How To Dye Doilies

how-to-dye-doiliesBritni of Play Party Pin is showing us how to dye doilies today! Instead of buying colored doilies, which often times are more expensive, you can just dye them yourself. Colored doilies are the perfect detail to add to an Easter party or dinner, a Spring party, a baby shower, bridal shower – pretty much any event!

colored-doilies-diy-craftThis is such an easy project and adds a vintage feel to any event. You can color them to match your party decor!

diy-craft-doilies-suppliesSupplies Needed:

DIY-colored-doilies-craftOnce you’ve coated the entire doily in color, remove from the water with tweezers and lightly shake out. Be sure not to shake too hard. This will ruin your doily. Once you’ve removed some of the excess liquid, lay the doily down onto a piece of parchment paper.

DIY-colored-doilies-how-toDIY-colored-doilies-food-coloringDry the doily using the blow dryer on high heat. And repeat. If you’d prefer you can dye all of your doilies and blow dry once all of the doilies are colored. I dried mine individually because the blow dryer kept blowing the other doilies all over the place.

DIY-dye-paper-doiliesThis project is quick, easy, and a money saver. Here are just a few of the ways that I incorporated them into my spring baby shower.

simple-diy-craft-tutorial-colored-doiliesI added a little white lace, some flowers, and spring accessories to make the doilies really come alive.

spring-diy-ideas-colored-doiliesSee how easy! For more party fun, follow Britni of Play Party Pin on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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