17 Epic Christmas Craft Ideas

From handmade ornaments to gifts to home decor, and more, get your glue gun ready for these 17 Epic Christmas Craft Ideas! We’re sure these ideas will get you into the Christmas crafting spirit!

Christmas is the perfect time to craft up some festive holiday decor for your home or gifts for family or friends. Take some candy canes and make a fun wreath for your front door or make DIY candy sleigh gifts for your child’s classmates! There are so many fun and unique ideas here for everyone and every craft level! You can even turn your crafting into a Holiday Craftstravaganza and invite family and friends over for a full day of food, crafts and cocktails! Doesn’t that sound like fun?! Which of these 17 Epic Christmas Craft Ideas do you love here? Let us know in the comments below! Ps. Have you checked out our Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide?!

DIY Christmas Decor & Gift Ideas

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  1. The banner at the bottom is so annoying. There needs to be a way to hide it so your entire page can be seen/displayed.

  2. Love the snowmen shutters. Wish I could post that photo to Facebook.

  3. Love them all but the first snowman is my favorite! Thanks for sharing..

  4. I think you have a lot of great ideas on here, but the amount of ads that are showing are overwhelming and distracting. I nearly left several times because of it. I know you make money off having them, but from a user experience the amount is overwhelming.

  5. I’m doing a wine cork craft round up at dishingdelish.com. Can we include your raindeer craft? We’ll link back to your site.

  6. Do you have a step by step to make the cork reindeer with ribbon?

  7. Just like to comment on the candy cane crafts. LOVE LOVE them, most especially the wreath . Do you have a tutorial on HOW TO?

  8. Absolutely loved this post! Festive season is the perfect time to get creative and try some DIY!
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