Pirate Birthday Bash

Party details from Amy: This vintage pirate party was filled with neat antique props from my husband’s family – miniature suitcases for photo slides and cosmetic case from the 40s and 50s.  It was the perfect timing that we inherited these items days before the party.  The display wouldn’t complete without them. I spent lots of time looking for the perfect pirate birthday printable and I found them at CupcakeExpress

Ashley created the ideal pirate theme party package that was not too cute for a 6 year old boy and had lots of character. I had way too much fun with everything and spiced them up with tulle, streamer, burlap, etc.

Food: Red velvet cake pops over mini cone filled with mini M&M, chocolate fondant cake with butter cream, chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing, marshmallow pops, Jello with orange, candies, pigs in a blanket, red lemonade, and chocolate milk.Favors: Favor boxes were made with printables from CupcakeExpress and I glued ribbon as the handle. Included were mini color pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, and tattoos.

Activity & Games: Craft Table: Crayons, color pencils, glue sticks, color marker, pom poms, pirate foam stickers, pirate ship cutouts. 

Photo Booth: We had a full table of props for the kids. The kids dressed up as pirates and had fun posing for me. I love all the little pirates running around and enjoying the party!

Treasure Hunt: The treasure box had LOTS of chocolate golden coins and crayon skulls and bones that we made.

Water Balloon Fight: We decided not to have them fight each other but to create a ship for them to throw water balloons at. My husband, the pirate, ended up standing in the back as target. 100 balloons were gone in less than 3 minutes!Pinata: I made this tougher than I thought. I was afraid the candies were too heavy, so I added extra layers of newspaper. In the end, no one could break this skull! We ended up tearing it apart with help from the kids.

DIY Projects: All the decoration you can see from the party.

  • Birthday boy chair decoration
  • Fabric tassel banner
  • Felt mustaches
  • Cake & Cupcakes: Pirate fondant cake, cake pop cones, marshmallow pops, Jello ships, pirate ships (by my husband Todd) and skull pinata.
Credits & Resources:

Photographer: Amy L.B. Photography // Pirate Party Package Printable: CupcakeExpress on Etsy


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