Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party

If you’re 40 and fabulous, throw a Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party like this one!

What better way to ring in a monumental birthday than with a Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party?! Everything about this celebration says glam and elegance and we are in love with the color scheme and menu!

From the perfect 40th birthday menu to the custom drinks that were created for the event, no detail was forgotten. This is the quintessential New York City birthday event, with a big venue supplying the perfect backdrop for fun, music, and food!

40th birthday decorations

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party

Spectacular details from this Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party include:

  • Fun and delicious signature cocktails, created by the birthday girl
  • Disco balls found everywhere around the loft venue, creating a magical display of lights
  • The purple hue, the birthday girl’s favorite color, shining everywhere throughout the loft
  • An amazing menu, including appetizers, a fun taco bar, and delicious desserts

40th birthday ideasThis birthday girl wanted to throw an epic 40th birthday bash and recruited Christine Janda Design and Events and Brique Chicago to make her party dreams come true. With thoughtful florals and exquisite party decor, her party was a huge and unforgettable success!

40th Birthday Party DrinksSignature cocktails and excellent curated cuisine kept guests happy while they danced the night away. We just love the individualized cocktails that the birthday girl helped to create. Who wouldn’t want their own drinks specialized for their big milestone 40th birthday?!

40th Birthday Party Signature Drinks

“Birthday Bubbles” were also created with a pomegranate accent. We love the rosemary sprigs that were added to the champagne glasses. It was so classy and fit the Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party theme perfectly! 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party

Signage was found throughout the event, for the drink menu, as well as all of the food menus. They all kept with the purple glam theme and incorporated the colors and hues of the night. 

40th Birthday Party Flower Centerpieces

Flowers and decor were kept modern, yet glam. Magentas, purples and golds set the party scene. The color scheme paired nicely with the gorgeous flowers arrangements, gold vases and candles.

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party Ideas

The urban loft was a great venue to hold a modern, yet luxurious Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party. Tables were set up around the loft, with gorgeous decorations found on each table. We just love how the gold vases with candles look next to the beautiful flower centerpieces.

40th Birthday Party Decorations

Disco balls were a large part of the decor for the Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party! How gorgeous does everything look?! With the purple and lavender bunting and party decor, it was clear what the birthday girl’s favorite color is! 

40th Birthday Party Decorations

Silver and gold items were found on all of the dinner tables, which complimented the purple hues perfectly! 

40th Birthday Party Flower Centerpieces

Florals were absolutely perfect! What girl doesn’t love to see flowers all over an event especially created for her, and this was no exception! 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party Bar Area

The loft had a great bar area for all of the guests to use during the Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party. The oversized balloons that flanked the bar were a great addition to the decor around the loft! 

40th Birthday Party Table Decorations

How perfect were the wooden guest tables, covered with great decor from end-to-end?! The candles created the perfect touch around the loft in addition to the hanging lights around the venue.

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party

Simple and elegant centerpieces were found on many of the tables around the birthday event. 

40th Birthday Cake

Elysia Root Cakes created a perfect 40th birthday cake that fit in with the purple theme absolutely perfectly! This cake was truly fit for a princess and the disco ball on the top was the perfect accent for the event!

40th Birthday Cake

The Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party didn’t miss any detail when it came to the cake! Just look at that fine craftsmanship and attention to detail! What an absolutely gorgeous cake that was a perfect centerpiece for all of the birthday festivities! 

40th Birthday Cake

One of the best cakes we have ever seen for a 40th birthday party! What wonderful layers with intricate designs. Gorgeous! 

40th Birthday Party Food

Just look at the amazing appetizers that were presented at the Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party! Everything was bite-sized, which was such a unique way to present the appetizers to guests during the event. How fun!

40th Birthday Party Appetizers

Boutique Bites created the most amazing bite-sized appetizers possible! Everything looked like it came out of a fairytale. Guests couldn’t get enough of the amazing food all night long! 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party Food

A phenomenal salad was presented before the main course, that perfectly fit with what the birthday girl requested. Delicious! 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party Menu

Side dishes were created to go with the main course, as well as the appetizers. 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party Food

Look at that beautiful chicken that was created for the taco bar! Delicious! 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party Food

Fresh tacos were available for a main dish for the birthday party guests! Chicken, pork and shrimp were cooked to perfection, right in front of the guests, to create the perfect tacos! 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party Food

Taco bar condiments were displayed perfectly, with everyone having the opportunity to take what they needed. What a great way to keep things organized, yet have a gorgeous presentation! 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party Food Sign

We love the elegant signs that were shown to tell exactly what was being served for the birthday party. The taco bar was a huge hit, with all of the options that were available for guests to eat. 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party Food

More bite-sized main course items were available for the guests to enjoy! There was no way anyone was going to go home hungry after this special 40th birthday celebration!

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party Desserts

Bite-sized desserts were on-hand after the main course and they were just as delicious as everything else! We love that they were simple cookie ideas, yet the presentation was so elegant and refined! A perfect dessert for a 40th birthday event! 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party Decorations

Disco balls, decorative garland and lights were found all throughout the loft. Everything had an extremely glam vibe, with the purple hues showing all over the event. It was exactly how the birthday girl had envisioned it! 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party

Everyone got to make their own disco balls for the night! What else would you expect for a Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party?! 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party

We still can’t get over the amazing venue is for the Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party! Everything shined with a purple hue and guests were treated to magnificent decor, amazing food and drinks, and a night full of fun!

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party

Soon it was time for the birthday girl to blow out the candles on her phenomenal cake! We love the sparklers that lit up the room. This cake was almost too good to cut up and serve. It was one of a kind! 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party

Friends and family from near and far came to celebrate at the special 40th birthday event with the birthday girl! Her son even got in on the action when it came time to spin some tunes with the DJ! 

Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party

This Purple Glam 40th Birthday Party was everything the birthday girl could have hoped for. With her friends and family celebrating by her side, it couldn’t have went any more perfect. What a special milestone and we absolutely love the thought and detail that was put into the beautiful event! 

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Vendors & Resources

Event Designer – Christine Janda Design and Events  //  Cake Designer – Elysia Root Cakes  // Reception Venue – Brique Chicago  //  Caterer – Boutique Bites  //  Linens and Coverings – BBJ Linen  //  Photographer – Cattura Weddings

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