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As we grow older, life seems to pass by so quickly. Now that I’m a mother, time seems to go by even faster. In a blink of an eye, our children will be grown with children of their own! If we don’t capture all of those precious memories, they will be harder to recall in years to come. When I ask my mom about things when I was a child, she tells me she doesn’t remember because it was more than 30 years ago! Don’t let those precious memories pass you by. Download the Timewyse Life Locket App.

I LOVE taking photos of my son. Ever since the day he was born, I would constantly be taking photos of him in all of his new outfits, with all of his toys, during the holidays, and capturing all of his first milestones. Three years later, I have a ton of photos, keepsakes, and art projects from preschool. Everything is so disorganized! But the Locket app is making my life easier when it comes to capturing all of my son’s special moments! The Timewyse Life Locket App is a great app for creating a virtual scrapbook of your child’s silly faces, funny moments, and more! It organizes and preserves your child’s photos, artwork, videos, and more! So what are you waiting for?! Capture Memories With New Photo App!

new-phone-app-for-parentsEven though I have a nice digital camera and love using it, sometimes it’s just too big and bulky to bring with me. I take a lot of photos with my iPhone. The quality, editing capabilities, and many filters, make the iPhone perfect for capturing every moment of my son and family. Once you download the free app and create an account, you will be prompted to put in your first child’s name, birth date and gender. Then you can start saving all those memories by month and year! It’s super easy to set up and you can save memories for each child if you have more than one!

best-iphone-app-for-parentsI like the idea of the Timewyse Life Locket App, because I can organize all of my son’s photos, favorites, movies, and more in one app. Now that everything is digital and will probably stay that way, it’s important for me as a mom to get organized and have all of our wonderful memories in one place. You can even create a digital photo book to keep forever! I just love the idea of a digital photo book! Now that I’m getting all of my photos organized that will be my next project!

kids-photo-memories-iphone-appOnce you add your photos and memories, it automatically creates an e-timeline that can be shared with family and friends. This is great too because you can select who you want to share your photos with and keep them off other social media sites if you choose.

locket-iphone-appMultimedia features let you add audio and video of your child. I know that right now my son has the cutest little 3-year-old voice! I never want to forget how he talks as a 3-year-old! Now I don’t have to! I’ve recorded him saying his ABC’s, counting to 30, and singing in the bath tub! We had a blast playing with the app together! I’ve also added stories about him – special memories from the past few months.

tymewyse-locket-appDoes your children come home with lots of art work that you just can’t throw away!? With this app, you can take a photo of your child’s art work and have a digital copy. That way you can reduce the clutter at home!

locket-app-parentsThe app also asks you questions like “What is your child’s favorite food?” Now you never have to worry about forgetting a single detail of your child’s life! You can relax knowing the best memories will never be forgotten! The app also gives you quotes about childhood and preserving memories. Do you love taking photos of your kids on your iPhone and need a great app to organize and preserve your memories?! Check out the Timewyse Life Locket App and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!


  1. Um, you had me at organize! I would love an app like this to help me organize all of the photos of my kids.

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