in a rose gold frame. Gorgeous! 



Desert Bloom Baby Shower Gift Table Sign

The gift table also incorporated the color scheme perfectly, with a fun font and rose gold frames that were used to accent the decorations. 



Dessert Themed Baby Shower Dress and Crown

This mom-to-be was definitely showered in love at her Desert Bloom Baby Shower. She even was able to find the perfect maternity dress to wear for her big day, as well. What a fun and gorgeous theme that could be used for wedding showers or birthday parties, as well. We love it! 
Vendors & Credits
Photography, Cinema and Video – Pine & Sea Photography
Paper Props – PaperRamma
Equipment Rentals – Party Pieces by Perry
Floral Design – Penelope Pots

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