20 coed baby shower games that will keep everyone entertained

Are you throwing a coed baby shower and looking for some fun game ideas? Here are the best 20 coed baby shower games that will keep everyone entertained!

Co-ed baby showers are becoming increasingly popular. One good thing about hosting a mixed-gender soiree is that you can have lots of fun with activities and games!

Here are some fun-filled, laughter-inducing coed baby shower games that guarantee everybody a great time. 

A coed baby shower is a great way of celebrating a new bundle of joy.

Instead of only the mother-to-be and her female relatives and friends participating, everyone gets to join in the fun – especially the dad-to-be! 

How do you make a coed baby shower fun?

This type of gathering changes the dynamics of a party – from the theme, guest list, venue, and food, to the activities and games.

20 best coed baby shower games

One of the advantages of a coed baby shower is that you can be more creative with the games because there’s no gender restriction. 

Fun baby shower games are important because they’re the perfect way to break the ice, loosen up, and have some fun! 

As the host, you can pick games you know guests will enjoy. It can be a sit-down question-and-answer game or a rowdy physical activity to get everyone moving.

Whatever game you choose, make sure there’s something for everyone.

How many games should you play at a coed baby shower?

The number of games you play at your shower depends on how long the party is and what kind of games you have in mind.

Baby showers typically last 3 hours, so a host can fit in at least 2 to 4 games. 

The best coed baby shower games

Here are some fun baby shower game ideas to choose from. We’ve included the level of effort, the number of participants per game, and the things you’ll need to prepare the games.

Dad Jokes

This game is a type of quiz where everyone gets a game card filled with dad jokes. The goal of the game is to guess the punchline. This is a great icebreaker and will definitely get some laughs from the crowd. Dad jokes never go out of style! 

Level: Easy

Number of participants: As many as you want

Things to prepare: Buy printable game cards

Baby Stroller Races

Now, this game will get everyone in a competitive mood! The mechanics of this game are simple. The participants will race to the finish line while pushing a baby stroller. You can add stopping points where contestants will complete a task, like changing the baby’s diaper, drinking a bottle of formula, or tying baby shoelaces. Since this game requires physical effort, you can go big on prizes to entice your guests to participate!

Level: Hard

Number of participants: 3 to 5 people. You can add more if you want to do a relay race. 

Things to prepare: You’ll need to clear a large space where the race will occur. Use toy strollers instead of actual ones. 

Baby Betting Squares

If the guys enjoy betting on football games, then there’s no reason why they can’t do the same at your baby shower! You can pass this game around while everyone enjoys their drinks and socializes. Instead of betting on football scores, you can use the baby’s weight, length, and date of birth. The winner can take the whole pot or give it to the baby. 

Level: Easy 

Number of participants: As many as you want

Things to prepare: Printed betting cards and pens

Blindfolded Diaper Changing Race

This is a fun game for new parents, aunts, uncles, and godparents. All they have to do is change the baby’s diaper while blindfolded. The person who correctly changes the diaper first wins! Turn this game into a couples or group game to get more guests in on the fun! You can even include fake poop (melted chocolate) to make it more of a fun challenge!

Level: Medium 

Number of participants: 5 to 10 people 

Things to prepare: A large table, baby dolls, diapers, blindfolds, and baby wipes

My Water Broke Game

Free the baby from the ice cube! This game is for all ages, so if you have kids at your shower, they’ll have fun playing it too! The goal is to melt the ice cubes quickly and free the tiny plastic babies inside. There can be a lot of ways to do this, and you can leave it up to the participants to be creative. The person whose ice melts first and shouts, “My water broke,” wins the game and a cool prize!

Level: Easy

Number of participants: 12 to 15 people 

Things to prepare: Mini plastic babies and ice cube trays

Baby Bottle Drink Off Game

This one is a classic! It may look easy, but chugging a baby bottle is more complicated than it seems. The goal is to empty the bottle by drinking it, and the first person to do so wins. You can fill the bottles with milk or colored fruit juices. But if you want to get the guys to join this game, beer or any alcoholic drink can also be used. It’s hilarious to see grown-ups drinking from baby bottles! Take advantage of this opportunity. The funny photos will have everyone laughing for years!

Level: Medium 

Number of participants: 5 to 8 people 

Things to prepare: Baby bottles and your chosen beverages

Find the Baby Mama Game

Who’s in the mood for scratch cards? The host passes out cards to the guests. Only one card will have the mom-to-be’s face printed under the scratch-off. The rest of the cards will have funny faces of random women. Whoever gets the winning card receives a prize. Make sure you pre-order the customized scratch cards early enough to get them on time for your celebration.

Level: Easy

Number of participants: As many as you want

Things to prepare: Customized scratch cards and coins to scratch the cards 

Baby Bowling Game

It’s time for some action! This baby shower bowling game involves lining up baby bottles as “pins” and a ball to strike them down. The group with the highest score after 10 frames takes home the prize. Everyone loves a friendly group competition, right? Get someone to assist you in setting up the pins to prevent game delays. 

Level: Hard

Number of participants: 6 to 8 people 

Things to prepare: Baby bottles, a medium-sized ball, and a big space to set up the bowling lane

Guess Who? Game

It takes two to make and raise a baby. With the task of raising a newborn, the couple should discuss who will do what when the baby arrives. This game is a fun way to guess who will take charge of specific tasks – the Mom or the Dad. You can also include fun questions, like “Who will most likely spoil the baby?” or “Who will probably get more sleep?” The participants will get a card with the “Guess Who’s” list and circle their answers. The person with the most correct answers wins the game. 

Level: Easy

Number of participants: As many as you want

Things to prepare: Guess Who cards and pens 

Diaper Pong Game

Who says your guests can’t enjoy this drinking game at your baby shower? Just replace the red beer cups with diapers to shoot the ping-pong balls. There are some cute diaper pong boards that you can order online, or you can make one yourself. 

Level: Hard

Number of participants: 4 to 8 people 

Things to prepare: A large tablebaby diapersping pong ballsbeer cups, and beer

Finish Daddy’s Phrase

Since coed baby showers are about including the dad-to-be in the festivities, this game will give him the spotlight for a few minutes. The host will prepare several phrases, and everyone will guess what words the dad will use to finish them. Be creative with the phrases! Some ideas are “When the baby wakes up crying at 3 a.m., I will…”, “I can carry the baby for…” or “Fatherhood is…”. This game will bring lots of laughter and draw up some weird answers from the crowd! Make sure to have the dad-to-be pre-answer them before the game starts, but let him answer the questions himself. 

Level: Easy

Number of participants: As many as you want

Things to prepare: Card with phrases

Pacifier Hunt Baby Shower Game

If you have kids at your coed baby shower, this game is the perfect way to keep them entertained and having fun! Like the traditional Easter egg hunt, the host hides pacifiers throughout the venue. The goal is to find as many as possible and present them to the host when the time is up. You can give the person with the most finds a grand prize or give all the kids candy in exchange for each pacifier they find.

Level: Medium

Number of participants: 10 to 15 people

Things to prepare: Pacifiers and ribbons

Battle of the Sexes Game

Moms vs. dads, aunties vs. uncles, males vs. females! This game is the ultimate battle of who knows more about baby-related questions. You can find a list of trivia questions and add a few about your family. The group that buzzes in first gets to answer the question. If they answer it correctly, they get the point! The group with the highest score wins a prize.

Level: Hard

Number of participants: 8 to 10 people

Things to prepare: Questionnaire, scoreboard, and a buzzer

Who Said It? Game

The guests probably know the soon-to-be parents well enough. However, there’s always something new and interesting to discover about people with this game! The game is straightforward. The host will show cards with funny childhood anecdotes from the mom and dad-to-be. Then guests will guess who said it by raising the pink or blue flag. As a host, make sure to have the list of anecdotes from the parents a few days before the event so you’re ready to play the day of the event.

Level: Easy

Number of participants: As many as you want

Things to prepare: Blank cards, marker, pink and blue flags

Heads Up! Baby Edition

If you have ever watched this segment on the Ellen DeGeneres show, you know how fun it is! You can make improvised headgear with the words written on them or download the Heads Up! app on your phone. Of course, the theme should be about babies and parenthood, like strollers, midnight feedings, diaper rash, etc. Start the game with the parents-to-be and choose other couples to join the fun.

Level: Hard

Number of participants: 8 to 10 people 

Things to prepare: Heads Up! app or improvised headgear and a timer

Baby Face Game

The question of who the baby will take after is often talked about during baby showers. With this game, guests can have fun creating the baby’s face using cut-outs of mommy and daddy’s features. You only need to print a couple of blank baby faces and cut-outs of the parent’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth, eyebrows, hair, and other distinguishing features like moles and birthmarks. The host hangs the baby faces on the wall, and the parents-to-be select the best one.

Level: Easy

Number of participants: 3 to 5 people

Things to prepare: Blank baby faces, parent’s features cut-outs, glue, and pens

Baby Gift Bingo

Opening presents is fun for the parents-to-be at the baby shower. And with this game, you can make it fun for the guests too! Hand out blank Bingo cards to the guests before opening the gifts. They’ll write down the items they think the parents are getting on the blank cards. Once the gift matches with any of the items on their cards, they can cross it off until they shout BINGO!

Level: Medium

Number of participants: As many as you want

Things to prepare: Blank Bingo Cards and pens

Baby Bump Twister Game

Bring this classic game to your coed baby shower – but with a twist! The game’s mechanics are the same, but before they get on the Twister mat, place a medium-sized balloon inside their shirts so they look pregnant. Now let’s see how well they can twist and turn with a big belly bump!

Level: Hard

Number of participants: 4 people 

Things to prepare: Twister game and Balloons

Blow + Pop Baby Race Game

Any game involving blowing and popping balloons is guaranteed fun. You’ll need to create 2 teams of 4 to 5 members in this game. Once the signal is given, the first member blows up their balloon and places it inside their shirt. The second person will follow until the last member finishes. Once everyone has their balloon bump, it’s time to pop them! This is where the fun really begins! Participants must find a way to pop the balloon without removing it from their shirts. The first team to finish wins!

Level: Hard

Number of participants: up to 10 people 

Things to prepare: Balloons

Tinkle in the Pot Game

This is a funny relay race game where participants have a balloon under their shirts and a ping pong ball between their knees. The goal is to reach the other end of the lane where a jar is without dropping the ping pong ball. Once they get to the jar, they’ll drop the ball inside. The next member will do the same until everyone does it. If the ball drops at any time, the participant must pick it up, return to the starting line, and do it over again.

Level: Hard

Number of participants: up to 10 people 

Things to prepare: Balloons, ping pong balls, large jars, and a big space to set up the race

This list of coed baby shower games will add extra fun and excitement to your baby celebration.

They allow men and women to unite, participate in friendly competition, and create lasting memories.

Whether you choose Baby Bump Twister or Who Said It, there are plenty of options for everyone!

By incorporating these fun game ideas, the host can create an entertaining experience for everyone in attendance.

What’s your favorite coed baby shower game? Let us know in the comments below.

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