Colorful Angry Birds Birthday Party

If your child is asking for an Angry Birds Birthday Party, take notes because this party will give you the perfect inspiration!

Angry Birds is such a fun birthday theme for kids. Everything from the characters to the colors really make this theme a favorite among kids. If your child wants an Angry Birds Birthday this year, take some notes from this amazing Angry Birds Party styled by One Fine Day Parties. The Angry Birds Party Ideas include an incredible Angry Birds birthday cake, cookies, decorations, party favors, and more! Your head will be spinning after you see all of the details in this awesome Angry Birds Themed Party!

Angry Birds Party Supplies

Angry Birds Birthday Party - Pretty My Party


Angry Birds Birthday Party Dessert Table

The first step to creating a memorable Angry Birds Birthday Party is to start thinking about your dessert table. The dessert table is the focal point of any party and it’s where you can have the most fun with your party theme. One Fine Day Parties did a fantastic job with this colorful Angry Birds dessert table. We absolutely adore the backdrop, which features the sky and some clouds. Many of the Angry Birds characters also made an appearance on the dessert table, which really brightened up the party decor on the sweets table. A color coordinating banner with the birthday boy’s name on it hung across the front of the table, while the colorful desserts rounded out the design.


Angry Birds Party Ideas we love

  • The Angry Birds Dessert Table featuring the colorful characters
  • The dessert table backdrop made to look like the sky with clouds
  • The amazing Angry Birds cake
  • Colorful Angry Birds cookies
  • Colorful place settings featuring Angry Birds characters
  • Colorful tulle ribbons on each chair
  • The TNT Popcorn Station
  • Angry Birds Themed Photo Cutouts



Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas

Everywhere you turn there’s pops of color everywhere. Colorful tulle ribbons were tied to each chair with a surprise favor box awaiting each guests on the chairs. How fun!


Angry Birds Birthday Party Table and Centerpiece

Of course, we have to recognize the guest of honor with a color name place on the table! We also love how colorful the guest’s table is too. Plates with red zig zags and stripes were paired with Angry Birds characters and really made the table come alive. Angry Birds party printables were also seen around the beverages.


Angry Birds Birthday Party Table

Some think that setting the table for a party is boring, but we’re here to tell you that it can be tons of fun! Especially when you get creative like they did here with this Angry Birds Birthday Party table setting!


Angry Birds Birthday Party Drink Labels

You know, it’s the simple things that make a party a total hit! Party beverages used as table decor are always a great idea. The party printables on each beverage with different characters really made this table shine as the kids entered the party space. This Angry Bird above, known as Chuck, helps bring just the right amount of “anger” to the party. Although most would agree that he’s rather cute!


Angry Birds Birthday Party Drink Labels

You can never have too many Angry Birds at this kid-approved birthday party. We’re also loving this little character. Terence is quite the character in Angry Birds, so he’s bringing a lot of personality to this party table. Just look at how life-like he looks! We also love how they place each drink on a “bird’s nest.” What a clever idea!


Angry Birds Birthday Party Decorations

What is an Angry Birds Birthday Party if you don’t include all the characters? Pictured here are some of the adorable characters. Almost the whole Angry Birds gang is here including, Bomb, Terence, Chuck, Red, Stella, and The Blues. Every kid has their favorite Angry Birds character, so you know each child will be looking for their stuffed versions of their favorites. So fun! 


Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Have you ever seen an Angry Birds Cake made with such precision?! There is so much detail in this cake, it’s going to be hard to cut into it. We love the colors, characters, and everything in between. The baker of this birthday cake, definitely nailed the Angry Birds Birthday Party theme!


Angry Birds Cake Topper

This Angry Birds cake Topper is amazing in so many ways! It just screams Angry Birds! You couldn’t look at this cake and NOT know it’s an Angry Birds Birthday Theme. Just look how perfect and “angry” those characters look! 



Angry Birds Birthday Cupcakes

These little Angry Birds cupcake toppers are everything. The red iced cupcakes and character theme cupcake toppers make the dessert table pop with color and character! The kids are going to love pulling off these cupcake toppers and enjoying them! What’s not to love about them?


Angry Birds Cupcake Toppers

The dessert table also featured green iced cupcakes as well. It doesn’t get much better than seeing your favorite characters on top of delicious cupcakes!


Angry Birds Cupcake Toppers

If you were to look at the stuffed Angry Bird and the cupcake topper, they look identical. We can’t get enough of the Bomb as the stuffed animal and look at how perfect he is as a cupcake topper. 


Angry Birds Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers

Red is one of the more popular Angry Birds and he is always the star of the show. Look at him just looking at everyone with his cute, angry face. These Angry Birds cupcakes get two thumbs up for sure! 


Angry Birds Birthday Party Cookies

As if the cupcakes weren’t adorable enough, check out these extra perfect Angry Birds cookies! The party creator went the extra steps to add these eggs and cookies to the dessert menu. How fun! Kids and adults, alike loved all of the Angry Birds desserts on the sweets table.


Angry Birds Birthday Party Cookies

Bomb is just having way too much fun at this party. He’s showing up everywhere. If you’re a fan of Bomb, then you know there is plenty of room for him at this Angry Birds Birthday Party. 


Angry Birds Birthday Party Cookies

The setup of this Angry Birds Birthday Party is just so much fun. The cleverly hidden Angry Birds really help bring about the mischief that the Angry Birds represent.


Angry Birds Birthday Party

The Angry Birds party foods shown here are so colorful! They bring this party to life in a whole new way.


Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas

Let’s talk about this fun TNT popcorn station for the party guests to enjoy! The popcorn station also featured color coordinating balloons and a fun birthday sign. What a great little set up for the kids to enjoy!


Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas

Adding popcorn to these TNT bins was an amazing move! Kids love popcorn, but TNT represents Angry Birds to a T. You need the right snacks at a birthday party and popcorn was the right snack for this one!


Angry Birds Birthday Party Favor Boxes

We brought attention to these tulle ribbons earlier, such a great touch to the Angry Birds Birthday Theme! This party creator really knows how to play on color, very well! 


Angry Birds Birthday Party Favor Boxes

Every Angry Birds party-goer needs a little box of goodies to take home with them. We can’t get over how perfect this party favor box is. The kids sure were excited to rip this box open to reveal some awesome party goodies!


Angry Birds Birthday Party Photo Cut Out

For the best photo ops, these fun Angry Birds themed photo cutouts were placed around the party for guests to take pictures. What a great idea to do instead of a traditional photo booth.



Angry Birds Birthday Party Photo Cut Out

As kids leave the party, they can even get their picture snapped behind this fun Angry Birds cut out! This is the icing on the Angry Birds cake for this party. Seriously, if you or your child love Angry Birds, then these Angry Birds Party Ideas are for you! Happy planning!

What was your favorite part of this Angry Birds themed party? Let us know in the comments below!


Vendors & Credits:

Party Styling: One Fine Day Parties

Cupcakes and Cookies: Oumas Pantry

Venue: Kids Fun Party Venue

Photography: Anneke Schultz photography

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