DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament Party Favors

These DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament Party Favors make the perfect handmade holiday gift for your holiday party. They also make great homemade gifts for teachers, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or anyone on your Christmas gift list. Print the supplies and instructions to make these ornament gifts below.

Easy DIY hot chocolate ornaments make the perfect holiday gift

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on Christmas gifts when you can make a fun DIY gift using a clear glass ornament, delicious hot cocoa, sprinkles, marshmallows, and candies.

DIY hot chocolate ornament with a cute Santa tag

These cute hot cocoa ornaments are quick, easy, and so much fun to make. Plus, who doesn’t love hot cocoa?!

Turn on your favorite Christmas songs, gather up the kids and have a fun holiday craft night making this easy DIY ornament.

What’s great about this hot cocoa ornament craft, is that it doubles as a sweet winter treat! There’s nothing like a hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows by the tree!

What do I need to make DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament Party Favors?

Supplies to make DIY Hot Chocolate Ornaments

With just a few simple and inexpensive supplies, you can create your own DIY hot chocolate ornaments for everyone this Christmas.

To make these easy DIY hot chocolate ornaments, you’ll need clear plastic ornaments with removable tops. You can make these with regular or jumbo-size plastic or glass ornaments.

Hot cocoa and a clear plastic ornament

You can find both options of ornaments on Amazon or at any local craft store.

Ingredients to make DIY hot chocolate ornaments. Hot cocoa, red, green and white holiday sprinkles, red Sixlets candies, and mini marshmallows.

Next, you’ll need a small funnel, hot cocoa mix, holiday sprinkles, Sixlets candies, and mini marshmallows.

You can use your favorite hot chocolate mix or make your own homemade hot cocoa recipe.

How to make DIY Hot Chocolate Favors

Now that your ingredients are in place, it’s time to make your homemade hot cocoa ornaments. Begin by removing the top of your plastic ornament. 

Using a small funnel, carefully pour your hot chocolate mix into the empty ornament. We used approximately 2-3 packets of hot chocolate per ornament.

Clear plastic ornament filled with hot cocoa to make DIY hot chocolate ornament gifts.
Plastic ball ornament with hot cocoa and holiday sprinkles

Again, using your funnel, add in the sprinkles, evenly coating the layer of hot cocoa. If you love chocolate, you can first add a layer of chocolate chips before the sprinkles.

Red Sixlets candies

The next layer will be your candy! We chose to use red Sixlets candies.

Hot Cocoa Ornament Craft with holiday sprinkles and red Sixlets

Carefully add the small pieces of candies, making an even layer on top of your sprinkles.

Mini marshmallows

Now it’s time for the marshmallows! First, add a layer of mini marshmallows, allowing room for the top of your ornament to fit in.

Easy DIY hot cocoa ornament with mini marshmallows, sprinkles and red candies

Then replace the ornament top and add your Christmas gift tag with some yarn, twine, or ribbon.

Cute reindeer and Santa Claus holiday gift tags

We have these adorable reindeer, and Santa Claus tags from The Land of Nod – now Crate Kids.

Other ingredients to add to your hot cocoa ornaments

What’s great about these DIY hot cocoa ornaments is that you can add any ingredients you want. Some other ingredients you can add are:

Easy Hot Chocolate Ornament Christmas Party Favor with Santa gift tag

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can add embellishments to the outside of your ornament. So get as creative as you want with these easy DIY holiday gifts!

DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament

This DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament only requires a few supplies and is quick and easy to make.


  • Begin by removing the top of your ornament
  • Using a small funnel, carefully pour your hot cocoa mix into the empty ornament (We used 2-3 packets per ornament)
  • Next, carefully add your sprinkles with the funnel, evenly coating the layer of hot cocoa
  • Carefully add the red Sixlets candies, making an even layer on top of your sprinkles
  • Add a layer of mini marshmallows, allowing room for your ornament top
  • Replace the top on the ornament
  • Add a Christmas gift tag with twine or ribbon

Holiday gifting ideas

There are a few ways to gift these fun DIY hot chocolate ornaments. You can include a fun Christmas mug, chocolate-dipped spoon, candy cane, or sugar cookie.

If you have a wrapped present, add this hot chocolate ornament to the top of your wrapped gift with a tag for the perfect presentation.

Christmas dessert table with hot cocoa ornament party favors

Pretty My Party styled this Holly Jolly Christmas Party featuring the adorable Land of Nod – Crate&kids Holiday Party Collection. Of course, we couldn’t resist their oh-so-cute Santa Claus and reindeer gift tags and added them to our DIY hot chocolate ornament party favors.

You can also add printable gift tags, make your own holiday tag, or add your ornament and a mug to a small gift bag.

These DIY hot chocolate ornament party favors were the perfect take-home gift for each guest.

*Please note: Don’t add hot water to these plastic ornaments. Instead, take the contents of this ornament and add them to a mug to enjoy!


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