Girl Themed Lego Party

This Lego party for girls features the most adorable pastel Lego party supplies, decorations and desserts!

With giant building blocks, adorable themed desserts and even a waterslide fit for a theme park, Dreamery Events created this little girl’s very own fun Girl Themed Lego Party! Luckily, Oriental Trading has this pretty collection of pastel building blocks. Naturally, it was the ideal color scheme to inspire this celebration perfect for any darling little girl who loves using their imagination and creating things. Move over boys – girls love building things too!

Girl Themed Lego Party on Pretty My Party

Girl Themed Lego Party Ideas

  • Personalized Lego Dessert Table Backdrop
  • Pastel Colored Lego Party Decorations
  • Amazing 3-Tiered Girls Lego Birthday Cake
  • Cool Yellow Lego Cake Pops
  • Pretty Pastel Lego Cupcake Toppers
  • Lego Themed 5th Birthday Chalkboard Sign
  • Number 5 Lego party decoration
  • Mini Lego Candies
  • Lego Creation Station
  • Lego Coloring Activity For Kids
  • Lego Sugar Cookies
  • Lego Table Centerpieces With Pretty Flowers
  • Leo Party Printables and Signs

Lego Party Supplies

Girl Themed Lego Party Dessert Table

It’s time to get to all the FUN and cute details from this little lady’s LEGOLand 5th birthday! All of the decorations that were found around the event were super cute! We just love this amazing dessert table with all of the LEGO decorations and treats that were waiting to be enjoyed! 



Girl Lego Party Decorations

Since the bold colors, and size and scope of the LEGO blocks were statement pieces on their own, the rest of the dessert table was kept clean, white and simple. This was the perfect way to allow each detail to shine on its own! WOW! What an amazing Lego birthday party for girls!



Girl Lego Party Decor

This is certainly one of the most colorful events we’ve been lucky enough to share! Where LEGO birthdays often show off their signature primary colors, Dreamery Events was all about doing something a bit more unique for this Girl Themed Lego Party. 



Girl Lego Party Chalkboard Sign

This Lego Friends Themed Birthday Party even had a great party sign celebrating the birthday girl front and center! Who says these birthday signs are only for babies? We love seeing the awesome printable that was a centerpiece of the dessert table and a great decor piece to add to the event!



Number 5 Lego Party Decoration

How cute is this great “5” that was created from LEGO’s?! It fit in perfectly with all of the Girly Lego Party decorations and was the perfect addition to showcase the little birthday girl’s age!



Lego Flower Centerpiece

These lovely centerpieces are what LEGOs would be in floral form, don’t you think? They were gorgeous items to add to the decor of the event and get that Girl Themed Lego Party vibe included. 



Lego Flower Centerpiece

These pink roses were such a highlight of the guest tables. So beautiful and we love how the different LEGO blocks were used as an additional decor piece around the centerpiece. We love all of these amazing girly Lego Party Ideas! 



Yellow Lego Cake Pops

LEGO block sugar cookies, candies, mini cupcakes and LEGO doll cake pops were the highlights of the dessert table. Spoonful of Heaven did an amazing job with all of these cute creations and all of the sweet food was a huge hit at the Girl Themed Lego Party!


Lego Cupcake Toppers on Lego Dessert Stands

Just look at these awesome cupcakes with some fun “LEGO” cupcake toppers added! What great work, and of course, the colors were right on point with the rest of the Girl Lego Birthday Party. 



Girl Lego Sugar Cookies

We just love the presentation of the LEGO cookies that were created. How fun to have them set up on LEGO bases, with actual LEGOS surrounding the desserts. What a unique idea that everyone absolutely loved! 



Lego candies

Who wouldn’t want to dig into these LEGO candy bricks to add to their plate?! The kids were so excited to pick these up and were amazed that it was actually candy and not real LEGO bricks! 



Amazing Girl Lego Birthday Cake

Can we please talk about how stinkin’ cute this LEGO birthday cake is?! It was a showstopping creation that Spoonful of Heaven did such a great job with. We don’t think any of these themed desserts could have ended up any better. 



Lego 5 Cake Topper

We just love the LEGO themed cake topper that was created for the birthday cake. It was the perfect addition with great colors to show off at the Girl Themed Lego Party. The birthday girl was sure to love it! 



Lego Party Tables

Tables were decorated with pretty linens from Bergen Linens. They matched perfectly with the color scheme of the Girl Lego Party. All of the tables were also adorned with monochromatic square floral arrangements, which were absolutely gorgeous! 



Lego Flower Centerpieces

Tent and seating rentals were provided by Hodges Party Rentals and everyone loved the feel of a summer Girl Lego Birthday Party outside in the fresh air. 



Lego Flower Centerpiece

Bright and colorful centerpieces were placed strategically around the guest tables, with fun LEGO bricks surrounding the vases. These Lego Party Ideas were perfect to add the girly theme to the celebration, while including all of the fun LEGO’s that the birthday girl craved. 



Lego Birthday Sign

There was no shortage of LEGO building blocks! Starting with these fun jumbo ones welcoming all of the guests at the door of the birthday girl’s backyard bash. Everyone knew they were in for quite a fun day when they entered the party! We love the great printable, too! 



Lego Party Decorations

The grand building “construction” of the dessert table was completely unmatched. What a great addition to a Girl Themed Lego Party! 



Lego Birthday Party Decor

Large LEGO blocks were even found on every guest table, as well. There was definitely no shortage of LEGOS at the Girl Lego Party theme. 



Large LEGO Decorations

How cute are these mega LEGO blocks that were assembled and put together around the dessert table?! Who knew they even had such large blocks to create, but it was the perfect addition of this birthday girl’s LEGO party! 



Lego Creation Station Sign

When all of the Girl Themed Lego Party guests weren’t having tons of fun cooling off on the waterslide or digging into the yummy LEGO desserts, they were coloring LEGO designs and building their very own creative masterpieces! 



Lego Building Station

A LEGO Creation Station was available for all of the girls to use their imaginations and create their perfect LEGO creations! What a great activity for all of the guests to enjoy. They also made great party favors that everyone was able to take home when they were done making their perfect LEGO.



Lego creation station

The creation station had a great printable set up to explain to all of the guests what they got to do with all of the fun boxes of LEGO blocks. Everyone was ready to dig in and have some fun!


Lego Activity Station

Everything was provided to make sure that all of the guests were able to create their own perfect masterpiece. We just love this idea for a LEGO themed birthday party and all of the guests loved the activity, as well. 



Girl Themed Lego Party

There were also fresh crayons available for guests to color their perfect LEGO superhero in with. Who doesn’t love creating the perfect picture to take home and enjoy?!


Lego coloring activity

Everyone dug right into the activity station with the LEGOs and crayons. It was a hit!



Lego birthday party for girls

But the best part … The local ice cream truck stopped by to put a smile on everyone’s face! Who doesn’t love the local ice cream truck making a pit stop at your birthday party for all your friends and family?! It was certainly a crowd pleaser, just like the birthday cake was for this lucky 5-year-old.



Giant waterslide

Outdoor summer parties are always a bit more relaxed, but the birthday girl and her lively friends were too excited to get creative and play!! Especially on the fun waterslide that was provided by Let’s Jump LLC!



Girly Lego birthday party

This Lego Friends Themed Birthday Party was a bright, fun and creative celebration! It just goes to show you that Everything is Awesome!

What’s your favorite details in this Girl Themed Lego Party? Let us know in the comments below.

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Party Vendors

Vendors : Styling, Flowers + Planning : Dreamery Events 

Photography: Maklian Photography 

Cake + Other Small Desserts: Spoonful of Heaven 

Inflatable Water Slide: Let’s Jump LLC 

Catering: Valenca Restaurant 

Table Linens: Bergen Linens 

Tent & Seating Rentals: Hodges Party Rentals 

All Building Block Pieces: Oriental Trading 

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