Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas

Do you have a little one who is totally obsessed with Shimmer and Shine? These gorgeous and fun Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas will save the day for your next big birthday celebration!

Shimmer and Shine is quite the rage in households all over the country and it’s easy to see why. With these cute little girls with their fun hair, bright colors and catchy theme song, it’s hard not to get excited when they show up. And who doesn’t want their very own genie to help them navigate the waters of life?! It’s the perfect party theme with tons of Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas possible! 

Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas

Any girl is going to absolutely go gaga over these fun Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas. From the absolutely amazing cookies to the perfect cake pops, it’s clear that Shimmer and Shine desserts are going to be at the forefront of this fun birthday party! 

Shimmer and Shine Birthday - Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas - Pretty My Party

Shimmer and Shine Party Supplies

Shimmer and Shine Birthday Party Ideas are so colorful and vibrant. It might just be one of my favorite birthday party themes for girls right now! Genies are always so fun to begin with, and add in the great additions that the Shimmer and Shine crew present, and it’s sure to be a hit! 


Shimmer and Shine Cookies - Shimmer and Shine Party Food Ideas

These Shimmer and Shine Cookies might legit be too gorgeous to eat! Just look at the detail on these! They are absolutely amazing! Add in some personalized cookies for your special girl’s birthday, and she is going to know it’s ALL about her! If there’s no room on your dessert table for these amazing cookies, they make the perfect party favors! Just wrap them up in clear wrapping and tie them with a pretty ribbon and favor tag for the perfect take home treat! The girls will love it!


Shimmer and Shine Cupcakes for Shimmer and Shine Birthday Party

Celebration Marble Cupcakes are always a hit because they are so much fun to eat, but they’re also great because they are easily personalized to match your party and theme! With the right colors and some fun sprinkles and cupcake decorations, it’s the perfect addition to your Shimmer and Shine Birthday Party! The colors in these cupcakes already match the Shimmer and Shine theme, so whip up a batch of these pretty desserts for your little one’s birthday!


Shimmer and Shine Dessert Table for Shimmer and Shine Birthday

How adorable is this perfect Shimmer and Shine Dessert Table?! We just love the sparkly fabric that covers the table, not to mention the sparkly gold fabric for the backdrop, too! And the Shimmer and Shine characters? Wow! It’s like they have come to life and are ready to grant your wish at any second! What an awesome backdrop for a Shimmer and Shine Birthday!

Add to that all of the amazing goodies that are found on this dessert table and everyone’s wish of sweet treats will certainly be fulfilled at this party!


Shimmer and Shine Party Table Idea

What sweet and perfect Shimmer and Shine Party Table place settings! Every little girl is going to feel like a princess when they go to sit down and eat at your magical Shimmer and Shine Birthday! We absolutely love these Shimmer and Shine party supplies. Even the juice boxes are decorated perfectly to go with the theme! It’s all about the little details and this party table proves it!


Cotton Candy Popcorn - Shimmer and Shine Party Food

Cotton Candy Popcorn will be a hit at your little girl’s Shimmer and Shine Birthday! What an easy addition to add to your party food. You can even wrap some up individually and serve them as party favors. Add a cute favor tag and ribbon for a sweet presentation the kids will love!


Shimmer and Shine Cake

Nothing can quite compare to this work-of-art Shimmer and Shine Cake! The Shimmer and Shine dolls are the perfect cake topper for this gorgeous cake, with their trusty sidekicks found on the side, as well. Any little Shimmer and Shine fan will go crazy over this birthday cake at her Shimmer and Shine Birthday!


Shimmer and Shine Party Centerpieces - Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas

Everyone is going to want to make sure that they are sitting by these adorable Shimmer and Shine Centerpieces! The Shimmer and Shine characters will come to life on your tables once they are added to your party decorations!


Shimmer and Shine Cake Pops - Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas

These Shimmer and Shine Cake Pops are almost too perfect to have everyone eat! They are an absolutely exquisite addition to the desert table and will be adored by every little girl who grabs one! Look at all of the detail that is found on these cake pops! What amazing Shimmer and Shine Birthday treats!


Shimmer and Shine Party Table Set Up - Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where you can pull this off, this Shimmer and Shine Party Table Set Up will definitely have every party guest, along with the birthday girl, screaming with cries of joy! What a gorgeous shimmer and shine themed place setting that will surely be the highlight of your little girl’s day! 


Shimmer and Shine Party Table Set Up - Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas

Maybe we spoke too soon?! This Shimmer and Shine Table is every genie’s wish come true! With the great colors that light up the room, along with the AMAZING shimmery gold table cloth, your little girl will feel like she is in her own fairy tale! And how fun to have all of the guests sit on pillows for the big birthday celebration! We know your Shimmer and Shine Party will be a total hit with these gorgeous party decorations!


Genie Lamp Cookies - Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas

Genie Lamp Cookies will have all of the little girls making their own wish for a Shimmer and Shine Birthday of their very own! Add these fun themed cookies to your party food for your little girl’s Shimmer and Shine Party and you will have some happy little genies for sure!



Shimmer and Shine Cake Topper

This Shimmer and Shine Cake Topper is a great way to spruce up any Shimmer and Shine Cake that you may get! All of the Shimmer and Shine characters are included and it’s such a fun way to personalize the event for your little girl’s birthday party!


Shimmer and Shine Crowns for a Shimmer and Shine Party

Who wouldn’t want to have Shimmer and Shine Crowns at their big birthday celebration? They are great to have all of the little girls wear for the duration of the birthday party. They also double as great party favors too!


Free Shimmer and Shine Coloring Pages for Shimmer and Shine Party Activity

Free Shimmer and Shine Coloring Pages can be found for you to print off very easily! Add them to your party favor bags, or have the birthday girl and her friends color them during the party for a fun activity! It’s a great little way to add activities to your Shimmer and Shine games.


DIY Gold Glitter Party Cups for Shimmer and Shine Birthday

These gorgeous DIY Gold Glitter Party Cups are a great Shimmer and Shine Party Idea! And they are easy to create, as well! All of your birthday guests will love them and they are easy to add to the party favor bag, too! You can even fill them up with candy if you decide on making these part of your party favors! We are loving all of these great Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas!


DIY Jeweled Utensils for Shimmer and Shine Party

DIY Jeweled Utensils are another easy homemade project you can work on before the big Shimmer and Shine Birthday! Simply glue some pink and purple jewels onto plastic silverware and BAM! You have homemade Shimmer and Shine Party Supplies! 

Every little girl will go out of her mind with glee over these fun Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas. It will be hard to narrow it down! Which Shimmer and Shine Party Ideas will you incorporate into your little girls’ birthday? Let us know in the comments below!

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