Little Witches Halloween Party

Piggy Bank Parties: Grab your broom, silly socks, and pointy shoes … and get ready to take a ride to meet the Lil’ Witches! I created this lil’ inspiration party to launch our newest Halloween printables party design – The Lil’ Witches Collection. The collection was inspired by my childhood love of Witchiepoo from “H.R. Pufnstuf.” I loved her striped socks and not-so-pointy hat! Check out this Little Witches Halloween Party!


Inspired by the artwork, I created the backdrop with lime green, orange, and purple paper plates to mimic the silly socks and added a black pennant banner to represent the bottom of a witch’s skirt. A whimsical hat was the focal point of the table. I created it using cardstock, handmade paper, and crepe paper streamers leftover from other projects. I was inspired to use hat boxes to display the hat and cupcakes after seeing an adorable display by Jill of Peas and Thank Yous. The hat boxes I owned didn’t match my color scheme or theme, so I slip covered them with coordinating paper. The table was finished off with a recycled black plastic tablecloth covered with a black Pashmina scarf to distract from the not-so-desirable folds in the tablecloth.The menu for this party was inspired by the idea of good and bad witches or as I like to call them … sweet and salty witches! The sweet portion of the menu included Scary Hairballs, Scraggly Warts, Sweet Garlic, and Witchiepoo Cupcakes. My faux cake pops – Scary Hairballs – were created using a Babycakes Cake Pop Maker and a grass icing tip. The Scraggly Warts were a mixture of Sixlets and gumballs because lil’ witches come with different sized warts! Mini meringue cookies always remind me of garlic, so I had to include them.I designed printable cupcake stands* to match our theme. The lil’ cupcake stands held colorful cupcakes topped with lil’ witches hats. My version of these tasty lil’ hats were made using Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses, Oreo Fudge Creams, melted chocolate chips, and sprinkles.A cauldron filled with packing peanuts and topped with marshmallows held the Salty-n-Sweet Popcorn. I made the cauldron by covering a mixing bowl with black paper and attaching a black ruffled streamer around the top. I added an orange ruffled streamer folded in half around the bottom to represent fire. The popcorn was served in witches hats, which were actually our lil’ witches hat favor boxes. I cut off the flaps and box lid so they could be used like paper cones. I added a lil’ embellishment to the popcorn hats by sliding a lollipop stick with a lil’ party tag attached.The lil’ witches left their shoes around the base of the cauldron, so I filled them with Sweet and Salty Witches Teeth – candy corn and corn nuts. I designed a witch’s shoe favor box based on a template by Ellen Huston, which was featured on Skip to My Lou. Ellen’s design gave me a platform – pun intended – to jump off of to create my version of a witch’s shoe.
Broomsticks, lil’ brooms and bubblin’ cauldrons are a necessity for any lil’ witch! Broomsticks were made by dipping pretzel rods in melted chocolate chips and covering them with sprinkles. Lil’ brooms were fashioned from a thin sucker, a lunch sack, and a lil’ string. Black paper was taped around glass jars and then black string was tied under the lid to create the lip of the cauldron. Paper lids and “bubbles” were made from our coordinating sock paper and the cauldron glasses were embellished with tags.
Favors were given in our hat favor boxes embellished with coordinating hat bands made from the sock patterned paper. For a finishing touch inside the box, I printed the hat favor box template on one side and the sock paper on the back. Favor tags were added to the hats, which were filled with lil’ bags of candy corn or corn nuts. Guests will know if they are a sweet or salty witch by which one they receive!

Credits & Resources

Illustrations, Design, Photography, Styling and Lil’ Witches Printable Collection: Piggy Bank Parties

*Designer’s Tip: We suggest printing the cupcake stands on 100-110 lb. heavyweight cardstock. If you use a lighter weight, you will need to reinforce the back of the legs to make them sturdy enough to hold the weight of the cupcake.

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