Modern Scientist Birthday

It isn’t very often when you get to celebrate a little boy’s birthday with a Modern Scientist Birthday party, but that’s what this little guy got to do. What a grand experiment!

Modern Scientist Birthday Dessert Table via Pretty My Party

Inspiration for the event came from Albert Einstein, of all people! He would have celebrated his 137th birthday on the same day as this little guy, so why not incorporate the best of science with the biggest science lover! In celebration of all things science, and of course, the contributions of this great man to the world, SunshineParties threw a bright and colorful science party!
Modern Scientist Birthday Cupcakes via Pretty My Party

Modern Scientist Birthday Candy via Pretty My Party

Colors for the event included a chalkboard background with bright green, blue, yellow, orange and purple. How magnificent! The goal was to go for a bright, almost neon, color scheme that you might see in the laboratory of a mad scientist! One of the favorite parts of the party was all of the wild lime green that was found throughout the event!

The party was held at the birthday boy’s home and he welcomed 10 guests to celebrate his big day with him. The backdrop for the Modern Scientist Birthday was printed onto 200 gram board and attached to the wall with mounting putty. Easy peasy!

Modern Scientist Birthday Cake via Pretty My Party Modern Scientist Birthday Cupcakes via Pretty My Party

Chocolate cake and cupcakes were made for the event, along with “nuclei” macaroons, “plasma ball” green gum balls, and “atoms” that were colorful chocolate covered peanuts. What wonderfully creative names used for the dessert table!

Modern Scientist Birthday Desserts via Pretty My Party

All was made by the SunshineParties team and turned out amazing! And don’t worry. The only animal testing that was done was on these delicious marshmallow “Lab Rats”. So cute!

Modern Scientist Birthday Games via Pretty My Party

And then there were games! Fun Science Secret Lab came in and did experiments with all of the kids, who were mesmerized with the activities the entire afternoon. Yes, even 3-5 year olds were able to pay attention with all of these fun experiments!

Modern Scientist Birthday Games via Pretty My Party

From trying to get water from one bottle to another, to making “whirlpools”, the kids loved it. They were able to change the color of the water and also inflated balloons with bicarbonate of soda. Look at the delight of all of those kiddos!

Modern Scientist Birthday Party Favors via Pretty My Party

Test-tubes with green sweet-sour candy were the favors for the party. The Thank You tags included a famous, yet simple Einstein quote, “Never Stop Questioning”.

Modern Scientist Birthday Party Cookies via Pretty My Party

What a wonderful grand experiment, indeed! This is an absolute must for a birthday theme if you have your own little mad scientist in your family. What a fun party to prepare and execute!


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