18 Circle Ceremony Arch Wedding Decoration Ideas

Consider the newest trend for your wedding – a circle ceremony arch. They are a gorgeous wedding decoration that adds the perfect amount of drama to your ceremony location!

We love Circle Ceremony Arch creations that take center stage at a wedding ceremony. They are such dramatic wedding decoration ideas and highlight the beautiful wedding pictures that are taken during the ceremony. What a unique idea and these 18 Circle Ceremony Arch Wedding Decoration Ideas will be the perfect dramatic backdrop that you are looking for at your wedding!

Shop these ceremony arch decoration ideas: 

18 Circle Ceremony Arch Wedding Decoration Ideas - Pretty My Party

Circle Ceremony Arch Ideas

Glam white floral circle ceremony arch

White and pink circle ceremony arch with flowers

What a gorgeous Circle Ceremony Arch floral wreath! This unique Circular Love was created By Blush Botanicals of San Diego, California. This dramatic backdrop is so elegant and gorgeous and is the perfect oversized floral wreath ceremony backdrop right by the altar. 

Boho inspired circle ceremony arch

We love this Boho Inspired Circle Ceremony Arch by Frieda Theres! This is a wedding trend that is such an amazing addition to the wedding decorations. This specific Circle Ceremony Arch is understated, yet elegant, with greenery and a splash of color complementing the bride’s look. 

Large circle wedding ceremony decoration

How dramatic is this Circle Ceremony Arch covered in greenery?! This Baltic Sea Wedding Inspiration is by Muravnik Photography and we just are enamored with the elegant look. Wedding backdrops don’t have to be over-the-top. This simple greenery round wedding arch creates the most romantic and nature-inspired look!

Giant floral wedding wreath

This Floral Inspired Circle Ceremony Arch By Caroline Tran is absolutely gorgeous with the bright pop of color the flowers provide. While it complements the bride’s own bouquet perfectly, it doesn’t overshadow the remaining wedding decorations, either. We love this flower-covered circle Ceremony Arch!

Large floral wedding wreath

This Circle Ceremony Arch is inspired by a Rustic Winter Wedding Wreath created By Jessica Manns Photography and we just love it! The darker greenery really brings the rustic winter theme to life. This wedding ceremony arch idea is the perfect inspiration for anyone who is planning a similar wedding theme! 

Unique wedding decoration ideas

A Circle Ceremony Arch created with Pampas Grass by Chris & Ruth Photography is absolutely everything! We absolutely adore this unique take on a traditional Circle Ceremony Arch, with this wispy and unique look. It almost looks like wheat blowing in the wind. This is an absolutely breathtaking circle wedding arch.

Oversized wreath ceremony backdrop

We love this Rustic Floral Wreath Circle Ceremony Arch By Artem Pretrov. The grapevine wreath provides a true rustic and woodsy feel for anyone looking for inspiration for that type of theme. Imagine the look on guests’ faces when they walk into a wedding ceremony and see this different and dramatic backdrop waiting for the happy couple to stand in front of to pledge their love. Amazing!

Circle wedding ceremony backdrop with greenery

A Circle Ceremony Arch that was created with a Greenery Inspired Wreath By Dooley Street Styling and Wild Spirit Wedding Photography by Christina Schmidt is simple, yet completely unique! We love the look of eucalyptus and the greenery, which complements the wedding couple’s look perfectly. The look of vines wrapping around the circle wedding arch is a great theme for an outdoor, backyard wedding!

Beach wedding floral circle ceremony backdrop

A Circle Ceremony Arch doesn’t have to just be created by flowers and greenery! This Beach Floral Circular Arch by The Knot Santorini and Anna Roussos is a unique way to finish the look! What a great way to create a DIY circle arch without having to overwhelm the look with too many florals. This is a great idea for a seaside ceremony!

Gigantic circle wedding ceremony backdrop with flowers

A Seaside Floral Ceremony Wreath By The Wedding Bliss Thailand and Blush Wedding Photography is a beautiful way to incorporate a Circle Ceremony Arch into your wedding. This oversized floral wreath ceremony backdrop is absolutely everything! It is such a dramatic backdrop that guests are going to be in awe as the bride finally makes her way down the aisle. Imagine the gorgeous wedding pictures that will be captured in front of this unique Circle Ceremony Arch!

Circle Ceremony Arch - Unique Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wow! A Circle Ceremony Arch was created with inspiration from a Stylish Tropical Wedding Wreath  By Filosophi Events and Kat Wilson Photography and it couldn’t be more unique! We love the dramatic florals and greenery that were used to create this circle wedding arch. What a beautiful wedding ceremony idea for the summer or for more of a tropical theme!

Wedding trend - Circle Ceremony Arch Wedding Decoration

This Giant Floral Wedding Ceremony Wreath by Blank Canvas Event Design, Bloomstories Floral Designer, and Nicola Bester Photography is gorgeous! What a great Circle Ceremony Arch for the fall, where florals are still peeking through, yet doesn’t overtake the lovely forest canvas that is seen at the ceremony. 

DIY Circle Arch - Wedding wreath

This DIY Giant Silk Flower Wreath Tutorial By Green Wedding Shoes will get you creating your own Circle Ceremony Arch in no time! This DIY circle arch is a great wedding ceremony decoration. A simple circle installation will completely change the entire vibe of a wedding ceremony!

Gorgeous vibrant flowers on this giant circle ceremony wreath- wedding decoration ideas

This Bright and Colorful Oversized Circle Ceremony Arch By Vo Floral and By Luke1985 Photography is stunning! Set behind a white backdrop, this bright oversized floral wreath ceremony backdrop will pop and be the center of attention when it comes to the wedding decorations! By matching the florals down the aisle, along with the bride’s bouquet, it creates a stunning visual path leading the bride right to where she belongs! 

Wedding decor ideas - round ceremony arch

What a gorgeous Red Floral Circle Ceremony Arch By Peonies and Petals and Mink Photography. We love how the other flowers around the floral wreath complement the wedding backdrop perfectly! A true showstopper!

Purple and pink round wedding ceremony backdrop idea

We love this whimsical-looking Giant Violet Circle Ceremony Arch By Elena Zhun! The best part of creating a Circle Ceremony Arch is that you can truly use just about anything when it comes to matching the decor of your theme. 

Wedding ceremony backdrop ideas - circle wreath arch

This Greenery Floral Circle Ceremony Arch with a pop of color was created by The Hons and Runway Events. What a stunning creation and the candles on the sides absolutely make this not only simple wedding decorations, but truly a circle of love!

Greenery wedding trends - giant circle wreath

This unique and dramatic oversized wreath ceremony backdrop is the best wedding trend ever! The large Greenery Wreath was created by M2 Visual Studio and is such a statement piece when it comes to a Circle Ceremony Arch. Added greenery can create a dramatic and moody overtone. A true creation of art!

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