Teepee Indians First Birthday Party

tee-pee-indians-first-birthday-party-ideasThis unique and creative Teepee Indians First Birthday Party is truly one-of-a-kind! The party featured custom-made teepees adorned with colorful embellishments. The birthday boy even had his own teepee customized with his name! How cool is that?!


tee-pee-indian-birthday-invitationtee-pee-indians-partyThe party invitations featured the adorable birthday boy in his colorful head-dress, which was perfect for the theme!

tee-pee-indian-birthday-party-2The setting was amazing in Tampa, Florida near the gulf. Teepees were set up welcoming guests to the party. The teepees really set the tone for this special Indian themed birthday!

tee-pee-indian-party-birthday-boyHudson, the super adorable birthday boy was all ready for his party with his colorful head-dress and customized tee pee. How lucky is he?!

tee-pee-indians-first-birthday-themetee-pee-indians-birthday-party-2The party scene was perfect with teepees surrounded by cute pretend fire pits. It really set the tone for this tribal Indian theme.

tee-pee-indian-partytee-pee-indian-party-decorationtee-pee-indian-birthday-plantsThe plants, flowers and teepees were all so colorful and inviting!

tee-pee-indians-party-gametee-pee-indians-party-activity-2Guests were invited to “saddle up” with this cute activity station.

tee-pee-indians-birthday-cake-cookiestee-pee-indian-party-cakeThe birthday boy’s cake was perfect and adorned with a little arrow and “ONE” cake topper!

tee-pee-indians-first-birthday-party-cakeA blue “smash cake” was also enjoyed by the birthday boy!

tee-pee-indian-party-head-bandtee-pee-indian-birthday-games-2There were even a few fun activities for the little guests to enjoy!

tee-pee-indian-party-activitiesGuests were kept busy with some fun and colorful cookie decorating!

tee-pee-indian-party-dogThis pup sure does look exhausted after all of the party fun!!!

tee-pee-indians-party-4tee-pee-indians-party-3tee-pee-indian-birthday-boy-2The birthday boy was the perfect model – posing for lots of birthday photos in costume near the teepees. What a perfect day for this little Indian!

Credits & Vendors

Photographer:  Mir*Salgado Photography // Invitation Designer: A&P Designs // Event Planner: Burkle Events // Other: Cuts of Confetti // Apparel: Etnikabali // Event Designer: MMD Events // Dress Store: Shop oh baby // Location: South Tampa

What’s your favorite part of this adorable Teepee Indians First Birthday Party? Let us know in the comments below!

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