Summer Watermelon Fruit Pizza Recipe

Summer Watermelon Fruit Pizza Recipe | Pretty My Party

Summer is here and if you’re looking for a fruity treat, try this delicious Summer Watermelon Fruit Pizza Recipe! It’s a cool and refreshing treat for the whole family that is not only delicious, but healthy! It’s a great dessert to serve at a party or barbecue as well and the options for “toppings” are endless! Also, be sure to check out the 16 Most Creative Watermelon Fruit Salads. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with watermelon!


Summer Watermelon Fruit Pizza Recipe | Pretty My PartyFor our Watermelon Fruit Pizza, we cut and sliced one large watermelon into 8 slices, just like a pizza. For toppings, we sliced a kiwi, halved blueberries to resemble olives and raspberries to replicate small peppers. We then sprinkled the entire “pie” with shaved white chocolate! Can you say YUM!!!

Summer Watermelon Fruit Pizza Recipe | Pretty My PartySummer Watermelon Fruit Pizza Recipe | Pretty My PartyThis Watermelon Fruit Recipe is a summer dessert the whole family can enjoy and it’s super easy and fun to make, too! Do you have a favorite summer dessert recipe? We would love to hear about it in the comments below! Have a great summer everyone!

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Summer Watermelon Fruit Pizza Recipe | Pretty My Party

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