Emoji Themed Birthday Party

Awhile back, we traveled to Colorado to see my family and my daughter had mentioned to me earlier in the year, she would really like a “Surprise Party” one day! Hmmm … as a party stylist I quickly realized this task could be accomplished fairly easy! How you ask? Since we were staying with family, I contacted my mom and sister to see what they had in their serving dish stash! I really didn’t want to pack all my dishes.

Emoji Themed Birthday Party decor via Pretty My Party
 After discovering I would have all the dishes I needed, the only other items I would need is the decor! Well it just so happens, I have all of that in the studio, so I packed it all up nice and neat and placed it into my new leather tote and away to Colorado we went!
Emoji Themed Birthday Party decor via Pretty My Party
 Friday, July 22 was the “Surprise” day! I was so excited and my daughter thought I was setting up for a photo shoot! The perfect cover-up!
After wrapping my mind around this fun idea, I started the design process! My daughter LOVES Emoji’s right now! What tween doesn’t? Right?! I added a little twist on mine with the polka dots and a few pink bows!
Emoji Themed Birthday Party Invitation via Pretty My Party
 Didn’t the invite come out so cute? I love the yellow and black color combination along with stripes and polka dots. The XOXO with eyelashes were a huge hit with the girls.
The text-speak abbreviations are all part of the fun when using Emoji’s, so I added a few of those into the designs as well. I sprinkled 2″ circles all over the table as confetti.
Emoji Themed Birthday Party Cake via Pretty My Party
 The local bakery did a great job on her cake and she was thrilled to find out it was a two layer cake with her favs ~ Red Velvet and Chocolate!
Emoji Themed Birthday Party Plates via Pretty My Party
 I like to use fun paper plates, like these, for kids parties for the ease of clean up. It was so fabulous to find the plates in the colors and designs I needed.
Emoji Themed Birthday Party Oreos via Pretty My Party
 My sweet friend, Autumn of  Sparkling Sweets Boutique, created the perfect chocolate covered Oreos!
Emoji Themed Birthday Party Cookies via Pretty My Party
 And Katherine of Creating Awesomenessity used her magic to create these fabulous sugar cookies to match my design perfectly!
Emoji Themed Birthday Party Desserts via Pretty My Party
 The table was dressed in black and white striped linens with a yellow polka dot runner. I love how it all came together. It is hard hosting an event somewhere else where you don’t have the ability to use your own items, but I was pretty happy with how it all turned out. Most importantly, my daughter LOVED IT! LOL
Emoji Themed Birthday Party Candy via Pretty My Party
Emoji Themed Birthday Party Balloons via Pretty My Party
Emoji Themed Birthday Party Photo Booth Props via Pretty My Party
Emoji Themed Birthday Party Favor Boxes via Pretty My Party
 Each of her cousins received a box of popcorn, sunnies {red hearts for the girls and black squares for the boys}, a package of Emoji gummies {oh yes, I found them after a loooooong search} and an emoji balloon!
Emoji Themed Birthday Party Decorations via Pretty My Party
Emoji Themed Birthday Party Decorations via Pretty My Party
 I was very emojinal since my baby is now in double digits! 🙁
Emoji Themed Birthday Party DIY Shirt via Pretty My Party
 She and her cousins had a great time at the party and making their very own Emoji shirts! My niece posing with her favorite Emoji after completing her shirt!
Emoji Themed Birthday Party DIY Shirt via Pretty My Party
 And the very happy birthday girl! I was able to keep the surprise until she saw the cookies with her initial on them and my mom asking her how she liked her party! #lol #rotfl
Hope we were able to inspire you for your next party! You can purchase all the printable party designs by emailing us at Jennifer@BellaGreyDesigns.com as these will not be available in our shop.

Vendors & Credits

Party Stylist: Jennifer Kirlin, BellaGrey Designs || Printable Graphic Designer: BellaGrey Designs || Chocolate Covered Oreos: Autumn, Sparkling Sweets Boutique  || Sugar Cookies: Katherine, Creating Awesomenessity
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