Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party

Planning a little boy’s 2nd birthday party can be so much fun, especially since the parents still get some say in what the theme will be! We all know that won’t last forever, wink, wink! And sometimes, boys being boys, are a little full of “hot air.”  So what could be more fun than having a Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party as the theme for the big event?  Just kidding …  Actually, the birthday boy’s first word was “up” and he gets SOOOOOOO excited about anything that goes up, up, up in the sky! So, of course, hot air balloons seemed like the perfect fit! 

hot-air-balloon-party-ideasMom spent time on Pinterest (which is many moms’ addiction of choice these days and rightfully so!) for ideas and came up with a lot of DIY ideas that she saw in craft stores, as well.  Michaels and Hobby Lobby served as the main event headquarters for Mom while she was shopping for supplies for the many decorations that she did herself. And because she couldn’t find any hot air balloon decorations in the stores that she went to, she decided to get creative and make them herself. The results were awesome! Don’t you agree?!?!

hot-air-balloon-decorationsThe birthday boy is quite the happy little guy who was very much looking forward to his party and opening presents. Yeah for presents! It was held at home in Pennsylvania just this past March, and there were about 40 guests in attendance. Mom did everything all on her own, even the photography! Wow!


decorationsItems that were served for the event were party subs, baked beans, macaroni salad, and tossed salad with miscellaneous snacks. And for desert? Cake, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream! The cake was made by mom too, with a fun balloon getting ready to “take the cake away” up into the sky! Such a great idea!



hot-air-balloon-birthday-cakeAt the end of the day, Mom says her favorite element of the party was by far the hot air balloons hanging over the staircase at their home with the stuffed animals in them. The kids really loved them! How could they not? The idea was absolutely adorable and turned out great.

hot-air-balloon-eventBig kudos to mom for all of the DIY work that she did for this party. All of the decorations were DIY! The hot air balloon 3D picture was put together with a frame that had a built-in burlap pin board. She cut out hot air balloon shapes from templates that were printed out from online and traced onto patterned card stock. The hot air balloon decorations above the staircase were made from Japanese lanterns with twine holding small baskets underneath.



birthday-party-slide-showThe “growing up up up” sign was made by printing the letters onto card stock, cutting them out, and hanging them on twine with miniature clothes pins.

hot-air-balloon-party-decorationsFinally, for all of those moms out there who love some DIY birthday party adventures, this was a great example of how to go above and beyond for a DIY birthday party! Great job, Mom!

Credits & Resources

Photography, DIY and Party Planning: Custom By Nicole Photography // Decorations: Hobby Lobby and Michaels

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