How To Plan An Amazing Surprise Party


There isn’t anything quite as stressful, or totally fun (!), as throwing a surprise party! The adrenaline kicks in and you are on a total high from the excitement and anticipation, but you’re also having regularly scheduled panic attacks to make sure that the surprise remains under wraps. It can be filled with many highs and lows! Take a peek at this article for making sure you stay one step ahead of the game at all times – How to plan an amazing surprise party. And don’t forget to have fun! That guest of honor will definitely have an amazing time if you follow these steps.

Is a Surprise a Good Idea?

  • First of all, while many people would absolutely love having a surprise party thrown in their honor, there are some who are shy and are absolutely against ever being the center of attention. Is your loved one like this? If so, you better slyly make sure that a surprise party is even something they would enjoy or you’ll all be disappointed come time for the big reveal!

Planning a Date

  • Pick a date in advance that you know your guest of honor has free. It can start to get a little tricky right here because you definitely don’t want to give away the surprise. But if you play it cool and just try to plan a “lunch or dinner” with them to ensure they’ll have have the date set in your calendar, you’ll be just fine. To make sure there is less of a chance of a cancellation, let some friends or family in on the secret and make it a double date!


  • Pick a venue that your guest of honor wouldn’t get suspicious about. If they don’t typically go to a fancy restaurant or the bar scene isn’t their thing, you probably don’t want to hold the party there or they will immediately wonder what is going on! You’ll also want to make sure you have a proper venue size depending on how many people you anticipate inviting. Don’t forget to make reservations to secure your spot and above all else, let the venue know that it is a SURPRISE for the guest of honor. If you decide it’s best to hold the party at a private residence, don’t forget to think about what you’re going to do with all of the cars that might be there once the guest of honor arrives!

Invite People

  • Tell people and invite them individually. It’s always easier to make sure the point gets across when you are face-to-face and can emphasize how important it is to keep it a secret! It’s all about secrecy, secrecy, secrecy! Keeping communications isolated and separate also helps you to be clear on exactly what will be happening. Finally, if at all possible, don’t send any invites or have any written correspondence about the event unless you are SURE it will not be seen by the guest of honor. You don’t want to be sending invites out and then have your guest of honor end up seeing it by accident! That would be the end of the surprise party, for sure!

Create Decoy Plans

  • Don’t forget to create a decoy activity with the guest of honor. Make “other” plans with them to make sure their time is reserved. You may have done this when confirming a date that would work for the guest of honor, but you’ll want to spend a little more time making sure whatever you are planning will seem real and not suspicious. 

Get Help

  • There is no shame in getting a little help with all of the planning you’ll have to do! This can be too much to shoulder all on your own, so enlist someone who is close to the guest of honor to help you. This will make sure you are up-to-date with any happenings that may be going on with the guest of honor and you’ll also have a great resource on the likes and dislikes that you may not have already thought about! And you might need help with that decoy activity above, so this is the perfect person to be your second-in-command!


  • If you’re holding the party at a venue that will be serving food and drinks, you have a lot of the work done for you. But you’ll still want to remember to bring some decorations and any party favors you may think everyone will get a kick out of, like these Guest-Of-Honor heads on Popsicle Sticks! Seriously… how funny are these and when your guest of honor walks in and sees a bunch of pictures of themselves all around the room, they’ll wonder what the heck is going on! If you’re holding the party at a private residence, you’ll want to think about what additional decorations, food, drinks, music, etc., you’ll want to provide for all of your guests. And don’t forget to pick a safe place to store all of these goodies! The last thing you want is for your kitchen to be packed full of party food and have the guest of honor see it!

Head-CutoutsHave Guests Arrive Early

  • Make sure you are on the safe side and have everyone arrive an hour early for the party. That will ensure that stragglers will still more than likely arrive before the guest of honor arrives. Because nothing is as much of a dead giveaway that there is a surprise party taking place than when your guest of honor arrives with other guests they know at the same time!
  • Also make sure that whoever will be with the guest of honor upon arrival knows to give you a heads up and keeps you posted on when they are going to show up. Have them send you a text 10 minutes prior to arrival to make sure everyone knows to take their places! If you are the one who is with the guest of honor, then make sure you have a point person at the destination who YOU can text to say when you will arrive.

Finally … Surpriiiiiise!

Throwing a surprise party can be completely amazing if you have everything planned out and have the extra details all ready to go! And remember … you don’t have to do this alone. Round up those helpers and make sure everyone knows the role they are playing. You’ll be sure to knock the socks off of your guest of honor! Good luck!

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  1. Those guest of honor popsicle sticks are adorable! My husband had a surprise party for my 30th and it was so fun!

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