27 Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas

Are you looking for some fun and creative Moana birthday inspiration? If so, these 27 Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas will have you planning the most amazing party in no time! From awesome cakes and desserts to crafty decorations and more, this list will give you tons of ideas for your little Polynesian princess and her birthday celebration of a lifetime!

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27 Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas - Pretty My Party

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27 Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas

Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas - Pretty My Party

This AH-MAZING Moana Birthday Party pulls out all of the stops. This is one party you don’t want to miss if you’re planning a Moana birthday!

Free Disney Moana Party Printables - Pretty My Party

Start planning your Moana party and grab these Free Moana Party Printables from Painting Paris Pink! Included in the set are a happy birthday banner and food labels.

Moana Themed Dessert Table - Moana Party Ideas

This Fabulous Moana Themed Birthday Party features fabulous printables, decor and more!

Disney Moana Birthday Cake - Moana Party Ideas

Check out this dreamy Disney Moana Birthday Cake! We LOVE the waterfall effect!

Disney Moana Party Snack Boxes

These Moana Party Snack Boxes are perfect to add goodies to and give to your guests as party favors. You can also add some treats and display them on your dessert table for the kids!

DIY Floral Balloon Arch for Moana Birthday Party

This DIY Floral Balloon Arch Decoration would be perfect to place behind the cake or dessert table. This balloon trend is definitely “in” right now and would make a great focal point at your venue!

Disney Moana DIY Coconut Party Decor

Make some Moana Party DIY Coconut decor for your Moana party!

DIY Moana Donut Boats

These cute and clever Moana Donut Boats are so easy to put together and guests will love them!

DIY Moana Party Floral Number Decor

Moms, get your crafty hats on and make this DIY Moana Floral Number as a decoration for your Moana party! Hang it on the door or entrance to your party or incorporate it into your dessert table backdrop! You can even get your little one’s photo by it for some fun memories!

Disney Moana Party CookiesThese Moana Party Cookies are super easy to make and will add to your awesome dessert spread!

Easy DIY Moana Party Boat

Need a good photo opp idea? Make this DIY Moana Party Boat for the best birthday party photos!

Moana Jello Boats

How adorable are these Moana Jello Boats?! They are perfect for this theme!

Moana Island Fruit Punch Recipe

Serve your guests something sweet with this Moana Island Fruit Punch Recipe!

Palm Tree Pretzels - Moana Party Ideas

These creative Palm Tree Pretzels are perfect for that tropical vibe!

Coconut Cupcakes - Moana Party IdeasThese Coconut Cupcakes have to be our favorite Moana party dessert idea!

DIY Tissue Paper Pineapple - Moana Party IdeasMake these DIY Tissue Paper Pineapple decorations for your party space! 

Pineapple Upside Down Minis Recipe - Moana Party Ideas

Need some dessert ideas for your event? Try this Pineapple Upside Down Minis Recipe!

Outdoor Moana Birthday Party

We love how this Outdoor Moana Birthday Party turned out! What FUN!

DIY Moana Headband - Moana Party Ideas

Every little Polynesian princess needs her own floral crown, right? Check out this DIY Moana Headband so you can incorporate this sweet idea into your party! The girls will LOVE wearing these!

Moana Cookies

These Moana Party Cookies are just adorable! Don’t you think?!

Moana Cake

Wow! This Moana Cake features an incredible fondant Moana cake topper! AMAZING!

Disney Moana Party Entrance Idea

WOW, what a grande Moana Party Entrance Idea! This is definitely a must-have for any Moana Birthday Party!

Pineapple Palm Tree Fruit Display - Moana Party Ideas

A tropical party theme definitely calls for a Pineapple Palm Tree Fruit Display! What a fantastic idea!

DIY Pineapple Flower Centerpiece - Moana Party Ideas

This DIY Pineapple Flower Centerpiece is super easy to make and would look perfect on your party tables! Add some fresh, tropical flowers and you’ve got yourself some gorgeous centerpieces for your party!

DIY Moana Party Photo Booth Frame

This Moana Party DIY Photo Booth Frame is just what the girls need for all of those photo memories!

DIY Tropical Leaf Garland for Moana Party

Hang this DIY Tropical Leaf Garland around your party space! What a fun craft idea for a Moana party!

Fruit Kabob Party Favors for Moana Party

These colorful Fruit Kabob Party Favors are the perfect send off gift for your guests! So, which of the 27 Disney Moana Birthday Party Ideas are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below! Looking for more party ideas? Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @prettymyparty  and Pinterest and join us in our private Facebook group.


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