Flower Fairies Birthday Theme

Little girls loves fairies, snails, and all things magical! This little birthday girl was no different!  Harriet was preparing to celebrate her 3rd birthday and she was really looking forward to all of the magic that would ensue at her party! Different shades of purples and whites, along with a lot of mixed greenery (think awesome green ivy) were what made this birthday party with a Flower Fairies Birthday Theme truly come to life!

flower-fairy-birthday-partyThis party was styled by Perfect Packages, who did a great job capturing all of the things that little girls love to daydream about when pretending that they are magical princess fairies!

fairy-party-tableThis party comes all the way from Zurich, Switzerland! It was held at Erlengut in Erlenbach, where a Victorian vintage feel was truly desired. They captured the essence of this through the lovely Flower Fairies book by Cicely Mary Barker. Many fairy parties are related to Tinkerbell or various other Disney characters, but this one was truly based on lifelike fairies that would add to the magical appeal of this birthday party!

flower-fairy-fruit fairy-party-foodOne of the greatest highlights of the party was the magical essence that surrounded the feature table. All of the children stared at it in wonder and of course they LOVED dressing up like fairies! How sweet!

fairy-party-funPeople enjoyed the wonderful food that was served at the party, which included various quiches, flower breads, butterfly shaped sandwiches, cheeses, butterfly fairy cakes, mini blueberry cheesecakes, moist chocolate bites, peanut cherry blossom crackers, with everything covered in edible flowers! Wow! This was above and beyond every little girl’s imagination!

flower-fairy-tiered-treats fairy-party-drinks fairy-party-conesThe dessert table was no different. There was a gorgeous purple velvet fairy birthday cake made by That Baking Girl, along with flower fairy Czech cake, cupcakes with edible flowers, ice cream cones with fruit, and meringue / cream-fruit teacups. Beautiful!

flower-fairy-partyfairy-party-fruitThe children played some wonderful garden games, including “Who can find the Flowers” and “Every time a bell rings a fairy gets her wings.” Adorable! There was a lot of dancing and running around in the garden and the children also were able to build and decorate beautiful fairy houses. What a dream come true and all of the little fairies sure seemed to be in heaven!

fairy-party-house-decorations fairy-party-guest-fun fairy-favorsPerfect Packages made all of the fairy costumes by hand. It was a difficult task to do, but was most certainly worth it when the girls saw what was waiting for them! Each child was also given a giant tulip as a wand, however, they also were able to use them for “sword fights” instead of just using them for magic. That was quite amusing to say the least! Perfect Packages also did all of the wonderful printables that were found around the event, as well. They did a really amazing job!

fairy-party-menu fairy-party-printablesWhen all was said and done, all of the little girls had a really amazing time spending the day playing dress-up and enjoying the magical essence of the party. What a wonderful memory for these little girls!

Credits & Resources

Cake: That Baking Girl   //   Party Styling and Printables: Perfect Packages   //   Party Inspiration: Flower Fairies 

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