Happy Place Sangria Recipe

Looking for an easy sangria recipe? This Happy Place Sangria is perfect for any party! 

This Happy Place Sangria Recipe will definitely put you in your “happy place.” If you love a good wine and fresh fruit, you’re in for a real treat with this easy sangria recipe. This homemade sangria will delight your guests for any occasion. Frontera Cabernet Merlot is the highlight in this delicious and refreshing sangria recipe with the addition of fresh oranges, lemon, lime, pineapple, and cherries. This sangria recipe is then topped off with Ginger Ale for a quick and easy wine cocktail your guests will love!

Whether you’re sitting by the pool, soaking up the sun with friends, or throwing an epic barbecue, this sangria recipe should definitely be on the menu. Everyone will love the sweet taste of this sangria recipe. Now that it’s officially summer, this will be your new go-to sangria recipe!


Easy Sangria Recipe - Pretty My Party

How to make sangria

There are many ways to make sangria. The perfect sangria recipe depends on your preferences and taste. A traditional sangria recipe includes:

  • Wine
  • Rum or Brandy
  • Sliced Fruit
  • Sugar

This Happy Place Sangria Recipe doesn’t include brandy or rum, but the Frontera Cabernet Merlot, mixed with a variety of fresh fruits and topped with Ginger Ale, make this one of the best sangria recipes for any occasion. The key to this sangria recipe is in the wine. This is why I chose to use Frontera wine for this sangria recipe. The exceptional quality and great taste of Frontera’s Cabernet Merlot is what make this sangria recipe so delicious. Plus, Frontera wines are affordable, so you don’t have to go breaking the bank to make this easy sangria recipe.


Happy Place Sangria Recipe - Pretty My Party

Sangria makes a great drink for parties because they serve as great batch recipes. You can make a few pitchers of your favorite sangria recipe and guests can serve themselves during the party. Just remember to keep them on ice. Sangria is best cold! We love batch recipes like this because you can eliminate the need for a bartender and the hostess can enjoy their party by mingling with the party guests. It’s a win-win!


Sangria Recipe - Pretty My Party

This red wine sangria is simply delicious and only takes 5 minutes to make using simple ingredients. No matter what time of year it is, you will love enjoying this sangria recipe with family and friends. Cheers to this easy and delicious sangria recipe that will be a crowd-pleasing favorite at all of your parties!


Frontera Sangria Recipe - Pretty My Party



Happy Place Sangria Recipe

This Happy Place Sangria Recipe will surely put you in your "happy place." Made with the finest Frontera wine mixed with fresh fruit and Ginger Ale, this sangria recipe can be enjoyed any time.
Servings 5 people
Author Cristy


  • 1 Bottle Frontera Cabernet Merlot
  • 2 Oranges
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 Lime
  • 1/2 Pineapple or 1 Can Drained
  • Large Handful of Fresh Cherries
  • Top with Ginger Ale


  1. Cut lemon and lime into wedges and pineapple into chunks. 
  2. Seed fresh cherries and then cut in half.  
  3. Cut one orange into wedges. 
  4. Squeeze juice of second orange into a large serving pitcher. 
  5. Toss in the sliced orange, lemon, lime, pineapple, and cherries.
  6. Add in the Frontera Cabernet Merlot wine and stir.
  7.  Chill overnight. 
  8. To serve, pour over ice and top with Ginger Ale.

Will you make this Happy Place Sangria Recipe for your next party? If so, we would love for you to come back and let us know how you like it and then give it a rating!

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