Washi Tape 80% Off

Pick Your Plum has Washi Tape 80% Off today! If you know me, I’m a little obsessed with washi tape. I use it for parties, crafts, business, organization and more! Stock up and get them as low as $1.50 each plus shipping! Shipping in the U.S. is $4.99 and to Canada is $17.99. Buy Here

  1.  Take Two of These and Call Me in the Morning: (TURQUOISE) Triangles Washi Tape
  2.  Tell Me About Your Relationship with Your Washi: (MULTI-PASTEL) Diagonal Stripe Washi Tape
  3.  One Tape at a Time: (SILVER) Variable Stripe Washi Tape
  4.  Today’s the First Craft of the Rest of Your Life: (GRAY/YELLOW) Hexagon Washi Tape
  5.  We’re Going to Try Something New Today: (MULTI CHEVRON) Washi Tape
  6.  Keep a Close Washi: (GRAY/BEIGE) Leaves Washi Tape
  7.  The Only Washi You Can Change is You: (MULTI SPRIGS) Washi Tape
  8.  How Does That Make You Feel? (PINK/WHITE) Dots Washi Tape
  9.  Procrastination is the Thief of Washi: (SPRING GREEN/CREAM) Flower Washi Tape
  10.  Time’s Up: (1 of EACH) Washi Tape
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