DIY Paper Flower Decorations

Recently, Pretty My Party featured a gorgeous First Communion Styled Shoot.  In it, the stylist, Tania Fischer Design discussed one of her favorite parts of that shoot – the paper flowers that she made for the main backdrop! In this post, we’ll be showing you the step-by-step process to make the DIY Paper Flower Decorations! Look at these beautiful examples! 

Most backdrops that Tania makes require flowers starting at 5 inch diam and go all the way to 20 inch in diameter. Usually a backdrop like this takes from 25 to 30 flowers.

DIY-Paper-Flowers To begin, you can find the PDF flower template that Tania uses here: petal template

Tania also put together a basic video walking you through the steps that are shown in pictures below in under a minute! Take a look and between the video and the pictures, we’re sure that you can make these beautiful creations with no problem!

VIDEO DOWNLOAD – Flower cutting

Next, here are the basic supplies you’ll need in order to move forward with making your own paper flowers:

DIY-flower-suppliesNow the fun begins!

DIY-Flower-Step-1 DIY-Flower-Step-3-4 DIY-Flower-Step-5-6 DIY-Flowers-Step-7-8 DIY-Flower-Step-9-10 DIY-Flower-Step-11-12 DIY-Flower-Step-13-14 DIY-Flower-Step-15-16When you’re done, you’ll be assembling your flowers with the finished product looking like the ones below! Obviously, you can make this with any type of colored paper of your choosing, making these DIY paper flowers usable for almost any occasion!

DIY-Flowers-Finished-ProductThere!  Hopefully this will give you some inspirations to try this fun DIY, low-cost project for your next party! Happy Crafting!


Tania Fischer Design

See the entire First Communion Photoshoot here.

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