15 Frugal But Fabulous DIY Christmas Presents

frugal-DIY-holiday-Christmas-giftsChristmas is such a busy time of the year. It is turning into a longer preparation process every year and doesn’t it always seem like there are never the funds to do everything you want to do? Don’t even get me started on the tons of Christmas presents that need to get purchased, wrapped, and delivered. It can get so exhausting … and expensive!  This year, I have taken some time out of my schedule to focus on making some fabulous Christmas presents myself. Check out these 15 Frugal But Fabulous DIY Christmas Presents to see if anything may be up your alley. And don’t worry …  just because it’s a DIY project doesn’t mean it has to be time-consuming! Enjoy!

DIY-Christmas-Gifts161.  This fantastic idea for doing your own Etched Glassware, from MakeIt-LoveIt, is such a fun way to spruce up an otherwise ordinary dish you may give someone. Personalize it how you’d like, and even better … Make a meal to put in there when you give it! Fun!

DIY-Christmas-Gifts152.  I just love this Brownie Mix in a Jar, found over at Call-Me-Cupcake. I’ve made a few similar things in the past with cookie recipes, but never for some yummy brownies!  I love how the layers add a fun element to the gift. Personalize it how you want with ribbons, labels, and anything else, and you’re all set to go!  

DIY-Christmas-Gifts143.  Try making this Homemade Vanilla Extract from Bake At 350!  I PROMISE it is easy. I’ve made homemade vanilla extract for years now and not only can you easily control how strong you like your vanilla, but it is about the best quick gift that you can give! While the process itself can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on how strong you would like to make it, once it’s done, it’s super easy to get ready to gift to that avid baker in your life!  

DIY-Christmas-Gifts134.  I think this Hot Cocoa Kit, seen over at Hoosier Homemade is absolutely genius! It is such a unique idea and has all of the bells and whistles to make one mean cup of hot chocolate! I’m totally in love and really just want to make one for myself!

DIY-Christmas-Gifts125.  This DIY Wood Photo Transfer Ornament found at The Home Steady is such a thoughtful and personal gift. What a wonderful way to capture the memories that will last a lifetime and I’m pretty sure this would be a HUGE hit with the grandparents in your life!

DIY-Christmas-Gifts116.  Oh my! This Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub from The Idea Room looks good enough to eat! During the long, cold winter, no gift is more appreciated from your girlfriends than a great sugar scrub to help keep the skin in good form! I love this recipe and it’s such a hit over the holiday season.

DIY-Christmas-Gifts107.  This Homemade All-Natural Lip Balm from Hip Home looks like an idea I probably should have tried years ago! I CONSTANTLY need lip balm over the winter and making my own and passing it out to all of my girlfriends over the holidays is absolutely genius! Check out the instructions and get busy!

DIY-Christmas-Gifts98.  Homemade Dip Mix Ornaments from Bubbly Nature Creations are always a hit! I’m a big sucker for buying pre-packaged dip mixes whenever I run across them and a couple of years ago, a girlfriend made this for me and I FELL. IN. LOVE. These are so incredibly easy to make and yes … when I make them it’s just like making cookies. One for me, one for my friend. Another for me and one for my mom.

DIY-Christmas-Gifts89.  This Hearty Bean Soup Mix found over at The Comfort of Cooking looks absolutely delicious. Do you have a friend or family member who is just ALWAYS on the go and never has time to make the meals they wish they could make? Whip this together for them and they will have a ready-made meal in minutes, thanks to you. They will definitely appreciate it!

DIY-Christmas-Gifts710.  Oh my. I came across this Homemade Picture Frame Wreath from Thistlewood Farms and totally fell in love. How exquisite is this?!?!  Now this one is going to take a bit more time to create, but wow… I can already think of about 10 people who would absolutely die for a beautiful keepsake like this! And with getting the small frames at the dollar store and printing pictures at home, it’s easy to keep the costs down. This is a beauty!

DIY-Christmas-Gifts611. Taking LONG, luxurious baths this time of the year is something I dream about daily. So when I came across this awesome Warm Cocoa Bath Soak from Classy Clutter, I knew my girlfriends would feel the same way as me! And seriously…  who couldn’t be excited for a warm cocoa bath soak around the holidays?!

DIY-Christmas-Gifts512.  This Tea Time Mason Jar Kit from The Gunny Sack is just PERFECT for those tea-loving people in my life. While I am more of a coffee drinker, I know many who would die without their daily tea.  What a great way to express your love than with this thoughtful gift!

DIY-Christmas-Gifts413.  So I really love cooking. Anything that I can make myself to help with my cooking or add in an extra piece of zest is something I am ALL over! That’s why this Rosemary Infused Olive Oil from Pepper Design totally called my name! I just love creating my own mixes, and oils and for those awesome chefs in your life, I can guarantee that they would love this, too! How unique!

DIY-Christmas-Gifts314.  Do you have a manly man at home who is SO hard to shop for? Does he love to grill? Does he enjoy big steaks? If so, check out this All-Purpose Spice Meat Rub created by Martha Stewart. I’m pretty sure my husband would go WILD over this. I think the main problem I’d have is making sure it would last for more than a week!

DIY-Christmas-Gifts215.  This All-Natural Homemade Soap from Garden Therapy is a little bit more of a challenge, but for those homemakers at heart who love a DIY project to bring into their home, this is totally up your alley!  Just think of the looks of admiration you’ll get when you had these out for Christmas! 


DIY-Christmas-Gifts1Make your dog’s day! Check out these homemade dog treats over at BuzzFeed.com and you can even get the perfect DIY gift for Fido! Everyone has dog lovers in their circle, so if you’re looking for a gift for them, this may be your winner!   

Have you been working on some great DIY Christmas gifts to hand out this year? Let us know in the comments below! What a great way to celebrate the season, but not break the bank!


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