Avengers Themed Birthday Party

avengers-birthday-party-ideasI know many, many little boys who are absolutely crazy over the Avengers! So when I came across this Avengers Themed Birthday Party, I knew I had to find out more! How awesome is this for the little guy in your life?!?!

Avengers-Dessert-TableAvengers-CharactersThis Avengers party was all done in shades of red, yellow, green, and blue. Each color represented one of the Avenger Heroes, which were the main attraction for the event!  The idea was to create something light and colorful.  

Avengers-CakeOh my, check out this fabulous cake! Talk about being the perfect cake for a little Super Hero!  

Avengers-Main-Table Avengers-Candy-DessertsThe dessert table was absolutely fantastic! The cute fondant cupcake toppers, along with the cute Avenger chocolate pops really made this table pop!  I just love the white wooden letters spelling out the birthday boy’s name in the center of the table. What a great feature!

Avengers-Party-Details Avengers-CarsThe details of this party were amazing! I love how there are little taxi cabs on the table to match the theme! We all know that our Avengers are around to help keep New York City safe! What a sweet detail!

Avengers-Drinks Avengers-DecorEvery little detail was a big hit at this party! What lovely flowers and with the coordinating tags, it made it absolutely perfect! And those wonderful cups for everyone to drink out of? What a perfect Avengers party! This little guy sure lucked out with having the perfect theme for his event. I’m pretty sure this is one he is going to look back on fondly for years to come. Because everyone wants to be part of the Avengers at one point of their life or another!   

Credits & Resources
Party Styling and Concept Design – Era Uma Vez
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