Lion King Themed Birthday Party

A fun Lion King Themed Birthday Party would be a roaring good time for your little one!

With the new Disney Lion King movie coming out soon, this Lion King Themed Party by Ms. Laine Events is the perfect theme for anyone who is still looking for that perfect birthday party idea. This Lion King Themed Birthday Party definitely doesn’t disappoint and will have your guests raving about the celebration for months to come. What a great first birthday theme for that little one who loves animals and all things Disney! 

Lion King Party Ideas

  • Simba and Friends Birthday Cake
  • Simba Cupcake Toppers
  • Personalized Lion King Birthday Banner
  • Green Moss Dessert Table Backdrop
  • Lion King Welcome Sign
  • Jelly Bean Party Favors with DIY S Leaf Decor
  • Wooden Dessert Platters
  • Palm Leaf Decor

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Lion King Party Supplies and Decorations

Simba Lion King Dessert Table

Just look at this amazing dessert table set-up. Our jaws are still on the floor and we can’t believe how amazing it is, from one end to the other. Perfection! The Lion King Themed Party is perfectly styled, starting with the great tablecloth that covered the table. We absolutely adore the silhouettes that are on the tablecloth! What a clever way to add a little extra magic to the birthday celebration! 

The balloons on each side of the dessert table are perfectly paired, but we LOVE the stuffed animals that are front and center. What could be used as better Lion King Party Decorations?!



Lion King Party Sign

Everyone knew where to go when it came time for all of the guests to get to the Lion King Themed Party, thanks to this amazing welcome sign. What wonderful graphics and a great way to start off this fun first birthday celebration. We love how the balloons are tied in all around the event and the sign was the first thing to welcome guests into the Simba Lion King Party.



Lion King Birthday Banner

More graphics were found around the first birthday party celebrating the big milestone event! If you’re throwing a Disney Lion King Birthday Party, you have to include all of the great characters that are found in the movie! They just made everything perfect and were the best group of friends you could ask for. 



Lion King Dessert Table

The greenery that was found on the dessert table gives the party that African safari vibe. The green palm leaves that are located under all of the dessert settings, along with the grass that is placed around the table, make you feel like you are in Africa, right along with all of the sweet characters. We love these great Lion King Party Ideas to add to your own party list! 



Lion King Birthday Party

What a gorgeous look from the top of the dessert table. We adore the wooden Lion King Party Supplies that were used to hold all of the desserts. Great wooden crates, along with some wooden plate chargers that held some of the food, as well. The backdrop for the dessert table is also perfectly placed, with the deep green look from the African safari. Everything ties together wonderfully. 



Lion King Party Decorations

Mufasa and Simba were front and center on the dessert table and we can only imagine what all of the kids thought when they walked in and saw these two waiting for them! They were the perfect addition to the table and made the theme come to life.



Lion King Birthday Cake

OK… this Lion King Birthday Cake may be just one of the most amazing birthday cakes we have ever seen! Just look at this masterpiece! From the top of the cake to the very bottom, everything is created with incredible detail and is the perfect centerpiece on the dessert table! All of the detail that was used for the fondant Lion King characters, as well as the greenery and leaves that were found around the cake is impeccable! WOW! 



Lion King Birthday Cake

Pumbaa steals the show on this birthday cake tier, along with his other buddies! We can’t believe how detailed they are and they look just like the real deal! What an amazing cake! 



Lion King Cake

Timon looks pretty comfortable there. He may be waiting to dig into this cake like all of the party guests did! We don’t know if we could tear into this cake, though, since it is so perfect. It’s just too awesome to eat!



Lion King Cake Topper

This first birthday celebration was over-the-top with this perfect birthday cake topper! Simba was waiting to welcome the birthday boy on top of the cake and we bet he was mesmerized as much as we are by the detail and perfection in the character! 



Lion King Cake Topper

We can’t even begin to imagine the time it must have taken to create such perfect characters for the Lion King Cake. And when we realized there was a double layer of frosting and color on the bottom to simulate the African environment we loved it even more! 



Lion King Party Food

Look at these little mini pies that were found on the dessert table! They came in little mini pie tins, as well, which may just be about the cutest thing ever! And of course, there are king cut-outs that were used as toppers for all of the little pies. What an amazing idea and we consider this a major party food win for the Lion King Themed Party! 



Lion King Cupcakes

The Lion King Birthday Party included delicious cupcakes with sweet Simba cake toppers to finish the look. We love the simplicity that was used to decorate the cupcakes, as well.



Lion King Party Favors

Finally, it came time to see the most sweet party favors ever, which were jelly bean filled candy holders! You could even turn it into a Christmas ornament if you wanted to, which would be a perfect keepsake for you to remember for years to come. 

This Lion King Themed Party is one of the greatest detail-oriented parties. The styling is perfection and Ms. Laine Events knocked it out of the park! If the Lion King is on your radar for a future birthday celebration, this is the jackpot for party decor ideas. We love it!

Vendors & Credits

Party Styling: Ms. Laine Events

What’s your favorite detail in this Lion King Themed Birthday Party? Let us know in the comments below.

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