10 DIY Holiday Photo Card Holders

DIY-Christmas-Card-HoldersOne of my favorite times of the holiday season is receiving all of the wonderful holiday cards from my friends and family!  I love showing them off and when we lived in the same house for almost 8 years, I did the same thing with them year after year – adorned a doorway with them and added to the cards everyday after the mail came! But now that we live in a new home, I don’t have a great place to savor these beautiful creations and admire them everyday. So, I went in search of some awesome 10 DIY Holiday Photo Card Holders that I can make to finally show off my cards again!  

DIY-Holiday-Card-Holder11.  This board with string wrapped around it was found over at Shanty-2-Chic and I have to say, I totally agree!  So chic!  If you have a few pallet boards lying around, paint them, glue them together, wrap some string around the way you want and voila! Attach your holiday cards with some mini-clothespins and you’re well on your way to some holiday delight!

DIY-Holiday-Card-Holder22.  Repurposed picture frames with clothespins on a line are such a great idea! Found over at Wet Paint, it really can be done however you want and whatever would fit your home decor!  

DIY-Holiday-Card-Holder33.  How cute is this DIY Clothespin Wreath found over at Craftiness Is Not Optional? I can totally see my son getting in on the fun of painting these clothespins and helping to form them into a wreath once they’re all dry. So creative!

DIY-Holiday-Card-Holder44.  So, I have a friend who has started this tradition with her Christmas cards this year and I LOVE IT! This Old Shutter Card Holder found at A Diamond In The Stuff is the latest and greatest trend that I’m seeing everywhere this year and I have to admit … I’m totally jealous!  I love how you can create it anyway you want to in order to fit your home’s theme and to have a little extra fun with it? Weather it a bit and add some bling on it. LOVE!

DIY-Holiday-Card-Holder55.  This Washi Tape Tree over at Thyme-Is-Honey is so up my alley for this year! I totally have the wall space to do something like this and check it out! You can pretty much make it however you want and it looks fairly easy for someone with not much time on their hands like me! Grab some tinsel to top it off and it looks like you have yourself a holiday card tree!

DIY-Holiday-Card-Holder66.  These ribbons on cabinets over at Tres French Hens is a tried and true classic that I’ve seen many family members emulate over the years. And why not? I know I’d love to be reminded of all of the holiday cards I’ve received so far every time I open up the cabinet for something! Perfect!

Yardstick-Christmas-Card-Holder7.  Looking for something on the easier side, yet super cute and effective? How about an idea similar to this Yardstick Card Holder from the Kung-Family?  I know I have a yardstick around here and I know I have some extra holiday ribbon to bling it up a bit! Paint some clothespins and stick them on there and wham!  You have a holiday card holder!

DIY-Holiday-Card-Holder88.  OK, so this may be one of the more original ideas I’ve ever seen! How about using an old crib bedspring for a card holder? Found over at Sugar Bee Crafts, this is something I know I’m going to be able to do sooner rather than later (as soon as that 2-year-old of mine is ready for the big girl bed!). I love how this is such a perfect background for displaying all of those holiday cards this time of the year. This one wins Most Original for me!

Chickenwire-Christmas-Card-Holder9.  How about a Chicken Wire Card Tree found over at Scrap Yard Chicks? Or, make it out of an old tomato plant cage you may still have lying around from the summer. Brilliant! 

DIY-Holiday-Card-Holder1010.  This DIY Plywood Holiday Card Holder from Ambrosia Girl is only going to get made in this house if I can convince my husband to make this for me! But WOW, do I love it!  You could really customize this however you want. Older wood, reclaimed wood, painted wood, whatever your little heart desires!  

If you don’t already have the perfect spot for all of those holiday cards that come tumbling in the mail day-after-day this time of the year, hopefully one of these ideas will inspire you to show them off! Enjoy!

Have you been saving all of those lovely holiday cards of yours and doing something different with them? Let us know in the comments below! We LOVE new ideas!



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